How now, Fox cow?


You all are as likely to be tired of FOX News as I am…I mean, I watch FOX, but basically the conservative doesn’t have a choice. Let’s examine this issue:

  1. What was the lead story on “Fox and Friends” this morning? I watched it, and I have no idea.
  2. What was the secondary story? Something about the volcano in Hawaii? Jerusalem the US declared capital of Israel? Some Trump thing or other?
    FOLKS! We have a dirth if news!
    What I do, everyday, is check FOX News while preparing for my Senatorial Day. Then I take my IPhone and go to BBC World News to see what in blazes is going on in the world outside Washington! Sometimes to see what is going on IN Washington! This ought not to be!
    I thought it would be informative to see what is actually on the FOX News feed right now: 3:04 p, 5/15/2018
    *ITEM North Korea Threatens to withdraw from US meeting over US/ROK military drills. Okay, so what? Kim is trying to use THAT as a leverage point for getting his way???
    *ITEM: CHICAGO made alleged illegal land grab to build Obama Museum…“YAWN!”
    *ITEM Amazon and Starbucks attempt to influence Homeless Tax. Huh?
    And so forth with elementary teacher caught with student shot dead, The Return of Bill O’Reilly, etc…

Listen,folks…there is a lot more going on in the world than this junk.It may not be “fake news” but it strikes me as soft, irrelevant news…which is just as bad.



I quit watching FOX when they went in the tank for Romney in the Primary, they may be less “Left” than the rest but there is just as much Conservative opposition as the rest.