How many americans have died of covid-19 so far?

How many americans have died of covid-19 so far?

  • 200,000+
  • 6% of the “official numbers”
  • None
  • Something else

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Are you excited about deaths due to covid?

Many Democrats seem to be. Not sure why. Though they tend to blame the president for all of them regardless of the facts, so that may be why.


Some people are saying that this “crisis” will go away after Biden takes office. It has proven to be quite useful for Biden. It’s his most effective issue. You might say that the Democrats have a “Biden - Corona Virus ticket,” not a “Biden - Harris ticket.”

One thing for certain, the Democrat politicians on the state level have done all they could to hurt the economy as much as possible with this virus. They think that it is a God sent for their cause, and perhaps it will be.

My guess to answer the original question is that NOBODY KNOWS for certain. We KNOW, that some very iffy deaths have been blamed on the Coronavirus–motorcycle accidents, shootings, pneumonia, heart attacks and even auto accidents–because we foolishly provided financial INCENTIVES to claim Covid deaths wherever possible.

@KenJackson not at all excited, more trying to see where this forum falls in terms of beliefs

@Pappadave nobody knows for sure, I’m more interested in the ballpark the forum at large falls in

Then if I were to guess, I’d say the total is a mere fraction of the totals being touted by the so-called “press.” As I’ve said before, it appears that no one has died of old age since March or so in the U.S.

I remain convinced that a most of these deaths could have been prevented if everyone was taking Vitamin D.

Months ago there was a study in Indonesia that showed only 4% of covid deaths had adequate vitamin D levels. More recently there was a study somewhere that showed people with adequate levels had a 50% lower chance of going to the ICU.

Another consideration is the correlation of covid deaths with factors that make it difficult to maintain adequate vitamin D levels: dark skin, obesity, elderly.

I suppose I could blame the president for never mentioning it, but look at the war of lies and fraudulent science that’s been waged against hydroxychloroquine after he advocated it. (Google Surgisphere if you missed it.) It’s another thing that could have saved lots of lives. So maybe he specifically avoided mentioning vitamin D to avoid similar fraud against it.

But why? Why would a thoroughly respected journal like The Lancet dirty their own name by publishing a clearly fraudulent paper about hydroxychloroquine which could have saved a lot of lives? I just can’t help but wonder if they were attempting to discredit the president and they didn’t care how many people died in the process.

I also wonder if Democrats seem to be excited about the deaths because they hope wrongfully blaming the president for them will get their guy elected.

So at least with the hydroxychloroquinine thing, the problem and reason the scientific community lashed out was he severely jumped the gun looking for a miracle cure. Numerous studies have come out now showing that at best, it does nothing. Why do you think he didn’t take it when he was hospitalized recently?

It reflects his unwillingness to be patient and put in the work, preferring instead to declare a cure available (presumably to boost his political status on his weakest issue before the election).

Numerous studies examined hydroxychloroquine when it was started in the ICU! That’s fraud. But it’s not obvious that it’s fraud unless you know that it only works if started early, long before you get to the ICU. (And this is well known.)

And it’s most effective when taken with zinc. But most studies ignore zinc. Fraud. (Or possibly incompetence.)

Look at the graph in this study. The countries shown in green adopted hydroxychloroquine as treatment. Countries that didn’t are shown in red. It works. Though I only mentioned it in passing.

Because though it works well, it’s not the only thing that works well. He wanted to be a good patient so he let his doctors choose his medicine.

That’s pretty much the opposite of what we observed.

That’s uh, that’s not a study. Studies must be peer reviewed for acceptance in the medical and scientific community. That’s just some guy writing stuff on the internet with a fancy looking website. The “author” is just a Twitter account.

There have also been several studies showing no efficacy in prevention or treatment outcomes when used both preemptively and immediately after exposure.

All jesting aside:my 85 yo father, in a nursing home for 2 years with cancer,on lockdown for 6 months because of COVID,tested positive in September, fell out of bed, hit his head, went into a coma for a few days, and then died last week.They have counted HIM as a COVID CASE.