How Refreshing!


I think I’ve already done the re-introduction thing, but I’ve been occupied elsewhere since then.I just want to say I had forgotten how refreshing it is, how challenging to my own sense of status quo, to be on a forum that welcomes all views.One can only listen to stereo for so long!


As heated as I can get sometime with people on this forum, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the debate. It is a good night if I have numerous people on this forum saying I am wrong and presenting me with a challenging debate. I live for the debate. And a bunch of people sitting around agreeing with each other is as a fun as watching golf. (playing golf is great, but watching? blah). So I agree it is refreshing.


The good old heated reply. How I have missed it.


Welcome, enjoy the site. Be sure to fill out the Survey, under your post count in your post headers.
Also, be sure to read the Survival Guide: