How do I come to terms with the end?


How do I come to terms with the idea of nuclear war wiping all of us out? Because I now believe this is where we are headed. Even if I may have faith in God, I still feel a bit unsettled and sad that I have to leave all my business here behind. I wish I could have had more experience in this world. Why, God? Why can’t it happen when I’m really old and lived a full life? Why did he pick our lifetimes?


You sound like the alarmists of the 1950s and '60s who carried placards at rallies claiming in no uncertain terms that we were all soon going to be dead.

I’ll grant you that your concerns are justified. In the 1950s and '60s the “nuclear club” was limited to “the big four,” the U.S., Great Britain, France and Russia. The Russian were bad guys, but they were rational. They knew that if they launched a strike the retaliation would be swift, brutal and decisive. No one would end up winning. We had “a balance of terror” to keep the peace.

Today you have two fanatical regimes, Iran and North Korea, who yearn to get bomb and at least use the threat of it to force their twisted agenda on the world. Neither of them are led by responsible leadership, and in the case of North Korea, “I am mentally ill” is running the show. In North Korea’s case the hope is that China will keep them under control.

Aside from their military program, North Korea is an economic basket case as is often the result with totalitarian communist regimes. Running a planned economy is hard enough without have a mad man at the head of it.

Iran is a different story. Their religiously driven regime has genocidal goals that aimed at “liquidating the infidels.” Unfortunately our own “fearless leader” has chosen to aid them in their quest by reinstating them economically in the world of nations. “Fearless leader” got nothing for his capitulation to Iranian mullahs, and has doubled down on his errors by providing with the financing for Iran’s terrorist programs in cold hard cash. So much for the accomplishments of Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Barack Hussein Obama.

Between the two, I fear Iran more. Their nuclear program is continuing because there is no verification to prove that it hasn’t. They are continuing to launch missiles with “death to Israel” painted on them, and the current war with ISIS has been only real distraction that has slowed them down in the quest to wipe out the “Jewish infidels.”

Despite all of this bad news, I can’t spend my life worrying about it. It’s beyond my control just as it was when I was a child in the 1950s. All I can do is follow the events, and use my vote for what little it means.


Basically Sendgop was dead on. I would add that nukes were looked at as the biggest threat that the world had ever seen & because of that no war was possible. Well as it turned out in that way they weren’t successful because to scare someone else with your nukes they have to be afraid that you will use them & it was quickly realized that nobody was nutty enough to use them & everyone realized it. So now we have at least 2 different countries that seem on the surface nutty enough to use them. I discount N. Korea simply because I think that it’s made up nuttiness to achieve a goal of give me stuff or I’ll do this. That’s worked in the past & unless we change leadership it will continue working. If I was Idiot Son II I would be doing the same thing. You get propaganda points, they are now afraid of us & you blackmail countries into giving you stuff that you need to keep afloat because your economy stinks. Win-Win.
Iran is totally different. They are nutty enough to use them because of their die for our religion mentality. But as far as using them on us, probably not unless they can sneak one across our border (totally possible with our present government). The good news is that they hate others just as much as they hate us & the others are closer. Plus they don’t have a lot of them. Attacking Israel for instance & yes there will be no more middle east because Israel will take them out. Attacking other countries in that area & then they have a problem of contamination. The simple fact is that nuking any area will indeed clear it of the enemy but you then CAN’T take that area or control that area so you lose your goal. I’m not saying that a nut won’t do it, just that he can’t gain from it (other than killing people).
The U.S., big country. Take out L.A. or New York & yes you can kill a lot of people & contaminate a large area. So more people live in Montana or some other more or less empty state. Life will continue with a few extra problems but it will continue. Probably the best target for the people of the U.S. would be to take out Washington. That would end up putting some general in charge. He would know where the bomb came from very quickly & within 5 hours that place would no longer exist. Future problems solved.
Of course this is all simply put & there would be a lot more to it but basically that’s the way I see it. I don’t fear a nuke because I live a long way away from just about any target that they would attack. What I fear is a lot of guys with bombs strapped to their chest or Bio weapons that will kill a lot of people. People doing that stuff need to be found & eliminated before they can act & I think the people hunting those people have their hands tied behind their backs by our own government. Oh well, so people die.


I believe he’s speaking of Clinton’s clear indications that she is seeking confrontation, if not outright war with Russia. Which I have seen as well.

I seem to be about the only one concerned over it. I think it’s clearly far and away the most important issue this year, but everyone else is just like “War with Russia? Whatever. We’re always at war with someone!”. Thank you GWB. Your legacy lives on.


I totally discount a war with Russia. We don’t want it & they don’t want it, at least with nukes.


Rudolph, war has been my business since the 60’s.

I do not see any scenario in our future that would be nuclear and wiping out all of mankind.

What I do see is a very limited nuke strike on the US, probably a single nuke, low kiloton on a small city in the US by a rogue actor who is being fronted by Iran or other country in the ME.

NO ONE is a sane world no matter their view from Communist to Capitalist want a scorched earth because what comes with that is catastrophic collapse of mankind either from Nukes directly or indirectly and a halt to all commerce with the exception of guns and ammo the global currency.

