How Fascism Begins

I beg everyone to watch this video, It is time to re-think our blind support of law enforcement. Too many of them are willing fascists. THIS is scary sh*t man, and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Original tweet, see the replies:

Coronavirus Overreach

Governments pass ever more restrictive rules in the name of saving us. How many of these rules are helpful?

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do as I say, not as I do…really hate to see behavior like this. It makes them look stupid…

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Man Attacks Girls Over Social Distancing

It was fun. I am leaving the forum.

The problem isn’t the police that enforce the fascism, it’s the Democrat leadership that enacts it. Democrats are the problem. We need to vote out all Democrats.

Why are you leaving?

I have forgotten now. LOL

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1.James Lee Burke writes this about alcoholics: “If you seriously commit yourself to alcohol, I mean full-bore, the way you take up a new religion, and join that great host of revelers who sing and lock arms as they bid farewell to all innocence in their lives, you quickly learn the rules of behavior in this exclusive fellowship whose dues are the most expensive in the world.”

Those dues, in fact may be the most expensive in material and status terms, but if we calculate the cost to one’s self-esteem, I say that being a Liberal, a Progressive, a Democrat voter, must cost even more because one must give up the right to think, to question, to have any opinion not authorized by party officials

2 If you have any doubts about the truth of this cost-analysis, challenge a Liberal to defend what their party stands for: The Democrat Party is now running on full-blown anti-white racism, socialism, infanticide, opposition to free speech, substituting illegal alien voters for the American citizenry, support for rioters, arsonists, murderers, and anarchists, and anti-Semitism… the knuckle-dragging, atavistic pagan party.

My point is that trained and emasculated as they are, they don’t want to be described as standing for the above……but are too cowardly to not continue supporting the savagery their party has become.

They cannot allow themselves to admit or address the truth, as they know what punishment they would receive from the mob, the herd, the woke cancel culture.

3 And they will vote for this disreputable conglomerate, even though it empowers Democrat politicians who openly hate this nation, and work toward its demise.

“IN THE 2018 MIDTERM elections, Democrats gained forty-one seats and took majority control of the House. Among the new seats, four went to a group of radicals calling themselves the “Squad.” These four far-left congresswomen immediately established themselves as the most aggressive, combative, and media-genic members of the Democratic conference. Two of the Squad members were outspoken pro- jihadist Muslims, one from Michigan, one from Minnesota, although all of them shared the same allegiances.

When Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar speak, they do not express the values of America’s Jeffersonian democracy, or the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Though Tlaib and Omar have sworn to “support and defend the Constitution,” it is clear that they are committed to tribal identity politics and a globalist rather than a national agenda. More ominously, their manifest allegiance is to terrorist forces and Islamist ideologies that are at war with America.”
David Horowitz, “Blitz”

4 This is the Democrat Party you support and advance when vote Democrat. They stand for the worst ideas, biases, hatred and they are welcomed in this current version of the party. It is not the party of John Kennedy or Daniel Patrick Moynihan……it is the party of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, or Ocasio and of pro-Marxist Tom Perez.

The Democrat Party refuses to call out their ‘fresh, new faces’ for bias and bigoty….