How should an ideal America look like?


You can rebuild the fundamentals, but we are almost 2+ generations deep in changing them and it will take the same amount of time to change back, if not longer. Restore our Constitution as our basis, return to capitalism and its free market, put GOD back in our schools and our Govt…in other words revert back to the things that made us the greatest!

We are falling apart because its being dismantled by choice…now before one of our resident nut jobs spews off that I am saying there is a conspiracy, I will answer that now. Depends upon how you see a conspiracy, the answer is yes and no. Yes it is if you think that to agee in thought a conspiracy has been created by default and NO as there is not a collective clandestine meeting to do so, but in fact there has been. Yea, its a paradox. Therefore maybe the real question is how many people have to attend the conspiracy meeting in order for it to be a conspiracy?

Old saying: What has been seen, cannot be unseen! Today in school starting at the elementary level kids are bing taught that communism-socialism is good, America is bad. Only a few days ago a kids football team average age of 8, ALL took a knee when our Anthem was being played led by the coach. Not sure where mom and dad were? Had I done something like that at age 8, my dad would have come unglued on me and the coach immediately if not sooner. I remember when I was about that age and was in the car, waiting on my dad who had run into an office for something. It was 5 pm and the US Flag was being taken down and the Anthem was being played. I got out of the car an stood at attention with my hand over my heart, then got back in the car when it finished. I knew that by age 5!!!

To turn around, 180 degrees, a fully loaded oil tanker running at full speed ahead on the ocean, could take about an hour and 3 miles miles or more. Now think about reversing course of a country that is going from a capitalist Christian based society to socialist communist society.


You say America is changing into the wrong direction since 2 generations. If it would need two generations to rebuild the US – do you think that this change has even started?
I think the biggest problem would be to convince the next generations that a turnaround is needed. How could you solve this problem - and convince the next generation?

I agree regarding capitalism and free market, but I disagree regarding “put GOD back in our schools and our Govt”.
If you would put GOD back in schools, would students improve their moral understanding or would they just protest and rebel against it?


By the choice of whom?

Would you say people have just been unconcerned – and over time, it went down unnoticed?

Sadly this is true. Left liberal mindset crept in. Even if the school system suddenly were conservative (arranged by government): The teacher’s minds would remain the unchanged. And they could relay it to their students.

But how could you counteract this?

So one reason is a lack if discipline?

You believed in the esprit of the United States. Why don’t todays kids believe in the USA-esprit? Just because of a lack of discipline?
Was your only motivation / the only reason to believe in the esprit of the United States that you had more discipline?


Glad you asked: GOD has been in our govt and schools for 200 years, what do you think. Have you noted what has happened in America since GOD has been REMOVED.

The KEY to communism is the removal of GOD from society…BUT wait, its not removed at all, its ONLY REPLACED with GOVT! That is right, GOD is not removed its only replaced and this is EXACTLY what is and has occurred in the US, we are replacing GOD with GOVT.

There is no successful GODLESS society. Atheists say they do not believe in GOD, this is a PATENT LIE. GOD is merely a higher power than GOVT or yourself which you look to for guidance and this is what our country was founded upon. So a GODLESS society is run by the GOVT and yourself. There is NO Bill of Rights, only the Rights that the GOVT GIVES and that you take.

GOD is the 10 Commandments and our Bill of Rights. Think about it.


I think many things changed the last decades. You can’t reduce the whole situation to one single factor.
What role does the media play? Immigration? Technological changes? Globlisation? Poverty…?

I am thinking about how conservativism could be today and how it could be promoted. But I think the answer is a little bit more complex than: “All we need is God”. There are a lot of conservatives that are doing a good job, but if you want to convince people that conservativism is a great thing, you have to have more to offer than: “All we need is God”.

Even if this were the only factor: How would you make people to believe more in the future than they are believing today?
I think the only chance to enable a turning-point is to CONVINCE people. To convince people that conservative solutions are good solutions. And I do not talk about religion here – I am talking about conservative solutions on a political and social level.


