How has Trump done with jobs?

What is your perception of Trump as a President when it comes to job creation?

How would you compare him to Obama?

He created a job opening for a senior general in the Iranian army…

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Don’t mind the joke, but at least take a shot at the question.

Well, he’s about to create a bunch of legislative jobs for Republicans, too.

I guess I am to take from the lack of serious responses that you guys acknowledge that Trump hasn’t really been all that special when it comes to job creation?

What he’s ‘done’ would be impossible to prove or disprove to either sides satisfaction. It would be another circular argument, and I’m pretty dizzy from it, frankly. Not worth it to engage.

Trump says, “We’re currently seeing the most robust job growth ever.”

Would you agree with that?

Raising Tariffs resulted in tariff dodging, to include over-shoring jobs to places that don’t need to pay our tariffs.

This is entirely provable.

Playing with the economy like this is a game of whac-a-mole; things pop out where you weren’t expecting them.

I’d say yes, since we seem to have more job openings than we have people to fill them. There will ALWAYS be about 3% “unemployed”, either by choice or by disability. That’s why most economists declare that “FULL EMPLOYMENT” is considered at 3% to 3.5% “unemployed.” Just think of how many people are “retired” and not seeking jobs. They are NOT included in the “unemployed” stats.

Jeez, what part of “not worth it to engage” was unclear? So ‘less you fi’n’na ‘cash app’ me ‘bout fiddy dollas, I ain’t sayin’ no mo’

You also said:

It seems easy enough to lend evidence to, as far as convincing anyone, I guess that depends on how deep your desire to defend Trump goes…

My guess is it’s nearly impossible to defend Trump (and the claims made by many on the right) so you’ve chosen to disengage. Your call of course.


Take for instance job creation.To hear it from the right, you’d think the nation was bleeding jobs under Obama and Trump turned things around…

You’d think to hear from the right that this economy is growing at an unprecedented pace…

Here are the stats (Source: BLS)

The chart shows job creation by month (in the 100k’s) and total in millions on the right. I took the last 4 under Obama and the first 4 under Trump. The last two months under Trump are projections.

All that’s left is to doubt the source.


You could also ask when we experienced more under-employment. If the Job numbers are being bolstered more by part-time than full time, that would mean something.

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True, and CSB conveniently forgets that the improved situation vis a vis job creation under Obama occurred AFTER the GOP took control of Congress…BOTH houses.

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is cs paid for his anti-trump propaganda?

All Mr. Brown is here to do is discredit Trump in any way he can. All of his BS charts and graphs are here to represent his pro socialist, income redistribution agenda. After a while, one just turns off all his propaganda because you have better things to do with your life. I have numismatic articles to write and presentations to prepare.

The fact remains that Hispanic and African-American employment is at all-time highs wages for income wage earners are up. The Democrat-Socialists will do all they can to muddy the water on those facts to get Sanders, Warren or even Bloomberg elected, if they get desperate.

Give Mr. Brown credit for being polite, but beyond that, there are better thing to than engage him on economic issues.

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Not worth the electrons that transmitted it.

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Irony alert… Were you on this forum while Obama was President? I challenge you, in your own writing, to find something you wrote supporting Obama while he was President.

The issue isn’t the criticism or the praise of any given President, but the facts (or lack thereof) that support those statements.

I believe that the perception among most Republicans is that job growth was slow and “anemic” under Obama and that Trump has come in and reversed things. My chart, FAR from propaganda (do you need me to define that term for you, because I do not think it means what you think it means), is mearly the raw data on the number of jobs created each year.

If you’d like to explain why the FACTS aren’t significant or are, for some reason are avoiding some obvious larger truth, then point it out. But poo-pooing it away as propaganda is weak.

I believe in government-regulated capitalism, not Socialism. that said, some of what I support could be called socialistic in that I believe the goal of overall economic and political policy consider the overall health of the nation as a priority rather than just that of individuals as a priority.

That said, this is little more than broad generalization using “socialist” and “income-redistribution” as derogatory terms.

And yet, here you are…Hmmm

Hey, some facts (without citations, but, no worry, I can look them up) and turns out your right, though, the most recent numbers are being bolstered by (and conveniently ignored by people like you) a significant number of temporary hires thanks to the 2020 census to the tune of 20% of the jobs created, but I digress, it’s just propaganda, right?

Let’s look at the employment stats…

Employment is at historic lows (at least going back to 1973 - post-civil right era) for every race, not just Blacks and Latino’s. So really not all that impressive.

What about the quality of that work, is that something that should be considered? I mean, what of unemployment is down, but wages are down and the number of hours needed to work to support a family is up?

Well…You address the wages question here…

But again, this claim really doesn’t withstand scrutiny. While it’s true that nominal wages are higher, real wages are LOWER (vs real wages in the last two years under Obam which rose). I mean, you understand the concept of inflation right? If real goods and services increase in price faster than your salary, in real terms you make less, right?

So claiming that nominal wages are higher is just your wait of making lemonade when you’re handed lemons.

As will the Trump Republicans as evidenced from your response.

Hey! I’ll take all the praise I can get from this group. By-and large I would say most of the people here on RO are good people who, unlike soooooo many other online Conservitive forums, stand by their convictions and treat those that rabidly disagree with, with a modicum of respect and decency. For that I credit the forums creators and moderators of course, people like you Sendgop. I hope my presence here, while a mild irritation at times, keeps discussion and debate livley.

I hope you can find time to respond in between your numismatic articles you need to write and presentations to need to prepare.


reality guy…you don’t keep it lively…you make it tedious with your inaccurate claims.

Yes. I know…we have a little brain numbed leftist at our own board. We TRY to treat her remarks with some respect but she, like you, exposes herself time and time again. With luck, and a little prayer, a job for you and a good dose of reality, in time you’ll change your mind. If not…you’ll be the typical old shoe leftist. Bathless and out carrying a sign for socialism well into your sixties.

And yet, you nor Sendgop haven’t pointed out ANYTHING inaccurate in this post…

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

See, and I was just saying how people have, as a group treated those you disagree with, with respect.

So why drag down the forum with that sort of childish talk?

perhaps some context here would help as I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Still have no idea what you’re taking about.