How Do You ..

… post a blog?

I didn’t know where else to ask this question and my apologies if this isn’t the correct place.

I have an idea for a pretty decent subject (basically, Islam in America and it’s Not so hidden front men)

I originally thought of doing it in a forum post but I fear that it would be too long?

Thank You

Am I that big of a dummy?:crybaby:

Do you just post in the blog forum?

Good place to start…

THE Best Places to Start a Blog (Updated 2016 Edition)

No, the blog forum is not the same as the “user blogs.” Of course, since we’re short on bloggers now, it might be possible for you to create a blog for the “site” blogs - you might check with Seravee, and if he approves, he could tell you how to do it. He’s more or less in charge of them. The “site” blogs are created outside of the site itself, by Wordpress, I think.

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Thank You Susanna
I saw the blogs on the front page and couldn’t find anywhere that explained how to post one.

OK, didn’t realize you wanted to blog on RO… Lol


I am sorry for just now seeing this. If you are interested in post a blog to our front page just let me know. This go for everyone actually. We are short of bloggers(by short I mean none atm) and I cannot ask RET to keep on by himself. Since it is election season we tend to want the blogs to center around the election but as you have seen in the past we will post any solid piece. If anyone is ever interested in post a blog just shot me a PM and I will get be happy to help get you started.


How do you post a picture with your username? I’ve looked and looked and can’t find that function.

In the upper left of the page under the Republican Operative banner, click “User CP.” This will give you a drop-down menu. Click “Edit Avatar;” this will take you to the page you need.

Hello all,

Once again I am calling for blogs. If anyone is interested please PM me.


Hopefully John G. will come around soon,want to suggest a couple security ideas to consider in making it much harder for the place to be shut down.

But can’t for obvious reasons do it in public.



Suggest a mass e-mailing to inform members the forum is back on and running. Inviting them to join in the discussions.

I love this core group, but I would love for new members to join us! It says we only have 33 active members.


Hey! Happy to see you pop in!

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Hey!! SO good to hear from you too! Wow it’s been a while. how are you?!