I don’t know how old you are, but think of it this way. O’Hair and her bunch succeeded in removing prayer (and any mention of religion) from schools in 1963 before the Warren Court. Since that day, EVERYTHING has gone downhill…out of wedlock births up exponentially, “recreational” drug use skyrocketed to where we’re seeing 50,000 overdose deaths annually today, abortions have killed 55 MILLION or so babies, self-discipline has almost ceased to exist, sexual perverts are treated as “heroes” for demanding special rights and given unfettered access to our children in schools, the boy scouts, girl scouts, summer camps and even churches, school kids are beating and even RAPING school teachers virtually with impunity–and vice versa, everything is now based on how someone FEELS about it instead of what’s right or wrong objectively. I’ve lived through this era as an ADULT and it sickens me to see what we’re becoming.


I live in Austria and this country was about 99% Christian (70% Catholics) in the past. When I went to school (in the 1990s) till 2000 we had a crucifix in every classroom and in many public buildings.
But then – after 2000 – the Green Party come to power and a lot of refugees came into the country. The Green Party told us: WE HAVE TO REMOVE THIS goddamn crucifixes because else muslim refugees would feel suppressed.

Today in Vienna, our capital city, more then 50% of the people have immigration-background (not only muslims of course). Now we have a President of the Green-Party. And he said, that he wants to see even more muslim refugees in Europe because these people would vote for the Green Party and other liberal parties in the future. The leader of the Green Party (she is not the same person than the president) said, that there CAN BE NO LIMITS regarding the number of refugees. And she blames other European countries because they have fewer quotes of refugees – she wants to see the expansion of islam across whole europe. There should be no single place on earth without muslim refugees! Everyone who wants to live in Europe, she said, HAS TO BE ACCEPTED – everything else would be racism.

We have the highest unemployment rate since WW2 because jobs can’t come out of nowhere and streams of refugee will never end. Liberals blame the capitalistic system. Poverty, criminality rates and social frictions are increasing. Liberals blame the capitalistic system.
The number of Christians is permanently decreasing because an average Christ couple is having fewer than two kids. At the same time Muslims produce much more children.
This will happen in the US too. So there is no chance to get religion back into the schools! In no western country on this planet – why didn’t you see this?

Obama already tried to let refugees into to the US – fortunately Democrats had not a majority in the House of Representatives. But what will happen if after Trump a left-wing Democrat will have a majority in both?

In 1963, I wasn’t even born.

And all these things are happening because you have not prevented them. But the more interesting question is: WHY didn’t you prevent it? And why don’t you prevent it now?


I never said “all we need is GOD” and all our problems are solved. That said GOD represents a common set of values on which we can all agree and FOLLOW that are NOT man made. Again a read of the 10 commandments and the Constitution Bill of Rights, which is based. These values are GOD given, not man dictated, what man/govt gives it can take.

If the GOVT gives you freedom of speech and right to bear arms the govt can just as easy take it away at the stroke of a pen …so said Obama himself!

In addition and as I have stated, Capitalism is the ONLY organic (to man) economic system. All other economic systems (Socialism and its variation) always fail). When the Govt controls and creates an economic system the result is a ‘black market’. Drugs, Elephant Ivory, Sunday liquor sales, garage sales, flea markets. Our US Underground economy is somewhere between about $1T and $3T, in other words, its huge and it is so due to the govt forced and created economic overlay system called Taxes. Taxes are based upon income…not sure how more stupid you could be to put a tax on income. Rather taxes should be on consumption. But then that would put YOU the income earner in control and that is not he govt way. Consumption tax works and works extremely well. Is fair to ALL and promotes economic activity.


Blockquote I opened this thread for especially one reason: I think, we all are dissatisfied with current conditions.

Not especially. I’ve never seen the dystopian hell that everyone else sees. What it seems to mostly boil down to is “There are people doing things and thinking things that I personally don’t think or want to do! I must be able to stop them! I need to control them so bad!”.

Which is a party neutral belief. I was always informed by the Right that Obama was oppressing me, and he was destroying America and everything it stood for. I looked around and failed to see anything particularly bad going on around me.

Now that Trump is president, I have people on the Left inform me that all of the same horrible things are happening. A dark day for America. And I don’t see it any more than I did back then.

I have a very simple test: Name me three specific things that the president did that had a major impact on your life. The totality of these actions needs to exceed the impact of a broken leg. Why do I pick a broken leg? Because I’ve known about a half dozen people who have broken their leg, and not one of them had their view of life and their expectations of the world dimmed as a result. If the president is really ruining America you should have some crystal clear examples of how your life is significantly worse as a direct result of his policy.

