How Much Is Much

5 Trillion Dollars

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The 3.5 Trillion was Spot on for what was needed to be at half parity with other OCED countries on Family Policy. Honestly the Original 7 Trillion would put us in the middle with other OCED Countries on Social Spending. Now were doing almost nothing with 2 Trillion. Yes Inflation occurs, Inflation is only bad if wages don’t grow with it. Inflation is good for people with Debt, because that debt becomes worth less.


RUBBISH! … To each, his own. :neutral_face:

What is the cost of ignoring crumbling infrastructure?


How much did it cost not fixing those dams? The license to operate the dam was pulled in 2018 because it was determined that it could not release water fast enough if flood waters started to climb. When the water reached 1’ from the top, it collapsed.

That said, let’s not focus to hard on this particular issue, it’s meant to be emblematic.

What about education? Do you think it’s important to invest in knowledge for the future?

The answer to your question is.

In a functioning economy, without significant war (beyond a regional conflict in our case), without pandemic (causing supply chain issues), without a massive natural disaster (affecting national productivity and transportation), where most things are at a fairly even keel, then too much happens when real resources and/ or labor begin to run short, not because of externally imposed supply constraints (see above), but the economy simply lacks the capacity to expand, it’s hit it’s limit.

We use a statistic called “Capacity utilization”, and while it’s not the only metric we should consider, it is interesting and significant.

We can see utilization was very high in the 1960’s, but today is about 14% lower despite the massive increases in production efficiency.

You don’t think we should compete with western democracies in standard of living? We are a member of OCED, NATO, OSCE, UN, and the G8 as well as the G20.

Since my opinion would be just that, I’ll leave those decisions to anyone knowledgeable with the USA’s best interests at heart. The Socialist Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives are showing they don’t qualify.


@Unitedwestand has no idea what a trillion dollars is. It’s a thousand billion. A mega wealthy guy might be worth a few billion, but that’s not in cash. To turn it into cash would be a huge effort, and when he was done, the cash would probably less than his stated net worth.

That kind in increase the the money and aggregate demand in the macro economy will drive inflation wild. If you were alive in the late 1970s and early '80s, you know what that was like. After that you got to know the pain it took to wring that out of the economy and collective mindset.

176 billion liquid assets Jeff Bezos.
You know it doesn’t matter because the young folk would rather die in a homeless shelter like my second cousin did on the 1st of this month. Work for 12 dollars and bunk with 6 other folks to serve you coffee they say no. Medical staff are lacking, people are just stopping paying bills. Keep prentending to pay them. I hope Manchin and Sinema keep holding out as the economy implodes so progressives won’t be blamed. If you indexed minimum wage to inflation 1968-now it would be 24 dollars. Keep on dreaming as your country tunes out. Heck half of you are probably 60+ the other half of ya lord have mercy. You can’t force them to work you wage slavery is based on consent and they’d rather starve or overdose I’ve seen it I’m in touch with younger folk.

Even at a C-, infrastructure is in a better average state than its been in two decades. Getting there meant it improved overtime.

Equally, the idea we’ve been spending less than we did in the 1960s, is factually untrue.

It’s an overplayed trope. There are areas and states that are outliers, but that says little of the overall condition.

Hey Alaska I see you’re avoiding those no one wants to work threads because Austrian economics has no cure. You wanna bring in the military like Fox News says cause they’re nothing like conscripted labor that says lazzie-fair.

And unemployment would be 5-10 points higher.

Again, you can’t argue with results. European countries did raise the minimum wage to “keep pace”, and the result was massive youth unemployment.

We can even compare European countries with Minimum wage vs those without on youth employment.

Thomas Sowell has been talking about minimum wage for over 50 years; he witnessed how it ran out black kids from the economy back in the 40s and 50s. He also cornered the labor department into admitting minimum wage raised the unemployment rate in Puerto Rico to 50% when it was implemented in 1948.

Not to mention, the legacy of the minimum wage is white workers using it to keep out poor black ones, who could only compete by working cheaper.

And to further nail this in, how did raising it to just $15 turn out in Seattle?

You can be self-righteous if you like United, it doesn’t change the results. This is simple supply & demand. Make the supply of labor more expensive without making it more valuable = less demand for that labor. Either people will be hired less, or they’ll work less hours.

Cause & effect.

Versus Massive Net Worth loss of Adult Millennials compared to their parents?

Cause no one wants to work right now not like it would matter.

About was well as ten dollars in the midwest not well not enough.

That has nothing to do with minimum wage, I should know, I’am a millennial.

Don’t you dare claim to speak for me.

If you want the real reasons, the disappearance of middle housing, the high cost of education, and the high cost of medical care.

In the 1980s, it was completely possible to work a part time job, and find an apartment, and put yourself through school. That is no longer the case.

Because the cost of those goods all exceeded inflation.

Nah, I’m, drawing the line.

Minimum wage, makes the situation worse. It limits your hours, and puts up barriers to employment to the least able to work.

It is a **** policy, by people who don’t understand cause & effect.

Thomas Sowell, 'nuff said.

Your thinking is in a box, time to find your way out of it. Find an actual answer.

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I won’t you’re prematurely aged.

These are causing supply line shortages?

Yeah thanks Reagan!

Or it could be that vulture fund capitalists ate the relative wealth at a larger rate than workers who produced actual value.

Yeah screw it no body show up to work tomorrow screw paying people. It’s cooked its don’t the American Experiment failed. Get a nice cabin on the hill to watch it implode.

Cause if Thomas Sowell said it must be true, you quote him like a marxist frat boy quotes marx. Demagogue much?

Minimum wages do not work because you services are only worth what they can do for the employer. If the minimum wage is too high, you won’t get work unless it’s a make political job with the government.

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Cause we can get stupid people to do it for free. Every year I tell this kid I’m gonna pay him to do my fall yard work. I never do, and he always does, and he keeps coming back, except this year his dad came with him and tried to kick my butt but I closed the door real quick. 2 years of free lawn service. Merica baby! By the way story is satire but its what your suggesting on a mass level.

That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

There were no supply line shortages pre-pandemic, everything I just listed, already existed pre-pandemic.

That’s a hard no. He didn’t eliminate middle housing, he didn’t make medical care more expensive, he didn’t make schooling more expensive.

Middle Housing was eliminated by boomers who put parking and street width restrictions and required single-detached houses everywhere.

Pick any city, more than 70% will not be zoned for anything different. Oddly enough, they also had a battle about this in Seattle.

Medical care being expensive, comes down to the **** way we regulate medical care and insurance

Reagan at least did us a favor by getting rid of the Certificate of need laws, but certain states held onto them. And we still have a cartelized 50 state market. Which makes no god ***** sense.

Education is down to students not being allowed to declare bankruptcy, and the feds subsidizing the loans.

It’s another economic truism we’ve known about for decades; subsidize anything, and its price will rise to its original one, plus the amount of the subsidy.

Tie loans into a system where schools get the money, even if the students don’t graduate and never pay off their debt, and there you have it. Artifically rising prices, and the academic system that defends it.

No he just reduced the amount of Americans who could afford them by reducing their net worth relative to their productivity.

Not gonna argue this didn’t help

Brought to you by the heritage foundation and Mitt Romney.

not gonna disagree with you.

Why is milk still so cheap? Why do we have a cheese surplus?

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