How Illegals can vote


Wife just got back from Voting school and here are some things she learned, (The below is EXACTLY as printed on the study sheet):

  • You CANNOT question or challenge the voter regarding their lack of Photo ID

  • You CANNOT compare the voters’ residential address on their presented ID to the official list of registered voters. (THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MATCH – IGNORE THE ADDRESS!!)

List B - Supporting ID’s (non-photo)

Copy/Original - Current utility bill

Copy/Original - Bank statement

Copy/Original - Government check

Copy/Original - Paycheck

Copy/Original - Government document with name and address

Does ANYONE see anything in the above that proves US CITIZENSHIP???


Why would you need to be a U.S. citizen to vote? You sound very narrow minded to me. Everyone is a citizen of the world and has a right to vote wherever they please. :dog:

Don’t try that in Mexico. They’ll kick you out of the country if you overstay your visa.


Well, heck, in Washington State, all you have to do is request a mail in ballot. You need nothing.


I guess the Republicans should order reems of them so that they can stuff the ballot box. I’m sure the Democrats are doing it.


There is a take away here and its the fact that a conservative will never see the inside of the WH for a very long time to come, when you have a country with open borders and anyone from anywhere can vote in any election you can figure that Johnny or Jane ‘Free Lunch’ Jones candidate for __________ is gonna win every time. Until what time the money runs out and the Free Lunch wagon does not stop at your house anymore…


This is one of my favorites, especially considering that it will eventually bite Hitlery in the butt (ewww . . . Hitlery’s BUTT?)

> The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples’ money.
> - Margaret Thatcher


My illegal alien coworker that I talked of before, the guy from El Salvador who got here in 1996, legalized, then lost his visa because the system dragged its feet?

He says he’s voting for Trump.

Says he has to do it because I won’t.

Additionally, he says he’s going to bring 5 friends to do the same. Wouldn’t answer when I asked him if they were also illegals.

BTW, my employer has E-verify. I hope I’ve made that clear.


This sounds like a Nickelodeon series from the 90s.


About 1/8 of my coworkers are immigrants.

There’s a guy from Ghana, who traveled back and forth during the whole Ebola outbreak. Says the entire country was on lock down because of it.

There’s a guy from Czechoslovakia, tells me about out the terrible crap communists did there, how he’s angry that former communists are allowed to lead regular lives in the modern Czech Republic, and idly talks of how “Maybe Putin is right…”, and really hopes the Czechs leave the EU like Britain. I like him because he swears like Jean-Claude Van Damme.

There’s a Chinese guy from Vietnam. I believe his name is spelled this way: “pheoc”, and he assures me that it’s pronounced as ****.
He’s usually working alongside an ethnically Vietnamese guy named Tinh.

There’s a guy named Panama. I don’t know where he’s from, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t Panama.


Is that true? I mean, I went in to vote during the primaries, and had just recently moved. I had my voter id card and drivers license and was told I wasn’t allowed to vote because the address they had on file didn’t match my DL. They literally refused to let me have any ballot and told me to leave. Isn’t the first time I’ve been told I wasn’t allowed to vote, and I’ve been a citizen all my life.


It would have been okay to vote if you were mexican or muslim.


YES that is true, my wife is an election Judge, has been for 5 years and she goes to a school every year for the rules, she brought back the handout and I quoted it exactly…


Voting rules differ state to state. Both of your experiences can be true.