How do I let my anger go?


Dear RO, I am struggling with attitude and anger problems where as I have a hard time respecting the sick, corrupt people of this world, I blame God for my troubles too much, fearing the predictions of future mankind and so on. I was taught about Heaven in the church but I am not convinced that it’s a paradise, nor am I convinced I want to be part of the concept for eternity. I am angry over all reality TV, technological singularity in the years 2030-2045, and corruption. Before anybody jumps on and argues about Adam and Eve’s fall in the bible, was the status quo really the same in my parents and grandparents days as it is now? Under the current status quo and basing predictions of the future on technology and trends, I feel almost unsafe about it. I want to change all this but I can’t.


You are angry.

I just stomp the guts out of people that anger me. It has a calming effect.


If you can’t deal with it personally, ignore it. That is what I have done in regards to some of the concerns we mutually share.

Don’t like the reality TV? Turn it off, and go on the internet and watch good old shows, or buy them on DVD. I hardly use the TV now.

I have, on a couple of occasions, become very depressed when thinking about eternity/end times. Then I realized most of those TV preachers are unintentionally creating false hopes (or fears). They put your life on a clock, and nobody wants to think about that. And the human mind is incapable of comprehending eternity; don’t try to do it it will eat you alive. Don’t become consumed with things that are out of your control. It takes some time, but you can put things in the back of your mind.


was the status quo really the same in my parents and grandparents days as it is now?

It probably was. We’re hardly the first generation that concluded the world was going to hell in a handbasket. The end of World War I, the most appalling war in history, was followed by a ferocious plague that threatened to wipe out the cities of the victors. More than a few thought that Hitler was the antichrist. Hitler’s victims and victors split the atom, and created the spectre of a sudden flash and incineration. Rock and roll happened. The world didn’t end.

Take care of your own, realize that you were given the wine so you could taste it, and maintain a certain detachment about the larger world, much as the sausage maker approaches his work.


Look to God; that’s what I do. I’m still very much a work in progress, but I’m not as angry as I used to be.


How to let go of anger? Don’t wake her up when you leave in the morning. This normally works for me.



… /I’m down on the floor here … lol … that was funny !

That reminded me of the one about Quick Weight Loss:

George: I lost 160 pounds of ugly fat in less than 4 days.

John: How in the world did you do that?

George: I went to Las Vegas and got a divorce.

/another howler

(Note: The ladies can substitute Mary for George and Jane for John, and it’ll work the same.)

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Use the 10/100 rule.

Ask yourself if it’s going to matter in ten years. If the answer is, NO, or Probably NOT, don’t sweat it.

If the answer is yes, then go to the 100 year question.

Ask yourself if it’s going to matter in 100 years. If the answer is, NO, or Probably NOT, then don’t sweat it.

If the answer is YES, it’s going to matter in 100 years, then you probably SHOULD sweat it.

Simple answer, and half-joking, but maybe you should consider this cliché: If you can’t see the bright side of life, polish the dull side.



  • “Attitude and anger” problems are very typical human problems so you are a member of a very large club, therefore don’t permit yourself to feel like The Lone Ranger.

  • Regarding your concern about “predictions of the future”:

The Prophets of Doom are speculating about what they think the future will be like. And that is all it is, pure speculation. They do not know.

The Doomsayers gather up a huge collection of current anecdotal evidences based upon current political trends and they start drawing personal conclusions based upon
their (or somebody’s) analysis of the items in their huge ever-growing collection, and they just KNOW they are right.

If their Doomsday predictions do not materalize this year, then surely they will materalize next year, and so on and on it goes, but there NEVER comes a time when they STOP predicting DOOMSDAY because it will always “be possible that political or economic Doomsday is right around the corner.”

Btw, if the Prophets of Doom could actually predict the future with any reasonable degree of accuracy they would be multi-billionaires as successful Wall Street
investers. Heh heh, but the truth is they’re trying to scratch out a living as writers predicting doom and gloom or they are amatuers on the web and have not even achieved “paid writer status” yet.

Of course, they could always claim that they’re not “really interesting” in making money … lol …from their gifts and calling as a soothsayer. And nobody can prove they are lying about that …

… /Big Grin … So you can put your faith in them and believe them if you want to.

I personally disregard 100% of everything they say as worthless nonsense, its as if they do not exist. See that link just below, for my reasons.

Regarding the Prophets of Doom’s crediability, see post 1 here:

Also remember the famous Julian Simon’s wager against the Prophet of Doom Paul Ehrlich? (Julian won and the Prophet of Doom Paul Ehrlich lost and had to pay Julian Simon several hundred dollars. ($576.07) See the quote below for a good laugh at the sheeple’s love for the Prophets of Doom especially when the Prophets get is ALL wrong … lol …

Start quote:

** All of [Ehrlich’s] grim predictions had been decisively overturned by events.** Ehrlich was wrong about higher natural resource prices, about “famines of unbelievable proportions” occurring by 1975, about “hundreds of millions of people starving to death” in the 1970s and '80s, about the world “entering a genuine age of scarcity.”