About my only issue with America is how fat everyone is. I actually suspect that’s the source of all the wild eyed conspiracies. Pretty much every person blasting off Trump conspiracies has a BMI over 25. And all of the people talking nonsense about Obama’s death panels and FEMA camps also happen to have a BMI north of 25. Might be a coincidence, but I wonder why that would be.


Then you MUST have been sleep walking. He (and the other leftist Democrats (meaning ALL of 'em) literally DESTROYED the world’s finest health-care system–all just to “give” a few million people–including non-citizens–“insurance” that’s not worth the paper it’s written on, while doubling or even tripling both the premiums and the deductibles that everyone else has to pay for even poorer health care than we had before Obamacare. Physicians are leaving their practices in droves, nurses are in short supply, medical technologies are stagnating and we STILL have millions without health care insurance, because paying the government-imposed “penalties” for not having insurance is STILL cheaper than paying FOR the insurance. The costs got so high for employers that they stopped providing it and cut people’s allowed work hours so the government couldn’t come after them for not providing it to "full-time employees."
Then, the moron-in-chief lowered our standing in the world, caused the first ever reduction in our credit rating. Ran up the national debt more than the first 42 presidents COMBINED, paid the FIRST ransom ever paid for Muslim-held America hostages, signed on to the Paris Climate Accords, all in order to turn America into an ATM for the rest of the world.
He presided over an economy that only grew above 2% in TWO quarters out of the 24 while he was in office–history’s WORST performance since WW II. Under his “leadership” we saw able-bodied Americans without jobs break 90 MILLION for the first time in history–INCLUDING the great depression, almost 50 million on food stamps, and the lowest home ownership EVER.

Maybe none of this affected you personally, but that doesn’t mean that millions of Americans WEREN’T. What it means is that you’re a captive of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the NY Times, Washington Post or Boston Globe who all steadfastly REFUSED to tell the truth about what was happening.


Forcing me to buy more healthcare I don’t need when I’m already basically broke, bailing out Auto companies and Green energy with taxpayer (my) money, forcing (my) Church organizations to purchase contraceptives for their employees who didn’t want it in the first place…

… Forbidding Alaskans from drilling in the petroleum reserve, and seeing the State economy tank while North Dakota’s soared…

… Using the IRS to target Conservative groups

Just details, I’m sure.


I addressed this:

This is just worrying too much about minor things that barely impact you - much like liberals are doing with Trump. Or in your case, both of them, since you hate Trump roughly as much as Obama… even though nearly all of your problems in life are the results of your own actions.

Obama was pretty ineffective. He really didn’t do much, good or bad in his last six years in office. Clinton would have been equally ineffective with a Republican House and Senate.

Trump is probably the closest thing to an ideal president I’ll ever get. We legitimately agree on about 85-90% of topics. It’s unreal, because I have positions ranging from far Left to far Right, and a bunch of stuff in the middle. It’s really impossible I’ll ever have another president closer to me on issues.

Yet, Trump’s presidency will have a minor impact on my life. What I will be doing in 20 years, my financial situation, where I live, who is part of my life… these things will look almost identical as they would if Clinton were president right now.


Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for those affected by it. It’s vastly worse than a broken leg. It counts as three things by itself. It really sucks. If it doesn’t impact you, well good for you. It directly affects the home budgets and quality of care for millions and even for many others indirectly because of its economic impacts on the healthcare industry.

This isn’t something that will be felt immediately by public employees (and certain private employees) with their incredibly good “insurance” plans. Still I’ve listened to those folks, with their above-median incomes, complain and emotionally argue over a meager $20 bump in their premiums. But they guiltily supported this craptastic national plan for those of us who don’t. Everyone can’t be a public employee or have that nice private job that provides health insurance that insulates the employee from the effects of their political decisions.

What Obamacare has directly cost me is horrible. It has significantly damaged by quality of life. It is a real-world impact by a president. While I agree with your sentiment very much most of the time, Obama and that congress significantly negatively and directly impacted many, many lives, much different from Trump do far, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford and so forth.

As usual AS is correct – never mind the “theoretical” economic damage Obama caused (that Trump and most other politicians want to cause) that also affect all of us.


I don’t qualify for subsidies anymore, and my entire cost for the year on a Silver plan(not provided by my employer) is $4,500.


I didn’t complain about Trump! I was rather complaining about hatred against Trump.
Three things? I will answer the next days…


No, you didn’t. At all.

