How Do You Do It? (grocery shopping)

There are only two of us.
(Both in our older years and don’t eat a lot.)

Each month we are determined that we won’t spend over $100.00 a week on food but that never happens!

At the end of the month our total is up near or over $600.00!

We’ve tried the coupon thing but unless you have an enormous amount of free time (and patience), the coupons help somewhat but rarely more than 3 or 4 dollars.

We eat, maybe twice a day, usually cereal (store brand) or toast in the morning and a decent (inexpensive) dinner in the evening.
(Think Hungry Man or PF Chang)

Our food prices keep going up and up and before long … We’ll have to mortgage the house to eat!

I’d just like to know what you folks do?

I just can’t imagine what a family of 4 (or more) has to spend to eat well?

Any ideas?

(Just came from the store and bought 5 days worth of groceries that added up to $125.00!)

Off rant!

rice and beans
beans and rice
bread with bologna

With as much food that goes to waste, all these shopping centers could reduce the prices to move a little more product but probably not good for their bottom lines these days.

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