How Liberals and Leftists debate

A recent RO give and take between a real American (me) and a Leftist

I tried to debate you earlier, and you refused, and then engaged in name calling. All you tell is lies.

We shall let the paper trail speak for itself

You see, in the first quote I tried to start a fair debate, and I was inundated with insults, and then after the insults a gigantic lie saying I refuse to debate.

This is the American Marxist Left: Refuse honest debate, attack, then lie about the attack, . . .rinse and repeat.

Oh, but there is more . . .

. . yes, there is more, a promise to troll and disrupt:

Unitedwestand has made it very clear that he is going to troll every post, post off-topic nonsense and stupidity just to cause trouble in every post, and make sure he does it in every post I post. That is stalking, trolling, baiting, and off-topic posting:

There it is: The playbook for leftwing disruptors at RO:
Refuse honest debate, attack, then lie about the attack . . . then promise to de-rail and disrupt all threads.

Unitedwestand, you are a credit to the left, everything that is ugly and un-American


Then comes the victim card

You cancelled the debate when you began hurling insults.

My God, you stoop to any lie and sink into the lowest gutter don’t you.

I’m good I don’t need a debate I’m not a victim sparing me that debate spared me a Tylenol.

Not a victim but your flooding and cross-posting is making me a dizzy.

Listen I can tell you don’t want me here I’ll see myself out. This site is non-functional with you here I will myself out. There you have what you want, you could just ask me decently but you had to cross-post and flood. Good day. Miss ya @CS_Brown catch ya later can’t have a debate here not able to. I’ll give you my email you can email me if this site is every useable again.

And like all trash, it ends up on the trash heap where it belongs.

And like all trolls, little Stalin aka Unitedwestand ends up on the ignore list where he belongs.