A few more $1,000 out of my pocket each year, is not minor, Arbitrarily tanking a State’s economy is not minor.

Throwing money around, creating micro recessions all over the place, is not minor. Nor is giving large companies the idea that it’s alright for them to take dumb risks; for if they fail, they can appeal to the Govt to bail them out. It’s not as if that mindset set off a Great recession or anything.

Silencing political dissent? Not minor.

Violating the 1st amendment? Not minor.

Uh, you could predict that the Government was going to create a classification called “Cadillac plans”, predict they’ll tax them, and that your own employer’s plan would fall under it?

That’s one nifty crystal ball you have. And even if I had it, it wouldn’t matter, as I wouldn’t be better off anywhere else; I’m stuck taking on more costs, with no benefit. Costs that exceed that of getting a broken leg.

Except, he packed the court to give us decision like NFIB v. Sebelius, expanded the Presidential war powers, which means more wars, and people I care about getting ******* fighting them…

…and he also set the stage for someone like Bernie Sanders to push for single-payer healthcare, because even Bill Clinton argues that the ACA doesn’t subsidize people enough to cover their costs.

Which of course is wrong-headed — subsidies simply makes prices go up; long term, they fix nothing.


Oh, is that all? Just $375 per month? A small car payment! Pocket lint! How much was it two years ago? How many plans did you have available then? How many plans do you have available now? What plans will you have available next year and at what cost?

Increasing my bills by $50 to $100 per month in a single year is rather substantial to me. It is especially disturbing that for those kind of price increases I don’t receive any more or better product.


I can list three examples with ease, but I refer to the condition of the society as a whole:

(1) If you would walk down the campus wearing a “Trump 2020” T-Shirt at an average university the result would be at least TWO broken arms AND legs! If not a bullet in your head. So this 3-in-1 example should satisfy your demand sufficiently.

(2) When a country is wasting tax money and producing heaps of debt you may not feel it directly but it will influence your life much more than a broken leg in the long term.

(3) Recently I said, take I a critical attitude regarding the welcome refugee movements. Now I am perceived as racist #1 at my university. Today you can not express your opinion if it is against the liberal mainstream. I would rather live with a broken leg than living in a world that oppresses my freedom of opinion.

(4) Today nearly ever student has a pro-socialism attitude (please watch Charlie Kirks video below, he expressed this problem so outstandingly). I only have two opinions: Living withdrawn and alone or to submit to their way of thinking. I choose the former.
I don’t know how many broken legs I would rather accept than being surrounded just by liberal idiots – definitely more than three.

(5) I am studying psychology. The whole field is dominated by liberals. If I would “admit” that I am conservative I would risk not getting a job when I will have finished my study.
I can not be myself.

(6) to be continued…

I absolutely reject your positions that everything is fine. Even if YOU do not see the problems this does not mean that they do not exist!


But your last post implies the opposite:

GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD, GOD. End of Message.

I do not say that you should not derive ideals or principles form the bible or the 10 Commandments. But I say, if you want to change your society you have to be a little bit more concrete.
You can only change the society if you CONVINCE people. But if you want to convince others you first have to know whereof they should be convinced. In your defense: Meanwhile you listed other things too, with which we could work.

Things I saw thus far are:

  • taxes should be on consumption not on income
  • return to the capitalist model of free and open markets
  • there shouldn’t be any social preferences for the benefit of any minorities.
  • extended, lavish government apparatus should be reduced

Anythingt else?


I think you are starting to get the drift…there has to be a higher power than man/govt or a GOD (TAKE NOTE, I have never mentioned the word RELIGION).

In addition to that the things I mention are a true, but there is also one other and that is what role does a govt play?

  1. Cradle to grave

  2. None

  3. Somewhere in between

Let take my dad for an example: My dad lived thru the Great Depression and also the Dust Bowl, where they lost everything, their ranches, their farms, crops, cattle…but what made things different then vs now? Their loss, was THEIR LOSS, their problems were THEIR problems. No govt agency came down to the ranch with a check or to offer a program of relief, no welfare check, no food stamps, no Obama fone, no nothing. They were self reliant, stand on their own 2 feet and if a neighbor helped then you paid him back when his barn burned down.

Now look at Puerto Rico, near cradle to grave entitlements…which one lived free and which ones are nothing but wards (slaves) to the state.

American is well on its way to full slavery…