How My Signature Works


It is a browser trick. Whenever your computer sends a request for a web site it also sends your IP address, your browser agent information(type of browser you are using).

The site that supplies that image just takes that information, does an IP lookup and finds your ISP information, then puts it in the image on the fly and sends it to you. While it is unsettling to some people, it does make you aware of the information you are sending out every time you access a web page.


It is much more scary than that. See how unique your browser is:


LOL! I love it, RLC! :slight_smile:

Several years ago, my checking account was cyber attacked. I had the culprit’s name, address, and phone number within 10 hours, and the only reason it took that long was because I discovered the problem at 2am and needed to make a couple of phone calls during normal business hours.

Some people have NO clue how much info they’re leaving on the 'Net as breadcrumbs for the computer-savvy to follow. They think we don’t know who they are, but their little problem is that the computers they contact know who they are. :slight_smile: