How popular is Joe Biden?

We know Trump never cracked 50 percent

How Popular Is Joe Biden? | FiveThirtyEight

It’s a bit early to start measuring his popularity. Most presidents have an early honeymoon period.

One of the people my wife knows is predicting that gasoline prices will reach $6 a gallon. If that happens, Biden will be as popular as the Corona Virus. He’s working on that outcome.

wow, what a great source of information…HAHAHAHA

The Democrats are making noises about raising road taxes on gasoline. Add a carbon tax aided by a rejuvenated OPEC, and you will be there.

Trump never broke 50 percent approval rate. FACT

So what?

so why would you be surprised he lost the election??

I was not surprised. The road to victory for a Republican president is very narrow.

As for the 50%, you don’t need 50% of the popular vote with the Electoral College. Many recent presidents never got there, including Trump, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton twice.

with changing demographics and southern states filling up with brown people and snowbirds even the electoral college can’t save the last gasp of white supremacists.

And you’re just a fount of “information”… How many straight answers have you refused to give since you started posting here?

My second cousin twice removed’s father in-law sez Gas is going to 8 bucks per gallon/

Don’t laugh. You might get what you wish for.

A bunch of “progressives” have argued for years that we should pay $5 a gallon for gas here because that’s what they have to pay in Europe. Those “geniuses” don’t take into the consideration that there is no mass transportation in many areas of the west.

Even where there mass transportation, it’s gotten expensive. I used to take the train into work when I worked in Boston. It used to cost about $5 a day, then they upped it by charging for parking at the station. The last time I visited, which was a couple years ago, it was up to $12. Paying for that gets tough if you are making even $20 an hour once you figure in the taxes you have to pay.

You can wish and hope that the Democrats make the cost living unbearable in the name of your climate change hoax, but if you do that, you have to steal many more votes to stay in power.

buy a car that gets 40mpg. or better

Tell John Kerry to dump his private jet and fly commercial. I actually saw him in the airport many years ago, flying like everyone else, when he was a Senator. One trip in his jet spews more carbon than my car does in two or three years.

that doesn’t have a thing to do with the entire planet. EV’s are coming

I rest my case…