How has Trump done with jobs?

Or number 4
You read my explanation and lacked the knowledge to comprehend what I was saying so you assumed it was irrelevant :rofl:

I love when people with no knowledge beyond hearsay talk about cars!

Yet we posted three videos of no gimmicks used.

You didn’t watch again, and got it wrong. again.

You just suck at this RET. You’re all talk and no follow through.

You don’t even show your topic enough respect to take 5 seconds to check your claims. Ever.

Rather a fool than a lazy bum who pretends to care.

If you cared, you would have looked this up. If you cared, you would have watched the videos we gave you, and STFU.

But no, your pride goes before admitting truth. Every. time.

With the gigafactories, they soon will be.

And as I said, they’re the best performing car on the market, at their price point.

In terms of range, cost per mile, acceleration, they can’t be beat for everyday use.

And because they’re a circuit board on wheels, they’re going to keep improving in ways that ICE can’t follow. More energy usage modes, more ways of sharing power with other sources, more inter-operability with other tech and vehicles.

Moore’s law. It’s going into cars. And a car that improves at the rate of smart phones is a good thing.

BS, of course. YOU’RE the one who doesn’t pay attention to the ACTUAL science. You watch a couple of propaganda films BY the manufacturer of your vaunted Tesla and think that’s the end of the discussion. You simply CANNOT believe that coasting downhill at speeds as low as 15mph is “proof” that you can add mileage to your electric car. NOT if you are HONEST, which you obviously are not.

I’ve shown you a dump truck that runs solely on regenerative braking.

You didn’t know science Dave. You didn’t know that was possible, so I know you’ve paid 0 attention.

Oh, so you didn’t watch them? That’s what you just admitted. Because, what you just said is wrong.

Those were just Tesla owners; not the company. Thanks for proving to me, again, that you had 0 interest.

Your excuses are pathetic.

Propaganda films by the company or PAID for by the company. What’s the real difference? Your “dump truck” story is NOT “proof” of anything. The truck never leaves the worksite and never travels faster than a slow walk. I could attach an old-fashion generator to each wheel and keep the battery charged, too. That thing is in NO WAY or FASHION analogous to a Tesla operating in traffic and you should know it though I seriously doubt you’d ever ADMIT it.

Nope, random owners posting their own videos on their own channels. None of them are professional content creators.

You didn’t watch them, still?

Except that regenerative breaking adds charge to the battery.

Which you denied. So you were wrong.

Your own words are about a Tesla going downhill.

Just like the Dumptruck.

Dishonesty only makes you look worse Dave.

Another one for the AS greatest hits post!

Which means that they control the parameters of the “test” with their own agenda regarding results; entities that test the claims of automakers have an agenda to establish their own credibility so they do not use gimmicks.

Which wouldn’t matter in your case because you are so completely ignorant about all cars that you would have no basis for determining what is and is not a credible approach to testing anything.

Like everything the Left wants, the second the government subsidies and perks end the “market” for your battery powered cars, solar systems, windmills and about 80 percent of what is “recycled” will be gone.

If it were not for a government gun pointed at the heads of Americans Elon Musk would be a carnival barker and his fans would be digging ditches (or some other task that doesn’t require critical thinking)

Read the article dumb dumb. The Truck runs only on power it regenerates going downhill.

It climbs back up the hill with that power.

No one who criticizes Tesla denies this feature exists; it was just you two, because you did 0 research, and didn’t pay attention.

Excuses, excuses. It’s your fault in the end for not knowing.

Which is not possible, that would be perpetual motion so chalk another one up to scientific illiteracy :rofl:

Neither of us denied that the feature exists, we have denied that it can perform to the degree that ONLY You have claimed; neither Tesla, any independent entities or even your own home videos make the performance claims that you do.

Yes it is, you just have to think about how the operation of a dump truck turns regen braking to its advantage.

And if that’s not enough for you to figure it out, you should quit being lazy, and just read the article.

I posted it here, twice. You have no excuse.

Uh yes you did. You denied it was adding net charge and range to the battery.

You gave me sophistry you didn’t look up, and made up on the spot.

Love to see your explanation for why dials measuring net charge exist, if it doesn’t happen.

I disbelieve. That claim runs contrary to my admittedly pedestrian understanding of physics. And the english language, for that mattter. “Regenerative” denotes that there was a “generative” process to begin with, and afaik, “energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed” is still pretty well canonical in physics.

Q, it’s not rocket science. The truck is incredibly heavy, which means as it moves downhill it has an ENORMUS amount of potential energy. Just convert some of that energy into something you can store and bingo! No violations of physics.

Now I didn’t actually watch or read the article, but without looking I’d guess for it to work that it was going downhill with its load, when it is the heaviest, and driving back up after it dumps its load. This is the only way something like this should work.

Bingo; the extra weight adds friction, which increases the energy output of the braking system. Once it unloads at the bottom, the energy is more than enough to carry the truck back up empty.

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Yet the film doesn’t SAY that. It CLAIMS that the truck is ALWAYS “generating” electric power to its batteries…uphill, downhill or sideways supposedly. Apparently, this truck doesn’t USE any of that stored electricity at all. All it does is ADD electricity to its batteries. Reminds me of the woman who removed all of her lightbulbs and turned the switches all on to “let the electricity run out onto the floor” because she was angry about having to pay a minimum electricity charge while she was on vacation and not at home.