How does an Australian pick this up before you people do? Trump has Covid

This is a big deal. I have opinions of course, but good grief.


Perhaps Australia is on the other side of the world? Going by the news this was known at midnight to 1 AM.

Can someone say, irony alert. But, given that it’s a “weak flu”, I don’t imagine that many here are worried about it, especially since Trump has said that he is in perfect health. Probably the healthiest president ever.

Guess we’ll find out.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t wash. We are talking about the leader of the free world… This is important.

So, anyone concerned about this? If he’s forced to step down from the ticket (or the unthinkable happens) what happens then?

I’d guess Pence would be president, but it seems too late to change the ticket from Trump/Pence to Pence/someone else. A bunch of people have already voted afterall.

Nonsense. President Trump and his wife will just take chloroquinine and zinc and it’ll go away. MILLIONS have “tested positive” and are walking around perfectly heathy today.

I don’t why you are concerned. You weren’t going to vote for Trump any way.

To answer your question, Pence would move up to the #1 spot. It’s happened once before in American history, but the candidate who died before the Elector College vote, Horace Greeley, had lost the election. So it didn’t matter.

Since most all of the electors were allowed to vote for whomever they wanted, the Democrat / Liberal Republican vote was all over the place, including a few votes for the man who was dead.

Ah, I’d wondered if he might be posthumously elected worst case scenario.

As for why I care, people over politics. I can be concerned for him without liking his politics. Also, losing a sitting president would be a huge blow to morale and it’s already not high for most.

Afraid not on the hydroxychloroquinine

They jumped straight to the max dose of an experimental drug called regeneron. It isn’t likely to make it to market because the side effects are too serious. So, either he’s doing really badly or he (and his doctors!) are insane and demanded it.

Get a Grip!

Trump is in good shape for someone his age or for any age if you ask me!

Never smoked or drank!

Lots of energy!

Has the worlds best doctors!

I don’t consider this virus that deadly with a 95% survival rate of over 70 year olds!

What’s the survival rate of someone with colon cancer?

Ronald Reagan Had Colon Cancer Surgery While in Office!

Was back to work in a week!

The experimental treatment is a bit odd to give to someone with mild symptoms though…

You know what concerns me most? He’s not tweeting. You’d think if he were totally good quarantining he’d be tweeting as per usual, near constantly.

I reckon Trump got Covid from Herman Cain. You know what those people are like, it’s entirely possible.

Stupid liberals.