How Different It Should Have Been


FBI Director, Jim Comey’s mid 2016 reading of the list of indictable offenses by Hillary Clinton related to her email fiasco was long, to say the least. Comey’s detailed account of the transgressions committed by Hillary was not only long, but his detailed account relating to the subject of an FBI investigation who was not going to be indicted was both unprecedented and unethical. In addition, Comey overplayed his role - he decided to be both the investigative head as FBI Director and the prosecutorial decision maker - the role of the Attorney General.

Recall that Loretta Lynch had recused herself from the Hillary email matter at the time of Comey’s announcement because she met with the subject’s husband, Bill Clinton, on the Tarmac at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. That said, there was Asst. AG, Rosenstein, to whom the investigative case file should have been referred by Comey per protocol.

I remind the reader of these facts and case sequencing to make the following point.

Given the volume of incriminating facts generated by the FBI investigation; given Comey’s over-reach in deciding not to send the case to the Attorneys General Office for disposition and the shocking outcome of the matter in light of the evidence Comey made public, Trump was a fool for not asking for Comey’s resignation within the first week of his presidency.

Trump should have met with Comey in front of Asst. AG, Rosenstein, thanked him for his service and, citing his mishandling of the investigation, his over-reach and his making public detailed investigative information regarding a subject (Hillary) who was not going to be indicted, asked for his resignation - if Comey had refused to tender his resignation, Trump should have fired him on the spot.

Trump then should have called a press conference immediately following his meeting with Comey explaining that Comey had either tendered his resignation - or had he refused - that he had been relieved of his duties based on the above documented poor judgement/case mismanagement and unprecedented and unethical behavior.

Trump should have then directed Asst. AG, Rosenstein, to empanel a Grand Jury to review all of the investigative material associated with the Hillary Clinton email matter. Rosenstein should also have been directed to appoint a special counsel to investigate, among other things, the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting, the sale of United States uranium to Russia under Hillary and any and all connections regarding possible influence peddling associated with the Clinton Foundation.

Every point made above cries out for investigation. Comey should have been removed within days of Trump’s swearing in as POTUS and it would have been very easy to make the case justifying his removal to the majority of the American people.

Instead, Trump and his administration failed to act and ended up botching the whole damn thing. Once again, the Clintons were allowed to get off the hook.

Equal justice under the law? What a joke.

Finally, just imagine how different today’s political narrative would be had Trump not been a chump and instead handled the matter as I suggested above. Instead, Trump handled the Comey termination in the worst manner possible and at the worst time possible - with Russia charges swirling in the air - giving Democrats and their handmaidens, the media, something to write about far into the future; and, of course, all this and Trump’s off-the-cuff narrative regarding the Comey firing got Trump the appointment of special counsel, Mueller, who will no doubt be around for a long time seeking “Trump’s Russia collusion” and the drip, drip, drip of the never ending leaks provided by liberals well stocked throughout every government agency.

The administration’s mishandling/bungling of this entire situation represents political ineptitude at a level heretofore unknown to humankind.


Today’s political narrative is that Trump is so clean that in spite of having a nation full of media scouring every speck of his life and past with the help of several corrupt investigative agencies for over a year; nobody can find anything damning to say about him.

So they have to spew fake news and perpetuate fake “investigations”, I like that narrative :slight_smile:

There could be a video of Hillary driving a truckload of nuclear bombs into syria and trading them for a mountain of cash, then taking that cash to ISIS as a good will gift, then leaving that meeting to drive the now empty truck through an elementary school playground during recess to kill the children; the fake news narrative would still be ignoring Clinton and trying to lambast Trump.


RET, I agree - Hillary Clinton would be allowed by the media and Democrats to get away with literally anything.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, Trump and his administration had no reason to let Hillary Clinton off the hook - But that is exactly what they did. How different the current focus and narrative might be today had Trump taken a more aggressive approach in dealing with her known/documented criminal behavior. Her indictment would have been impossible for media to ignore. In addition, the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Lynch, the Clinton Foundation, etc., would likely have snared many other Obama administration players.

By failing to pursue known and suspected criminal activity by Hillary and possibly others, Trump did a disservice to the country and those folks who elected him. His call to “drain the swamp” could and should have begun by allowing sunlight into the room. Instead, he and his people allowed the shades to remain down.


Trump is aware of how timing makes the difference between success and failure in most things, that is one of the advantages of being a well worn businessman.

Going after Clinton on day one would have meant going after her with government agencies that are stacked from top to bottom with corrupt Obama people who are loyal to nothing but their political agenda and self preservation, the results would have been another pass for Clinton, Obama and his corrupt cabinet.

Once the adults are settled in and the swamp has been cleaned a bit there will be people who respect the rule of Law in charge, they will have access to the hard evidence and will not be afraid to reveal it in all of its harsh splendor; Trumps patience will prove to be the course that insures the facts will win and the liars will lose.

At least that is what it looks like he is doing to me, when I imagine myself in his shoes I would be doing roughly the same things to get where he wants to go; none of the victories we need are going to come quick or easy but the evidence that they are happening will be constant chaos and turmoil from those who stand to lose.


You might be correct, RET. Let us hope so.


Yeah, Mike, I’m not holding my breath waiting for the ‘rule of law’ to kick in, either.


The problem I have with finding any solace in the notion that the Republican Party - namely members of Congress - will eventually cleanse itself of liberal Republicans - is that too many international “bells” will have been rung before that can possibly happen.

