How Many Members Are There?


Seems like I’m always getting responses from just 4 or 5 members?

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate and care for these 4 or 5 members it’s just … Sometimes I wonder if my post are that uninteresting or … is our once bustling forum almost dead? 8(


After the hiatus in November 2016 when the site was down for a month or so, dozens of active members never came back. I have no idea why.


I think it’s short term memory spans. When it went down on election night, we were all pretty shocked by the outcome and wanted to express it. Then it was down for some time, and yes, people like myself left, though I wasn’t an Old School member by any means.

The internet is very competitive and people just bounce around I suppose. There was some great conversation leading up to the election, that’s for sure.


I think it was down for multiple months after the election, it hasn’t been the same since; I noticed the blog page is no longer working (it points to some other site or an ad)


Pretty much what Old Dog said. I think the site was down for a lot more than a month, though. And a lot of people just gave up on it (it had been down before for other problems).


If I recall, the RO site was down for a bit over 4 MONTHS…at least it was before someone clued me into the re-re-surgence so I could log on here. That’s a VERY long time to have virtually no place to go to express opinions without being mocked as some sort of troglodyte. I’m a bit unsurprised that we don’t have the participants we once had.


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New registrations had died even before the site went down. The last time we had an influx of new members was way back around 2010 or so when Seravee and Emperor joined. After that, the forum was listed as an extremist website by Google and heavily de-ranked. The trickle of new people came from someone linking to a thread over on CU or RedState or something. And of course as the site became less active, cross linking became even less common.

When I put the site name into Google now, I get back only the homepage. It looks like Google isn’t indexing literally any content now. In fairness I think that’s likely a robots.txt or a sitemap problem(or the site needs to be re-submitted to Google for indexing - a sitemap would help greatly with this btw).
I don’t even get the site at all on Bing. It appears Bing has no record of the site.


I know personally that after the site went down for like… 5 months, I lost a lot of interest in the site. Combine that with IRL stuff going on, well, I’m just not here near as often.


Wait a minute: You have a life? I think that’s against forum rules… :stuck_out_tongue: