How Immigration Reform Will Harm U.S. Citizens


If immigration reform passes, life will get tougher for foreigners who want to come here illegally. Those trying to sneak in will face more agents, fences and drones. Those who slip through will find it harder to get work – thanks to a mandatory system to verify the legal status of all new hires.

But they’ll have company in their misery. It may not have occurred to those who support stricter enforcement that the new system will affect anyone applying for a job. Under the proposed legislation, you will not be able to take employment without explicit federal authorization.

How Immigration Reform Will Harm U.S. Citizens -


I will read this when I get a chance. However, pardon my general skepticism wrt such legislation actually making it harder on ILLEGAL immigrants. It has been my experience that such measures usually end up punishing LEGAL immigrants even more than before while allowing the ILLEGALs to go unscathed.


If the “Gang of 8’s” immigration proposal passes, it would add 6.3 trillion dollars to the national debt.


Photos of nearly every citizen on file with the federal government? Combine this with the NSA-Verizon situation, the constant video and audio recording and more that others have posted, every individual is going to be under a microscope under the authority of some government bureaucrat, who derives his authority by simply having the job while being in no way morally superior to any of the subjects under his authority – we are in danger.


Marco Rubio has threaten to oppose his own immigration bill, if more border security is not added to the “Gang of 8’s” bill. Rand Paul said his views on immigration is in-between the House and Senate’s proposal.


That was for his English speaking fans…

Rubio: Legalization first, border security whenever | Human Events


Rubio has the order wrong. First secure the border. Then we can discuss the situation of illegal immigrants in the US.