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I don’t own a Ford but my Duramax beats 20 mpg all the time, even towing :rofl:

But maybe if you strapped a gas generator to the roof of the Tesla instead of dragging it around with a pickup you could prove how incredibly efficient the Tesla is? :joy:

We both have zero on a Tesla, the difference is I know what I am talking about and you are assuming Musk has magic in spite of his entire history of exaggeration, outright lies and a financial stake in claiming he has revolutionized the automobile.

And your engineer did not conclude what you are claiming he concluded, you just cannot comprehend the subject matter.

You’re assuming, I have test data.

Quit fibbing RET, I already caught you in one.

The video has the data. The Engineer, and the owners manual of the Tesla, outright state this happens.

You screwed up, you drew up a guess of what the Tesla could do, and you did not test it.

Conclude? He outright states this is how it functions:

A torque command is derived from the position of the throttle pedal. The motor controller converts this torque command into the appropriate 3-phase voltage and current waveforms to produce the commanded torque in the motor in the most efficient way. The torque command can be positive or negative. When the torque serves to slow the vehicle then energy is returned to the battery and presto - we have regenerative braking!

Tesla has a limiter on Regen to prevent it from over charging the battery.

In your world, there’d be no reason for it to exist. In the real world, it’s because it adds surplus power.
Just like the Engineer and the owner’s manual says it does.

Your theory sucked RET. You should have tested it before trying to fib to me.

BS. What you’re describing and CSB is “me-tooing” is a perpetual motion machine which simply doesn’t exist in reality, regardless of how often Tesla and their “engineers” try to sell that snake-oil.

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Yes, he described the system and how it works; he NEVER claimed it performed to the degree that you have claimed multiple times :rofl:

As I said, your total ignorance of the subject matter has caused you to ascribe conclusions that neither Tesla or the data have claimed.

And thank you for proving it AGAIN! :joy:

You claim to be this automotive genius, but when I talk about the video and pulling the Tesla and a quote a figure:

I talk about gas.

Then you come back and talk about the Duramax, which is Diesel. You know those aren’t the same, right?

Dave it’s in the video.

You didn’t look this up, and you’re now just being dumb.

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You said Tesla always creates negative energy in operation; he is not, he is saying regenerative breaking will create surplus energy.

Battery charge is raised. You denied this RET. So you admit you were wrong.

No goal post shifting; you tried to assert that A Tesla would not have surplus energy after driving downhill.
You said that.

Yet the video shows it does.

As per usual when your claims are proven false, you do nothing to take ownership.

You Dodge and deny.

They aren’t driven by facts, rather perception and emotion, which is why we’re the only ones posting real data. I think it’s pretty telling how they can, with a simple hand-wave deny what is so obvious with a straight face.

To achieve what you guys (and Tesla) are claiming, the electric engines would have to be TURNED OFF when going downhill. They aren’t. They are STILL drawing power from the batteries. Perhaps the “regenerative braking” REDUCES the drain on the batteries slightly–assuming that the driver DOES “brake” going downhill–but it doesn’t ADD charge to the batteries because “regenerative braking” doesn’t come CLOSE to providing the same charge you get from plugging into a power source with the engine shut down. I don’t understand why you two don’t understand that simple FACT.

Why is that relevant, both gas and diesel are far better choices than the idiotic idea of a battery operated car?

But my wifes Yukon XL gets 19 mpg on the highway and is as big as a bus, it has a 5.3 LS engine with 245,000 miles on it.

I find it hard to believe that you are still enamored with a video of someone dragging a Tesla around with tow strap to get it to actually gain battery charge :rofl:

And I am not an automotive genius, it probably seems that way compared to you and AS because you know absolutely nothing about cars; I would bet that just about everyone who has read this thread would consider what I have written here to be pretty basic and common car knowledge.

Especially the videos you guys have posted and then “summarized” in your comments, anyone who bothered to watch them and then read what you think they “proved” would have to be laughing or at the very least scratching their heads in confusion!

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I said “creates negative energy”?
When did I forget how to communicate? :rofl:

What I said was that there is no time when the Tesla is operating that it is creating as much energy as it is consuming, it does create a little energy via its regen system but that system never can produce enough energy to match the demand that the Tesla uses to operate its 100 percent electrical systems; that is why you had to find a video where they turned off the Tesla and drug it around with a pickup truck to gain reserve power in the battery.

That is what I said and everything you have posted to the contrary has been an invention in your mind, NOTHING from Tesla engineers or videos from their fan boys in the cult of Musk proved or even attempted to claim otherwise.

You have no understanding of cars and how they work so you are visiting the University of Google and then applying your own interpretation based on your imagination (and agenda) to the data you find.

Should I list all of the “Facts” about cars and Tesla specifically that you have posted in this thread? It would be fun to do; stuff like “Tesla A/C units control the A/C compressor but compressors driven buy gas engines are not controlled by the A/C system” :rofl:

An AS greatest hits post!

Real data that does not conclude what you say it concludes :rofl:
And the “real” part is questionable considering that ANYTHING that comes from Tesla since the inception of the company has been mostly BS; all of the professional independent car evaluation entities that have tested and reviewed Tesla’s have called their claims exaggerations at best and outright lies at the worst.

Which is common of snake oil salesmen.

No, it was a video of a Tesla that went both up hill and down hill on the same 7-miles of road. By itself.

On the down hill leg the car gained energy. 1.7 Kwh.

How did you miss this?

You didn’t look this up. You’ve admitted this.

You can find live videos of Tesla owners doing the very thing you claim is impossible. They add energy & range to their batteries by going downhill.

Tesla doesn’t actually claim what these guys are saying, Tesla exaggerates the performance of their regen system but even they are not bold enough to claim that it can stay even with demand much less surpass the draw of the car.

That gem is all from the mind of AS & CSB; they are running for president of the cult of Musk :rofl:

This is a owner who adds 6 miles worth of charge going downhill over the course of the video:

So Dave admits he didn’t know Teslas could do this.

Should I have googled “perpetual motion machine”?
Maybe that is how I missed it :rofl:

Or…Maybe… I should abandon everything that I KNOW and avoid ALL independent and verified entities who test these claims and instead just assume that the members of the cult of Musk are the only ones telling the truth! They even have videos showing that Tesla has nullified the Laws of Physics!

I am unable to check my brain at the door so you will have to attend those meetings with CSB :joy:

By the way, that video showed no such thing

That video shows nothing close to what you are claiming it shows, the “range gauge” is dynamic like the current mpg gauges in most gas powered cars today, they calculate based on immediate conditions and therefore report extrapolations that are not possible.

My Peterbilt shows 40 mpg when going downhill and extrapolates that I can drive 6600 miles before refueling my 165 gallon tanks, would of video of that readout prove that my truck can go 6600 miles on 165 gallons of fuel?

Fan Boy videos get to be edited by the Fan Boy who makes them :rofl:

The video is right above. The other video you missed is right here:

So you admit you didn’t watch it.

This one will definitely make the “AS greatest hits” post!

You claim “1 plus one equals 487, Tesla proved it right here!”
Then you post of video of someone saying “the sun rises in the East”

The guy even says he is measuring how much energy he can get back through regen, and you claim he is saying regen gets back more than I used!