How Much Is Much

We have serious infrustructure deficencies. Despite what you’ve said.

We got this bridge in town its reduced to two lanes because the other two lanes are under water a 1/4th of the year.

CS what do you think it’s going to cost them politically defending queen bee trump at all costs?
Seems like when you lose Georgia twice you need new ideas.

Nope, you need to find a different relevant answer.

Not **** we’ve known for decades is a failure. You might as well reinvent Keynes.

I’ll put someone who witnessed the results over someone who didn’t even bother to look into it.

And Thomas Sowell was a Marxist. He was a Marxist going to Harvard. He was a Marxist going to the Chicago School. He was a Marxist working alongside Milton Friedman.

It was his experience with the labor department, and its trickery over the minimum wage, that finally changed his mind.

It was that sweet private sector cash brother. Not gonna lie if I was a broke arse marxist running that thing I’d start shilling neoliberalism too. Elizabeth Warren defected to the Government Cheese she was too tired to compete in what she viewed as a mans world. They’re both about as sincere as each other. @csbrown28 they don’t wanna talk about the Great Resignation because they can’t blame stimulus and unemployment anymore.

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You post a video about “Middle Housing” and in the video he describes what it is. Give zero evidence to his claim nor does he tell us why this housing type matters except that he says it matters.

Condominiums? Townhouses? I live in Northern VA where land is at a premium, one of the highest outside cities like LA and NYC in the nation and there are plenty of apartments/ condos/ townhomes here… What’s the problem with these housing types?

The problem of housing is speculation driven by the 90th-99th percentile which has grown significantly.


Labor separated from capital, because capital became more productive.

A business 50 years ago that invested in a conveyor belt that lasts them 30 years, is very different from a modern company today investing IT system you have to update every 6 years.

Yet those IT systems are why most of our productive gains exist, and why a factory that once employed 20,000 workers, now only employs 1 - 200.

The marginal utility of labor for most workers didn’t keep up. At the same time, it exploded for anyone who works to maintain or design those systems.

Oh they played a part, basing your system on the most expensive one in Europe didn’t help.

But that was on top of the **** we already had.

Why does the AMA have a monopoly on licensing? Because it certainly didn’t help pricing.

Why do self-employed people not get the same tax write-off as those with employers?

Health care costs for businesses more than doubled between 1992 and 2012. Inflation doesn’t explain that. Nor does Obamacare, as it was barely going.

They’re higher than if we didn’t subsidize them. Same to sugar and quotas.

Nah, I can brush this off immediately, because you have no evidence Reagan did anything to the housing supply.

Reagan was no motivating force for why our restrictions exist, that is down to grass roots people, policing their property values to the extreme where little affordable housing can be built. And that video shows that, as does my Seattle link.

Yeah that hybrid private/public dutch model lets the corporate types get their cut thats why they like it.

Failing to have single payer?

BIG Pharma AMA interest groups demanded it to pass.

They want you to work for the system your a heathen who will be audited and punished if you go 1099.


Gotta love Microsoft.

Oh Bother, thats a Come On Man moment.

No it’s not like the national association of realtors bankrolled his second term.

That really didn’t help I mentioned that earlier. Location Location Location.

He never went to work in the private sector, he was an academic his whole life.

I dare you to read one of his book, or watch one of his interviews, and not come away thinking this isn’t someone saying exactly what he thinks, unfiltered.

I dare you to do the same with Warren post 1996.

The idea that the poor would have more if they’d only accept less is an idea that only a neoliberal could invent.

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I can’t heart this hard enough. The funny thing we have a “Labor Shortage” so even a neo-liberal would say pay more but nope… nope pay LESS PAY LESS lol. @Alaska_Slim you wanna work for less than minimum wage I may have some remote work for you brother. He’s gotta be a machoistic type.

Hold on to your hat…

Why would I want single payer, when the most sustainable system in the world is in Singapore?

Where everything is privately run? Including the Government hospitals?
And costs rise at the level of Vietnam? Despite them having the oldest population on the planet?

Not the ACA, the AMA.

Close; no transparency to prices and a federal coding system that explicitly works on the fee-for-service model. Which even Obama acknowledged was wasteful.

The feds also control or influence 2 out of 3 dollars spent in Healthcare. Not for the better.

Meanwhile, the parts of the medical system that are allowed to act like a market, the plastic surgery, the LASIK, the nurses who help you with hangovers, actually see prices go down, and quality go up. Like any other tech sector.

Subsidies increase prices; that’s a fact.

I am he’s gonna do a big TLDR, and I’m gonna break it down in 3 minutes tops. He’s on the far west coast it’s still early there. I think @gutsandcasaca has a life and the rest had warm milk and went to bed.

The true minimum wage is nothing, and that’s exactly what we see in Europe with 40% youth unemployment.

Bad ideas, are bad ideas, you can’t change how supply & demand affects labor.

Low paying jobs are rungs on the ladder. You can’t climb unless there’s somewhere to start.

A city State shall lead the way.

It might be that it’s a city state.

Yes the Big Pharma and American Medical Association Types like monopolies.

The hospitals have a blue book where they charge x and insurers pay Y. Imagine if your mechanic Said pay X and I paid Y lol.

The same feds that are run by the fourtune 500 to cost the tax payer a fourtune.

I seen people go blind if you call that medicine.

Lotta drinking in Alaska?

Plastic is cheap these days and high volume and it being non life threatening make it cheap. Its hard to negotiate prices when your dying.

A fact you say. So if I give you two dollars when you spend 5. Your gonna pay six because your really bad at math.

Which has, what to do with minimum wage laws?

Businesses will pay more by themselves if that actually solves the shortage. They don’t need Government to give them the idea.

And the problem with forcing it nationally is that you then force businesses who are only marginally profitable, and didn’t have a labor issue; out of business.

Which is reps from Guam, the virgin islands, fly here to beg for exemptions every time the minimum wage is raised. They can’t afford 1st world prices.

Here’s the problem…It’s not paying too much, it’s paying too little that results in:

That in turn depresses demand and the real investors look to speculation and non-productive investments to make money.

The rest are parasites.

Case-in-point. A group of investors/ hedge funds goes around buying up trailer parks so they can go up on lot rents until the captive audience, many of which own their trailers, can’t afford to pay. These are the kind of people that don’t have large savings and cannot afford the $2000-$9,000 it costs to move a trailer (assuming that it is structurally worthy to move or that the home itself is worth what it would cost to move).

Why settle for lot rent, when you can force people to abandon their homes and take over and get rent for both lot and home!!!