So a single POP in the US will not bring the world to an end to the world, but it would bring the US to its knees…that said it depends on the attitude and posture of our govt. Historically since WWII we have had a govt that if attacked we would attack back with the very fires of hell. When Obama was elected that went away and I don’t think Hitlery will change that. Primarily due to the fact the attacks will come from a Muslim actor. I think the result will be to bend over further to appease the Muslims. Our economy will come to a halt due to the fear in Americans, they won’t buy anything except the needs and the rest will go by the wayside. As opposed to the day after Japan attacked the US when we went hell bent for leather to go fight a war. Today’s America given the choice we were by the Rusky’s in Post WWII, would rather be RED than dead vs our view of better to be dead than RED (Red being communism-socialism).

I come from a different era with parents from a different era and in my world the day the towers were attacked in NYC I would have turned that hell hole of the ME into a glass factory and recreational boating destination.

There is a REASON why the world has enjoy a stable and safe place to live since WWII. We brought that war to a screeching halt immediately if not sooner when we dropped not one but 2 NUKES on Japan.

War ONLY ends when your opponent loses the will to fight and I am afriad America has fallen and can’t get up.

War is hell, I have seen things no one should ever see and it brings out the very best and the very worst. But when its over its over and today we are friends with our former adversaries. The Muslims are not that way, their mindset is more like that of the Japs who few their planes into our ships and holed up on islands and did not surrender until the 1980’s.

If truth be known I would say without flinching that a nuke popped in a US city as I described would be WELCOME by the likes of Obama and Hillary. It would give them the ultimate control over the America people they truly want. It wold allow them to build their paradise and if you think war is hell the life they would have you live is far worse. The hell of a complete loss of your strength and value as a human being. If you want see what the hell is like, go to any inner-city or the South side of town where they don’t work but they live off the taxpayer, go to Baltimore or Chicago where the filth, squalor and the obesity of people who have no meaning in life, no reason for living other than to stuff their face with food and drugs.

Trust me I would rather die with my boots on and a gun in my hand as I watched the blood from the better shot drain my life away than live as a slave to the likes of Obama or Hillary. That Rudolf needs to be your worry, not watching your skin fry up like bacon in an iron skillet, death comes fast, but the slow spiral of death from Hillary and her ilk takes decades…


I come from a different era with parents from a different era and in my world the day the towers were attacked in NYC I would have turned that hell hole of the ME into a glass factory and recreational boating destination.
Worth repeating.
**Trust me I would rather die with my boots on and a gun in my hand as I watched the blood from the better shot drain my life away than live as a slave to the likes of Obama or Hillary. That Rudolf needs to be your worry, not watching your skin fry up like bacon in an iron skillet, death comes fast, but the slow spiral of death from Hillary and her ilk takes decades… **
Worth getting tattooed across both your chest & back so that people can read it when you walk toward them & as you walk away.


I’m sorry for my ranting, but it was something on my mind a little bit. I now feel more assured. :slight_smile:

As for North Korea, unlike Iran, I don’t think North Korea is directly driven by religion.

Also, I’m sorry if it appears that I hate God sometimes. I actually don’t. I love God and have my faith in him still.


As for North Korea, unlike Iran, I don’t think North Korea is directly driven by religion.
North Korea is driven by some faith in a man, a lot of fear of a man, & knowing that if you speak out you & possibly ALL of your family with be shot just as soon as they can get enough people for a “trial”. Don’t kid yourself. The day after the ruler of N. Korea is replaced there will be dancing in the streets by 98% of the population. The other 2% will be in hiding because people will be looking for them. Not all dictators are bad but all communist dictators ARE ALWAYS bad. (Ok, I can’t name even 1 good dictator but there had to be at least 1).


North Korea is in the same place as Russia was under Stalin. The Stalin regime was so bad even Kruschev and company condemned it for its brutality in the mid 1950s. The biggest difference between Hitler and Stalin was that one of them died at the end of World War II.


NK, well I paid my dues upon the DMZ of Korea and FYI we are still at war, there no peace accord, it is only a truce.

NK is led by the village idiot and stipid is as stupid does. We know were the bastard lives, we know were their higher ups live that support him…2 words to make this world a better place: Tac-Nuke and set those poor souls who live there FREE. Send Juan Hung Lo to the promised land…


Cling to this. Any unfinished business is in God’s hands, and life everlasting comes with perfect fulfillment. I have doubts nagging me too, and God knows yours and mine. And He loves us anyway.


You may recall what happened under JFK. It very, very nearly happened. I wouldn’t “totally discount it” if I were you. No one’s going to go into it saying “Let’s have a nuclear war!”. But they certainly can get into a confrontational situation that will escalate to one.

And Clinton is clearly signaling that she wants to be more confrontational with Russia. That’s what her whole “email hacking” thing is about. This reminds me way, way too much of how the Bush administration kept floating “Maybe Iraq did 9/11!” in the days just after the attack. And then even once we discovered it was Saudi Arabia, we just went ahead and invaded Iraq a year and half later, anyway.