For example, No Korea is close to perfecting an ICBM - they may be there now. It already has weaponized nukes - all that remains is for them to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and making it deliverable on a missile - scientists tell us that is the easiest part of producing a deliverable nuclear weapon. We are living on borrowed time here. NOKO poses an existential threat to the US and her allies. It looks like the only way to stop NOKO is through a pre-emptive strike - make that major pre-emptive strikes - perhaps even utilizing strategic nuclear weapons, as their capabilities are either mobile and/or located in underground bunkers. Let’s face it, Trump’s propensity to “shoot from the hip” in certain situations makes it almost impossible for him to get congressional approval to do what may become necessary.

Depending how Syria is divided up, almost certainly Russia/Iran will VERY dramatically increase their influence across a very strategic and large area of the Middle East.

China will continue to expand its So China Sea sphere of influence which will undoubtedly and very negatively impact our trade/markets and diminish our global influence.

Finally, either Obamacare or its Republican clone will be firmly in place - game, set and match - non-reversible government controlled medicine will be upon us -permanently.

The point is, well before conservatives can ever be elected in sufficient numbers, the “4 bells” noted above will have been rung - not reversible.

This is why I think the time is now to take what action we can on as many of these fronts as possible - that would probably only include Obamacare and NOKO nukes. Sadly, we don’t have the conservatives we need in-place to do so and we are bogged down in BS to the point some Repubs are losing confidence in Trump and his “amateur hour” inner circle (except for the military/generals he has in place.


Which the regime is developing to protect itself.

The Norks aren’t Islamic fanatics looking for what they think is a quick, honorable death, they’re interested in their own survival in a world where they could easily be toppled. Having a WMD, they believe, grants them that.

I don’t get why Geopolitical interests; realism, this thing here, is ignored when examining the Norks and their actions, but it really shouldn’t be.

> Depending how Syria is divided up, almost certainly Russia/Iran will VERY dramatically increase their influence across a very strategic and large area of the Middle East.

They won’t, but even if they did, why does it matter? Saudi Arabia is working steadily to build its own miniature-Arab-NATO, its standoff with Qatar is all about getting that country to heel, and to align its foreign policy with the rulers in Riyadh.

The Saudis play off the Iranians, who in turn play off the Turks, who in turn play off the Russians. No one has a clear advantage in the region. Having an advantage in Syria only runs back the clock to before the war started for Iran-Russia interests, it doesn’t make the ME their playground.

The Russians are steadily degrading due to bad demographics and an economy split in half, thus, Russia is set to be a supporting player at best. Meaning, the real fight is between Iran, Turkey, and Saudi spheres of influence.
Yet again, no one has advantage there.


AS, it is comforting to know you have a crystal ball - that or you’ve performed a Vulcan Mind Probe" on One Hung Low of NOKO.

As for Russia/Iran sphere of influence, you have a lot more confidence in Turkey and the other players in the ME than I do. There is simply no way anyone can be certain how these relationships will play out.


I have a South Korean-immigrant coworker. Without me even bringing it up, he mentions the same talking point I did: As soon as Qaddafi was torn from power, the Norks got anxious, and accelerated their program. They saw his story as a future telling of their own if they didn’t get a WMD. That story being;

*A breakaway faction creates a rebellion, that the Western powers steadily support overtime, despite assurances that the regime would be left alone after abandoning its WMD program.

Since the Nork regime is more of a clique of associates than an actual government, analyze them through incentives works even better.

They want WMDs for the same reason they sell meth out of their embassies; **self-interest. **

> As for Russia/Iran sphere of influence, you have a lot more confidence in Turkey and the other players in the ME than I do.

Turkey isn’t interested in being anyone’s client state, least of all Russia’s who they have other geopolitical tensions with (natural gas pipelines that bypass Russia for instance).

They are interested in picking off Arab states into their own sphere of influence, hence why they’ve stationed troops in Qatar.

> There is simply no way anyone can be certain how these relationships will play out.

But it is possible to pick out the reasonable scenarios, once you’re familiar with the interests involved.

It’s also important to look upon certain Arab powers as being players, not simply pawns. This isn’t the Cold War, most of these nations are no longer being lead by under-educated despots or kleptocrats like much of Africa.


Permit me to say that ,unless actual murder is proven with Donald Trump SENIOR killing somebody , on live television, I am hanging with him. Some of the most obviously psychotic people I can remember seeing outside the Betty Ford Clinic are those doing sound bites for the “Impeach the President” democrats and associated fake news.

  1. With qualifications like that, I’m surprised you’re not National Security Adviser…
  2. Naw, those all got elected to congress.


I’m not trying to say he somehow makes me qualified.

What I’ am saying, is that a South Korean brought up this talking point, because this is how they, the South, see it. The Norks are saber rattling, because the Regime feels threatened, and is trying to give itself a new deterrent.

What I don’t buy, is people telling me that “they” understand the crisis on the Korean Peninsula better than the Koreans themselves. That said “person” has some secret or immutable details which allows them to read the Norks better than those in the South.

Nope. Don’t buy it all. That’s no different than saying you could understand the Palestinians better than the Israelis, and I wouldn’t buy that one either.

It’s really easy to treat the Norks as simply being crazy, that they’re acting according to no set incentives, or not as a reaction to anything else going on around the world. But that’s a failure to realize you’re dealing with human beings (evil as they are), instead of caricatures.


Foghorn - we have no one else we can hang with at this point. IMHO

However, I am not about to endorse everything he says/does. In his defense, his presidency would look a hell of a lot different if the useless Republican members of Congress got up off their useless butts and actually did something other than look like the incompetent fools most of them are.