How many forums have you been on?


For me, a Lot!

RO : March 2008-current
HPF : Aug. 2007-current (Way less active though)

SNF : Oct. 2006-Nov. 2008 BANNED
E2000 : Sept. 2008-May 2009 Stopped posting
AF : June 2009-Sept. 2009 Left ; Feb. 2010-May 2010 BANNED
For. Forums : Dec. 2008- Jan 2009 Left
Lots of Pokemon forums : 2006-2009
R. Reagan Forums : 2010-2010 Left
Some other right-wing forum : 2010-2010 Left
Freedom Forums : Jan. 2008-April 2008 (My forum, I deactivated it, when I was forced to resign via mutiny.)
PokePlace : May 2007-Dec 2007 * Was mod and Admin ; place was hacked and destroyed.
StarWarsForums : 2008-2009 Left.

I have two Interwebz homez RO, and HPF.

So, I guess you can call me a former Forum joiner, when it comes to forums.


Lets see to name the ones I know by name:

AnimeA (currently a Mod)
ADC-Disrto (currently a Mod)
Imperial Politics (was a Mod; site was deactivated)
380Living (currently a Mod)
Sci-Fi Forums
Cybernetic Revolution

And that is just to name a few there are maybe 20 more that I can’t remember the name to now(2 of which I was a Admin) there was 2 more conservative ones but I can’t remember their names.

Out of the 13 I listed I am active on 7 and one is deactivated.


Don’t know dates for any of them:
Sparkbomb forums: For the game “Werewolf”, a fun roleplaying game. Also some Maplestory chat on this site.
Finalhit forums: Lots of Maplestory talk on this site, some political stuff as well (Politics had one sub-topic, but half the active posts)
Liberty Forest: Ron Paul grassroots website. Kinda boring due to repetitiveness and militant atheists.


Not much of a forum person are ya? lol Oh that reminds me isn’t it about time you gave up your YR President title? :ninja:


I believe J.Anderson won a recent election :tongue:


Only members of the YR group can run for the position of YR President. Plus that was just a match up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see how many I can remember … - Naval history, now defunct
Kaleidoscapes - Homeschooling, now defunct
Kaleidoscapes Refugees - self-explanatory
CapitolHillBlue Reader Rant - - News and politics; left
United Conservatives // Allied Conservatives - News and politics, now defunct
VegSource Homeschooling boards - banned, :rofl:
Homeschool Christian - Haven’t posted much since our kids started college
Free Conservatives - News and politics; discontinued posting
Goldtalk - News and politics; left but look in occasionally and post even more occasionally
Heartcall Cafe - Christian music & musicians
Bob Henneman’s Warship Discussion Site - Naval history, hacked into oblivion - Technoid stuff about computers, computer power supplies and electrolytic capacitors
Annoyed Army - News and politics
Conservative Cave - News and politics; discontinued posting
Tully’s Port - Naval history
BoardGameGeek Empire Builder Series boards - Empire Builder series board games

There were a couple other homeschooling discussion boards at which I posted, ca. 2000, but I can’t remember/find the names thereof.


As president can I appoint him to VP then resign? xD


Well, I’ve joined a bunch, but as for being a regular, there have only been three or four. And I started really young, too. Fourth grade.

Neopets - 2004-2006
DeviantART - 2007
QA - March-November 2008
RO - November 2008 - now
Toontown Online (not forums, but…) - mostly 2006-2008; I still play sometimes

There was also a time around 2006-2007 when I was into IMing, and I guess I should say that at first on Neopets I only PMed instead of doing the forums. (Being a reg on forums came around my eleventh birthday.)

Interesting note: My younger brother is now almost exactly as I was when I started, and he’s just getting into the forum scene.


Aww, I remember neopets fondly. Until I got hacked (probably scammed, whatever) and ragequit over lost items xD.

Neopets is probably why I’m pro-free market o_o


I sucked. No good at the games. No good at the market. No good with the items. But I had good company! :biggrin:

My account was unfairly frozen. They claimed I tried to sell my pet. I loved my pet! I would never have sold him! DX He was a powder-blue Bruce (penguin thing) named Goofley. It tore me up so bad when they took him away, I stopped using the site. (Eventually, I came back, but just to chat.) I’ve tried looking him up recently, but he’s not even there anymore. Some other pet has the name, and my account doesn’t even show up as banned. :cry:

I’ve always wondered how they do the economics of Neopets, ever since I learned about supply and demand and inflation. I mean, the money just seems to appear out of thin air when you win a game, but they have a free market, so the money doesn’t always go back into oblivion. So why isn’t the whole site like a virtual Zimbabwe playland?



Free Conservatives - News and politics; discontinued posting

How come? I used to post there. Great site. However, got to the point where they got to taking themselves TOO seriously, so backed off. Still, LOTS of brainiacs whom I much admire.
(Do you happen to know what happened to Warlady?)

There NEVER WILL BE ANOTHER NEWSMAX! :slayer: of ALL bb’s EVER! (and of course I’m referring to pre 9-11)



Oh, I’m a member of STO’s forum, but that’s by virtue of having a character. I posted one “yeah that” kind of comment about a PVP issue. A couple of required online game guild related forums that I never post on and can never remember names or passwords cuz I don’t use them. Oh, yeah, and I’m a member of one of Cactus Jack’s forums. I think I remember the password. I don’t think I posted there.

I have posted probably a total of five times besides here at RO.

PS: Oh, yeah, and Stargate Worlds game forum. I don’t think I posted there.


RO has been it for me, unless you count Facebook. I used to visit Elfwood a good deal and thought about joining as a member, but I very much doubt that I will now.


You cannot usurp the chain of command if you wish to step down I will gladly take your place… :devil:


I remember Neopets. I used to play it but never posted in the forum. I have forgotten my password and email address already. lol That and Gaia Online.


I’ve always wondered how they do the economics of Neopets, ever since I learned about supply and demand and inflation. I mean, the money just seems to appear out of thin air when you win a game, but they have a free market, so the money doesn’t always go back into oblivion. So why isn’t the whole site like a virtual Zimbabwe playland?

They have a stock market and ways to take money out of circulation. They probably have very complicated formulas pulling money out.


How come? I used to post there.

I don’t know if the distinction came across, but I tried to distinguish between forums I left for particular reasons and those that I discontinued posting at because they didn’t suit me well (nor I the forum). FreeConservatives was one of the latter. I haven’t heard how Warlady is doing. She has the second highest number of posts there, so she may yet be active. I’ve been “acquainted” online with DoctorDoom since 1998 or 1999, when he was a Mod at CapitolHillBlue Reader Rant. He’s a Mod at FC and evidently an active poster. There is at least one somewhat regular poster here that I recognize from FC.


metal injection forum
Heavy Metal Society Liberal Politics, bullshit, and Heavy Metal
Arthur’s Hall of Viking ManlinessConservative Politics, Manliness, Guns, Intellectual wankery, and other topics.


I was hacked on Neopets. =(