**In 1990, for his having promoted “greater public understanding of environmental problems,” Ehrlich received a MacArthur Foundation Genius Award." **

[Jack note: :howler: ← Why a howler? Because the moron Ehrlich got it [SIZE=6]ALL wrong and the buffoons still gave him the MacArthur Foundation Genius Award. … LOL…the bufoons love their own and they “look out for each other” … logic and reason are merely tools of their King Will to be used when logic and reason pushes their agenda, but to be ignored when the facts of logic and reason refutes their agenda, they merely give lip service to holding logic and reason in high regard and to being logicians.
End Jack note.]

[Simon] always found it somewhat peculiar that neither the Science piece nor his public wager with Ehrlich nor anything else that he did, said, or wrote seemed to make much of a dent on the world at large.

**For some reason he could never comprehend, people were inclined to believe the very worst about anything and everything; they were immune to contrary evidence just as if they’d been medically vaccinated against the force of fact. **

**Furthermore, there seemed to be a bizarre reverse-Cassandra effect operating in the universe: whereas the mythical Cassandra spoke the awful truth and was not believed, these days “experts” spoke awful falsehoods, and they were believed. Repeatedly being wrong actually seemed to be an advantage, conferring some sort of puzzling magic glow upon the speaker.[5]



You can read about the Simon-Ehrlich wager here: Simon

Ehrlich and his tribe of Doomsday fanatics have their defenders and they do make their arguments as you will see at the link above, but their mouthy blather has NOT stopped HUMAN PROGRESS and will NEVER stop HUMAN PROGRES as the millenniums roll on and on.


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A man’s worldview regarding THE FUTURE will determine his worldview regarding THE PRESENT. If a man believes that the future is doomsday where the good will be defeated and evil will prevail, then he has, de facto, destroyed his cheerful present. Why? Because the reverse of “All Is Well That Ends Well” is “Nothing Is Well That Does Not End Well.”
** Imo, only a very confused person can genuinely rejoice when his side wins a battle even though he believes for certain that his side is going to lose the war.**

The central issue of our time is this: Which side will finally win the war to control the course of human history on this Earth on the time line? Will the victor be Satan (and Evil) or will the victor be God (and The Good)?

If you believe Satan (Evil) eventually wins in the future, then your present worldview is going to be doom, gloom, and defeatism. Why is that? Again it is because only a very confused person can genuinely rejoice when his side wins a battle even though he believes for certain that his side is going to lose the war and finally be defeated.


I have taken the route of acceptance. There are some thing that you cannot change. Society is continually evolving and will produce horrible things, or things we personally perceive as horrible such as reality tv. I have come to accept it for what it is. Is it going away anytime soon? Probably not. Is there really anything that you can do about it? Probably not. I am a practicing Buddhist. Spreading and doing good is what my life is pretty much about. If you are in fact a deeply religious person just stick to you religion and let it guide your way not society.



[quote=“JStang, post:6, topic:39715”]
How to let go of anger? Don’t wake her up when you leave in the morning. This normally works for me.
[/quote]works for me. :whistle: Nothing I hated more was coming home from work and have the wife second guess what I did that day. I just wanted to have a little quiet time.



(This is why it’s generally a good idea not the share the same bb w/a spouse.)


Christianity believes that mankind is sick and corrupt. If you have been indoctrinated into this ideology it’s no wonder that you have trouble respecting other people. Wherever there is power there is corruption, it is true. There’s an old saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” People can be weak and greedy and selfish, but this does not make them evil. It makes them human. Nobody is perfect. Look at your own failings before judging others. It will make everyone else seem a little less sick and corrupt.

You are winning the war. Keep thinking for yourself, it’s the only weapon you have against the slavery of dogma. Read as widely as you can and come to your own conclusions. No book is the absolute truth, they are all just full of ideas, some more useful to you than others. But only you can decide which ones.

The media has a lot to answer for, it is true. They are the ones largely responsible for making you so angry IMO. For a start, turn off the idiot box. The mainstream media wants you to be afraid, to hate others. It’s how they get you to keep coming back. They want you to trust them. But all media companies have agendas. Expose yourself to a many different online news sources as possible, with as many different agendas as possible. Soon you will be able to see through them, and the truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle, never in the extremes. The extremes, both left and right, represent the most blatant, hateful agendas.

<Christian bashing removed. ~JStang>

Vote your conscience, be good to others, live your life not by dogma, but by simple principles such as treating others as you would like to be treated. Be the person that you would like others to be and your life will be an example to them. Find peace within yourself. Be happy. The world won’t look so bad then.

Oh, and watch this video. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I found it quite inspirational.


I think Heaven will be a really cool place to live and work and a very classy paradise with lots of science and high technology producing some really cool stuff for us to enjoy. Why? Because God is the originator of all science and technology and because He has already given us huge amounts of really cool stuff produced by His science and high technology down here on Earth, and its reasonable to believe He will give us even more in Heaven.

Some people picture Heaven as a place where androgynous wimpy type creatures sit around all “day” on clouds playing their harps and singing songs.

They picture Heaven as a dull boring place, and they figure they’ll be bored stiff as the millenniums drag on and on. Nothing could be furthur from the truth. Does the God who created all that you see in this video … ( The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken - YouTube ) … look like He would be boring to get to know?

Does the God who designed and created what you will see in this video … ( Niagara Falls - Cataratas de Niagara / USA-Canada - YouTube )… look like He would be boring to get to know?

Does this verse of Scripture below (that describes what once occured inside Heaven) sound like Heaven is a boring place?

** “Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” ** Rev. 12:7

Heaven is a place where whole herds of wimpy monk-types stand around watching paint dry. Wrong!

… LOL … Go the distance with this video:

Great message at the very end.

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Cactus Jack, you’re becoming a real Christian basher, you know that?

You just accused “good Christian folk” of murdering people. How do you know they were good Christian folk? Were you there at the time? Did you personally know any of them?

** Good Christians don’t murder people, and just because murderers say they are Christians don’t mean they are in fact Christians, and if you are going to continue to classify all Christians who wear the same name-label as being one and the same, then YOU the atheist, and Stalin the atheist, and Mao the atheist, are brothers and one and the same because you wear the same name-label, and on that basis that means that YourKind have been murdering people on a massive genocide scale in the last few decades of world history, and in fact on your “logic” you and all your fellow atheists are guilty of all crimes and all murders committed by all atheists throughout all of history because **YourKind **wears the name-label of atheist. **

And how do you know that “No influential white pastor ever spoke out publicly against” what you said was occuring? You would have to have comprehensive knowledge of that entire period of history in order to know what you just claimed to know. You would have to have been there in order to know what you claim to know.


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And if what is bolded in red up there is NOT true for you and YourKind then it is NOT true for Christians either.

But if you say it is true of Christians, then it is also true for atheists too. You and YourKind are atheists.



Hey, Jack, how then do you explain so many southern white Christians’ apathy to the epidemic of lynchings cited by CJ? Were they all just phony Christians? CJ wasn’t around back then, and neither were you, but the facts of both the lynchings and southern white apathy are a matter of historical record. And most of those white southerners went to church every Sunday. Wasn’t God’s message getting through to them?


Jack, I am levelling criticism where I feel it is warranted. I’m not asking you, or anyone else, to agree with me.<Poorly veiled personal shot, and Christian bashing removed. ~JStang>


Hey Jazz, if they murdered people they were all “just phony Christians.” Also I note that you chose the word “apathy” while Cactus Jack actually accused “good Christian folk” of directly “murdering” people, so I need to ask you Jazz: Do you believe that good Christians can murder people? Because thats what Cactus Jack accused good Christians of doing, and you seem to be agreeing with him on that point? So in Jazz’s book, good Christians can murder people?

And btw Jazz, Christian “apathy” back then was no more glaring than the apathy of Your Ideological Tribe to all the evil that goes on here in the 21st century in America, just 2 examples among many: the moral horror of the abortion-human-killing clinics and the just-turned-18 porn girls having sex with some 4500 strangers over their “career.”

Speaking of your chosen word “apathy” where is the evidence that Your Ideological Tribe has ever marched on Washington (or done anything else of significience) to stop those two moral horrors? Answer: There is no evicence because Your Ideological Tribe is apathetic to both those immoral horrors (and apathetic to a lot of other immoral stuff as well) and have NEVER taken any significient social or political action to stop this evil institutionalized immoral filth. So POT KETTLE on you with regard to your post up there regarding Christian apathy.

The Christian Church was no more apathetic to the evils referenced by Cactus Jack than Your Ideological Tribe is apathetic to a long list of filthy immoral stuff that has been going on in America for several decades and is going on right now right in front of you. POT KETTLE.

And that includes Cactus Jack’s Idealogical Tribe too. Another **POT KETTLE situation. **

You both, Jazz and Cactus Jack need to get your own apathetic living room cleaned up before either of you say anything about past historical Christian apathy … unless you both just love hypocrisy and think its really cool?!!



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LOL … I can’t believe I even agree to say the same thing repeatedly to the same people year-in-year-out when its like talking to a brick wall. Note to self: Jack, can’t you find something more important to write about? /rofl at myself



And what, pray tell, is my “Ideological Tribe”? I’ve stated on many an occasion that I am not an ideologue. I consider each issue on the merits. And as I’ve explained, to apparent deaf ears, on many occasions, that I OPPOSE abortion. I support moral persuasion and a host of other LAWFUL things to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, and abortions. I just do not support the criminalization of the procedure, certainly not when performed in the first trimester, and accept that the woman’s right to choose is THE LAW. Cannot reasonable folks oppose abortion yet disagree on the means of such opposition?

I can’t believe I even agree to say the same thing repeatedly to the same people year-in-year-out when its like talking to a brick wall.

I know how you feel, Jack. Stop being lazy and pigeonholing me.