How many Federal Obama Regulations in last 90 days




Obama is going after the economy with a vengeance and Boehner will bend over and accept it


Time to just say NO.

ONLY Congress can make laws, Regulations are NOT law and any two bit federal employee can write them*. So what do we do? SIMPLE, JUST SAY NO! They cannot arrest or sue all of us.

We tell the EPA to shove it and any fed that crosses out state lines.

I have written quite a few regulations albeit they have all been inside the military, but military regs also spill over into the rest of the fed govt and corp America and state, county and city regs.

In fact I have written a reg that has affected ever single person on here. When I did I never knew it would go outside the Army, military or even go into the fed govt.

I wrote the Regulation on full page display, x dots per inch. The standard is now 300x300 dpi, albeit technology has gone forward and much is now 600x600 dpi. Prior to that the federal standard was 2450 dpi IIRC. This is magazine quality. In a search to save money for the Army which is the biggest printing and publishing house in the world and at the same time move to and take advantage of desktop publishing capability I conducted a test for readability of various outputs from 120 dpi to full magazine at 2450.

We laid out a series of documents on 2 coffee tables in MajorGeneral § “Dutch” Shoffner’s office and had a meeting with and assortment of people. The selected output the document printed at 300x300 dpi. I then wrote and staffed the Reg Army wide, got it approved, it was picked up by the rest of the services, then the Federal Printing and Publishing office…15 printing plants were shut down and several 1000 people were either retired, shifted to other jobs are just laid off.