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LOL, not “refusing”…I want to see if RET knows why. He claims to have years of automotive experience. There’s no “secret” it’s actually fairly common knowledge.

@RET423 what do you think? How would you explain what PD is seeing? How does it compare to the video’s AS posted?

Doesn’t matter, AS. I get it that both cars ESTIMATE range differently. What you’re trying to tell us is that Teslas somehow “incorporate” terrain that it hasn’t already traveled? What in God’s googly goo are you babbling about? Are you SERIOUSLY claiming that “several Teslas” have traveled up and down your mythical 7-mile hill and therefore “share” their experience with other Teslas? That’s about as ridiculous a claim as I’ve ever heard from you.

Teslas charge their battery through regenerative braking. Just like that dump truck.

That was the point; you denied this. You were wrong.

Teslas are networked Dave. They share information. Because Teslas incorporate modern tech you find in smartphones and tablets.

Which also share information and measure enmasse performance. Did you not know that?

Unlike most car manufactures, the electronics Tesla incorporates are not two generations behind. They’re at the same level as everything else. Which means they leverage Big Data analytics.

Just like Microsoft and Windows, or Google and Android.

Oh, BS! That’s about as silly as your other claim. No Tesla goes up a hill, turns around and goes down that hill with the engine turned off so it’ll GAIN charge by applying the brakes. That’s ridiculous on its face. If the Tesla is MOVING on the highway, uphill OR downhill, the engine is running…that is, drawing power from the battery. Your regenerative braking is simply NOT efficient enough to replace the power used to run the car and all of its accessories. What actually happens–maybe–is that the drain on the batteries going downhill is a bit LESS than it is going UP that hill, assuming, of course, that the driver is applying his “regenerative brakes” going downhill from time to time to counteract gravity.

I already explained why the range readings fluctuate and are intended to be viewed as estimates, I am also certain that you know nothing about them.

So you think networking makes the range monitor an absolute?

This will definitely be in the “AS greatest hits” post :rofl:

This has absolutely nothing to do with the range estimate, nothing.

The motor is on, the car is slowing down while gathering kinetic energy from the friction break. This charges the battery.

Yes, this is a feature. It will create net charge going down hill, or slowing down from high speed.

Tesla owners know about this, that’s why I can find dozens of videos of them talking & testing it.

It’s a net charge. the video shows this. There’s a meter tracking Wh/km, and you see it go into the negative. The graph even changes color from orange to green to signify drain vs charging.

You have no means of explaining why these dials exist, or what a - wh/km value means. They’re only there to signify net charge.

You didn’t look it up. And you didn’t look it up, because you didn’t care.

You don’t know what their system does, and you don’t have the interest to find out.

Even if I asked you, you couldn’t even tell me what their system for estimating range is called.
You don’t know.

You think the range estimate isn’t the battery being charged?

Despite a negative wh/km consumption?

And several videos showing the same effect?

And others EVs, like that dump truck, performing the same feat?

No, you didnt

I will post this for the thread because you will never get it no matter how many times you watch it.

Normal driving operation means that you are not using gimmicks (like dragging your car with a pickup or pushing it off a cliff), your video shows a complete moron (I would challenge anyone to watch the video and draw a different conclusion) who is pushing his car off a cliff.

The Tesla regen system is not connected to the cars brakes, it is called “regenerative braking” because it brakes the car when the generator engages (which occurs whenever the throttle is fully off); the inertia of the car drives the generator and that creates a braking effect (similar to engine brakes on diesels).

The moron in the video is driving on a downhill road with a speed limit of 35 and 45 in various places with some curves posted slower; but he is NOT driving the road.

He has fully lifted off the accelerator at the top and NEVER applied it again, his TOP speed was 25 mph and he dropped as low as 16 mph with complete disregard for the traffic on the road.

By doing this the car NEVER exited regen mode but required him to drop to 16 in a 45 (flipping the bird to everyone else basically) but it also means he never applied the throttle so he didn’t use any power.

Much like dragging a car with a pickup this is a gimmick that nobody who is actually DRIVING their car appropriately and safely for the conditions they are in would do, only a jackass (Tesla fan boy) would do this on a public road in heavy traffic; all he proved was that normal operation would not gain more power than is consumed and that he is a typical entitlement liberal who thinks the whole world exists to serve him.

Great video AS, precisely the type of “informed source” that would appeal to you as you “look for data” :rofl

Nope, you’ve adjusted the goal posts because you’ve been shown to be wrong.

The vehicle increases charge, while its operating.

I already stated that the car slows down to charge, and that charge decreases while accelerating. You didn’t try to nuance your case then.

You still tried to deny that net charge was occurring. You still tried to assert that it could not gain energy while going downhill.

You hung yourself RET. I gave you every opportunity to correct yourself.

You just suck at re-evaluating evidence.

Sure thing, I will gladly admit that as long as you define “operating your car” as disregard for the rules of the road and the safety of those you share the road with, your Tesla can indeed under ludicrous circumstances pick up a little more charge than you consume for a short burst of time.

Or if you drag it around with a pickup.

In the future I will be more careful to define what I mean by operating a car, I was so focused on exposing Liberal ignorance that I completely forgot to account for Liberal arrogance and entitlement.

My apologies, had I bothered to consider how you would define “operating your car” I never would have made such an agregious error :rofl:

You are correct, I did say that; so now I will correct my error.

At no time when a Tesla is being operated with respect to the road and conditions it is on will it increase the available battery life, it will always be decreasing to some degree under normal operating conditions with a responsible adult driving.

And you denied it before, so you admit you were wrong.

Nope. He’s maximizing the charge to capture the most ideal effect on camera he can.

IRL, Tesla has a setting to minimize speed loss (at the cost of the rate of charging). You can also re-capture charge simply from stop & going on normal streets.

You can also dictate at which speeds the regenerative brake is applied. All the way to zero, or higher.

Nope, you denied going down hill would result in a net charge. You denied this would add charge to the battery so as to extend range. You just got it wrong, and enough goading from me forced you to watch.

Absolutely, I know the Left well enough to know not to leave any term undefined; and you just proved why!

You defended a falsehood for several pages. Just like a leftist.

You spoke out of ignorance. Just like a leftist.

You spoke without reviewing the evidence. Just like a leftist.

With no regard for traffic safety or anyone but himself; a true hero in the cult of Musk!

What I did for several pages was to underestimate how ludicrous a length that you would go to claim the laws of physics had been re-written by Musk.

In the end it is for the best, the more people who see that video the more people will realize how crappy the battery operated car idea is.

Nothing kills liberalism as quick as watching and listening to liberals!