How did your parents meet?


And for married people, how did you meet your spouse?

In college, some mutual friends set my parents up on a blind date. My mom decided she didn’t want to be set up with someone she didn’t know and declined - but the mutual friends didn’t pass on the message to my dad, and he showed up for the date alone. :sad: Every time I think about it, I get this urge to run over to him and hug him up. XD

Anyway, so, that spring, they were both at a festival, and they hit it off on their own. XD They dated for four years before getting married and then an additional eight years before having their first child (me).

On their first date, though, my mom messed with my dad a bit by telling him she was sixteen, which horrified him, because he was twenty-one. (She was actually nineteen. :biggrin:) But she immediately set him straight.


My parents first met in Israel, my Mom just moved from the fallen Soviet Union to Haifa with her parents and two brothers, and my Dad was visiting his family from Brooklyn, New York.

At first, my dad didn’t think much of my mom, and my mom of him. He went back to the U.S.

In 1992, my dad moved to Israel for about 6 months, and saw my mom again, and started dating her.

My mom decided to move to the states, with my Dad. Btw, in 1992 my parents were 18, after high school.

In late 1993ish my parents got engaged. This SHOCKED EVERYONE in my dad’s community.

Even my paternal grandparents were shocked. Engaged at 19? Not anyone from his high school? The former High School Defensive football player marrying at 19?

This pissed off a lot of bes from his school. I call them bches because that’s what they are. They tried to make my mom’s life miserable.

Right before the wedding in Feb. 1994, My paternal grandfather being the hardhead he is, pissed off my mom, and she called off the wedding, and gave the ring to my grandfather, and left.

My dad got the call from my paternal grandmother, and tried to stop my mom. My grandfather eventually apologized.

The wedding went on as planned, even though like 50% of the guys at the wedding were jealous.

One day after the wedding, Feb. 29th 1994, my mother got pregnant with me, at 19yrs old.

I was born Nov. 29th 1994. But, My ultical cord thingy neared choked me, and I made it out alive barely.

My parents were now 20yrs old.

Three years later, Aug. 18th 1997, my sister was born.

Now, my parents are 36yrs old and still together :DDDDD


Not sure how my parents met, but I am pretty sure it was at a church camp. He lived about 40 miles or so from her, and that was a long way in those days (1930). It was the second marriage for both, my mother’s first husband had died about 3 or 4 years previously (actually, I don’t know exactly when they met, so it may well have been less than that). Anyway, it was when my youngest half-brother was 6 months old, and he turned 4 just a few months before they married. He had been married to his first wife 19 years before she died, and they had had only one child, who had died in infancy. My mother had had 4, but her oldest one had died at just under age 3. My father was 52 and my mother 32 when they married, and they had 6 more kids. They were together until my father died in 1967, just a couple of months short of 90; my mother died in in 1974, just about 6 weeks after her 76th birthday.