I certainly hope Clinton doesn’t do anything of the sort. And I’ll agree, I think the odds of a nuclear war are low. But even a 5% chance is vastly too high for my liking.


**And Clinton is clearly signaling that she wants to be more confrontational with Russia. **
CWolf, I’m not saying that your wrong. I just think that it is a duel purpose thing with the other purpose being more important (like killing 2 birds with one stone). Before I explain I’d like to say this. If a Republican had been caught with those emails they would have said that they were fake & tried to bluff through the situation. And it would have blown up in their face. They are stupid like that.
Democrats have learned that if you get caught & you can’t get out of it, just change the topic slightly with a spin & argue on that new issue. The issue WAS damaging emails & lack of security. Now it’s that the Russians are trying to control our election. She got caught with what’s in her right hand & is now getting people to focus on what’s in her left hand (& forget about the right hand). Basically don’t argue about what you were caught doing, change the argument because people are stupid & lose focus. They do that ALL THE TIME & they get away with it ALL THE TIME. They also understand that the publics memory is very short so they sand bag every investigation & make it last as long as possible. That also works EVERY TIME because they are right, the public remembers for just a little longer than a gold fish (3 seconds).
I think she didn’t like Russia so it was their fault. If they had paid her money she would have blamed some other country. The country to blame isn’t as important as shifting the focus.


This a red herring. E mail hack, therefore its the Ruskys and I am gonna get tough with them. How anyone can believe that I find amazing. That is like you farting in a tornado and asking if any one smelled it. She is trying to act tough, but what we KNOW is that in any meeting with him she will be hustling Senile Bill to give a speech for $6 M Large and it will do it for $5M and a room full of Russian hookers and a few lines of Coke to keep him awake.

Putin treated OBama like he was a sock puppet and you can expect him to do same same to Hilda.

Let me toss this out: What if Hitlery had not hooked up with Wild Bill, what kind of a career would she have had? My guess is she would have been a bottom feeder hoping to score on some wreck as she chased the ambulances all over town and when she was not doing that she hung out under the street lamp in front of the Bail Bond office and in front of the divorce filing office.


But why did she pick Russia to blame? She could have picked anyone, but she chose them. She knows she’s about to become president, so this wasn’t some random pick. “Let’s distract from my emails by blaming whatever country the dart lands on”. She chose a country that she is intending to quarrel with.

What’s her greatest active failure? Syria. And who’s fixing it? Russia. Coincidences? Maybe, but I don’t think so. Don’t forget that Mitt Romney was talking about “getting tough” with Russia back in 2012, and they’re both controlled by the same people on foreign policy.


Historic bad guy and prime adversary to the US and EVERYBODY knows the Ruskys are bad juju.

Romney same same, everyone use the Rusky as the bad guy on the block.

Can’t use China 'cause the Ricemen hold several Trillion of our debt and are a big trading partner… I like Putin but then I am a soldier, I respect strength, Rommel yea tough SOB he was, ask any WWII US General. It only when you respect and like them for their strength and leadership that you can see them in the proper light in order to defeat them on the killing fields. HATE will only blind you. I can ASSURE you that the Germans had the utmost respect for Gen Patton. Hilda is trying to play in the big leagues and she is too stupid to know that the difference between her and a street whore is nothing but price.


How do you come to grips with it?

How do you come to grips with the possibility that you might get run over by a garbage truck walking to work? How do you come to grips with the possibility that the guy behind you in line a Chik-Fil-A might be a crazy who’s going to either rob the store or just kill the clerks and manager and everyone else he sees, in the next minute?

How do you come to grips with the possibility that your house might burn down and kill you, tonight?

You just live your life - that’s how. Take reasonable precautions; step back from possibly dangerous situations…and go on.

The Medieval period lasted about 700 years - from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance era, where political stability was restored, the Islamic hordes beaten back, and learning again took primacy in European culture. Those 700 years were a dark time - a time of ignorance and disease and famines and war with Mohammed’s followers.

But individuals lived lives, with their private joyful moments. Not anywhere nearly as comfortable as our lives; but they had their celebrations; their pursuits (with less time to engage in them) and their satisfactions. Even slaves will have their moments of joy - or else they die.

So it is. You do what you can; and you deal with what comes. Either partly from your efforts or despite your best efforts.


Trump isn’t doing this. Neither did Obama. Even GWB didn’t do this. Bill Clinton and Bush Sr both put a lot of effort into bringing US-Russian relations closer. Trying to drive a wedge between the U.S. and Russia and deliberately egging them on has not at all been standard practice. Romney and Hilary stand out in doing this.


I am not gonna lay around and whine and mourn for somebody that done me wrong
Don’t think for a minute that I am gonna sit around and sing some old sad song
I believe it’s half full not a half empty glass
Every day I wake up knowing it could be my last

I ain’t here for a long time
I’m here for a good time
So bring on the sunshine, to hell with the red wine
Pour me some moon shine
When I’m gone put it in stone "He left nothing behind"
I ain’t here for a long time
I’m here for a good time