How long do you think Andrew Cuomo is going to last?

It’s official. The New York State Attorney General has delivered her findings. There are substantiated allegations that New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has acted inappropriately with a large number of women.

Cuomo as come out fighting with a high-powered law firm. Several Democrats have called for him to resign.

So how long do you think he will last?

My bet is for a long while. Democrats can do this stuff because they are Democrats. If it had been a Republican, this story would have done months ago with his resignation.

He might even run for re-election. James Michael Curley was re-elected in Massachusetts when he was serving time in jail. And yes, he was a Democrat.

Another Cuomo scandal seems to be of little interest. He used his personal staff on state paid salaries to write his book about his “wonderful leadership” during the Corona Virus lock-downs. Once more, if a Republican did this, he’d be out of office.

And, of course there is question of Cuomo sending sick elderly patients with the Corona Virus into nursing homes resulting in many deaths. Then he covered up the reporting.

And the irony is that he might even be able to wrangle into besieged underdog status as he draws on the pity vote.

I listened to much of his reaction speech and I thought he was remarkably convincing. I’m at such a distance that I can’t tell what the actual truth is. But off course I’m loving that a leftist seems to be snared in the leftist hyper sensitivity trap.

When the news broke this morning, my guess (and hope) was he’ll resign by the end of the week.

Politicians and lawyers are very good at sounding convincing, even when they are guilty as sin.

I remember when I was a senior in college working for anti-war Democrat for Congress. His opponent was Pete DuPont who later was elected Governor of Delaware. I went to one of DuPont’s on-campus get togethers that was held at dorm lounge.

DuPont had a perfectly modulated voice. After listening to him, you could almost believe his supportive words for Nixon’s take on the Vietnam … almost. He could make manure smell like perfume.

After a successful career as a Delaware politician, DuPont refused to oppose Biden for his Senate seat. He didn’t have any use for legislative bodies. He liked executive positions, like governor and President.

DuPont ran for President in 1988. The roll out of his campaign was a disaster which surprised the devil out of me. The guy was rich and so slick, that one would have thought that he would have had that totally scripted.

After the 1970 Congressional election we, which we lost, I went to speech at Mitchel Hall, which was the theater on campus. The speaker was a newly elected New Castle County Commissioner … Joe Biden.

He’s going to last a lot longer than that. He’s hired a high priced law firm, and he could be in trouble for a lot more than just impeachment. There civil case issues here, and lawyers smell blood in the water. The longer Cuomo can stretch this out, shorter the memories will be, especially for Democrats.

The American people have very short memories when it comes to Democrats. Given them something for nothing, and the American voting public can forgive and forget. Most of them won’t even know this is happening because the main stream news media will mention it briefly and then put up their stonewalls to protect him.

He’ll finish is term as governor and then try to run for another term. That’s when the Democrats will dump him.

I seriously doubt he’ll last long. Biden called for his resignation on tv a few minutes ago. On top of that, some Dems are saying to impeach him if he refuses.

By the way, there’s no main stream news coverup. Go to literally any major news outlet’s website and it’s plastered on the top of the front page.

Good! Maybe we will be rid of him.

When he used state employees to write his lousy book for which he received a huge advance, that made him a crook so far as I’m concerned. Cuomo and his brother are a pair of spoiled brats.

Oh yeah, it’s for sure happening. He may be gone by tonight

No telling, or even if he will go at all (although I think it more likely now). It seemed a sure thing he’d be gone when this and a couple other scandals (nursing home COVID death coverup after he ordered COVID-positive patients be sent to nursing homes, something about state employees being pressured to help with work on his book (in which he self-proclaims to be a COVID-leadership hero)), but the NY legislature dragged their heels, and the story lost a lot of traction. It may be regaining some.

One note: Letitia James, NY’s AG, isn’t without a conflict of interest here; word is that she’s eyeing the Governor’s office, and thus, has motivation to get Cuomo out.

My understanding (and I’ve been following this for months; I get my news from a regional Christian radio network, and they cover both NY and PA (the latter is where I live)) is that Cuomo isn’t planning on going quietly; although I realize that can turn on a dime.

But I also note that a quarter century ago, the Bill of Wrongs resisted and successfully weathered the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The NY legislature has been talking impeachment for months, and done nothing but drag their heels. They like the status quo, because the Democrat majority can hold this over his head to get him to rubber stamp whatever they want.

Someone saying he can no longer remain in office doesn’t mean it’s so.

One thing that (at least as of when I last heard) that I don’t like is that Tish James (NY AG) never mentioned any charges pending.

The legislature had to wait until the investigation completed. That wasn’t some random person on Twitter saying he could no longer stay in office either, that was him quoting the house speaker who has the power to impeach him. Don’t worry, he’ll be out soon.

A New York State legislator said on Fox News this morning that they are still weeks away from the Articles of Impeachment.

Cuomo is going to pull a Nixon and stretch this out as long as he can. Like Nixon, he might wait until the the eve of the impeachment vote to see if he can get it to blow over.

Wow. Rudy Giuliani has a different take on this.

I think there were other more political factors (which I admittedly can’t remember), but there does seem to be more of a push now. Last I heard, they’re going to be starting things on Monday if Cuomo doesn’t resign first.

I still haven’t heard anything about charges from Tish James, although I understand that local DAs are looking into that.

But I’m still not going to count this chicken before it hatches.

Cuomo will be out later because, with his huge ego, he will fight this tooth and nail. His rebuttal was honest, for him, because he does not think he’s done anything wrong.

The criminal charges, if they happen, might the fulcrum that moves him out. If he sees a jail door in his future, he might use his position as a bargaining chip.

Time is in his favor. The longer he delays things, the better his chance to stay in office.

Hmm, I’m starting to fear you’re right and impeachment will be necessary. As you pointed out, this would still take weeks. I figure if he doesn’t resign before the weekend, he’s probably not going to until he’s impeached.

Two months is what I heard the Senate trial will take. And now I’m hearing that instead of “Monday,” now they’re just saying “next week” if he doesn’t resign by the weekend.

I understand that his brother, Chris, has been conspicuously silent about the whole issue on CNN…

I have heard that his brother, Chris, is in trouble too because of the support he gave to Andrew. Apparently he wrote some of the rebuttals for his brother. That seems a bit unfair, but when they get out the long knives for a public figure there is often collateral damage.

I don’t care for either one of them, but his brother was not not fondling the women so far as I know.

Yeah, I don’t really think Chris should face any punishment. Would you report on your own brother? If he did, there’s clear conflict of interest in that story so he’s best not touching it for now. He may have an obligation to do so if Andrew is charged and convicted, but until then he still has the presumption of innocence.

As for helping him write stuff, he basically did what a lawyer always does but for free.

This statement is true. A month from now this will all be blown over if it isn’t already, and anyone saying anything negative about Cuomo will be labeled a conspiracy theorist Trump supporter. Cuomo will come out as a champion of women’s rights and the democrats will love him for it.

Wait what were we talking about? Sorry I forgot already.

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I don’t think so in this case. As I said, I’m not counting this chicken before it hatches, but this scandal seems to have some traction.