How should an ideal America look like?


It’s not like insurance was free before Obamacare. We had YoY rate increases of 7-8%.

My point remains. All of the hand wringing and anger I see over $50-100 a month is certainly far worse than the money itself.

This is definitely a problem unique to middle class and above people in developed countries in the 21st century. My great grandfather had no medical insurance. Neither did his children. Including the three stillborn children my great grandmother gave birth to. While I’m often working out of my home, or at worst sitting an office looking over some numbers and running calculations through Excel, my great grandfather at this age was working in a coal mine. He’d also been working for 25 of those 31 years of life. And he had it a lot better than his great grandfather.

I’ve never known true hardship in my life in a historical context. And I doubt you have either. Obamacare is not a massive problem.

I’ll be okay no matter what. Whether Trump, Pence, Bernie, or Kanye is president.


Then how about if you do that, rather than imagine all of the things you think would happen “if”.

They’re there. But I’m not particularly interested in mentally dwelling in dark places and brooding over minor things that I can’t change.

There are no external solutions. You are not going to influence politics to any significant extent. Not even a lone billionaire can exert all that much influence and some dude on a forum sure as heck can’t. You can’t change other people. Have fun thinking about things, but I wouldn’t let the politics of the day have any impact on my life.

I see so many people flip out over the latest clickbait headline. None of this stuff really matters.


We didn’t have the law actively curtailing religious freedom in the name of it.

We didn’t have an IRS grown by over 1/3 to enforce it.

We didn’t have the billions in debt necessary to build it.

We also didn’t have the Cadillac tax, or subsidies that put further pressures on those costs.

Nor did mine, but the Mutual Aid Society he was apart of somehow managed to deliver medical care more affordably than we do today, and I don’t buy the argument that it’s all because technology is more expensive now, when the Singaporeans, with an even older population than ours, keep their costs at the level of 3rd world nations.

It is because it sat itself on top of existing problems, advancing the argument for single-payers, and derived its authority by expanding the Commerce Clause.

Government fixing economic or healthcare crises by nationalizing resources, and destroying assets in the name of “controlling prices”, is precisely the sort of back handed control that leads to de-instrialization, recession that span a decade, and cities that simply watch themselves crumble into urban decay.

If A Japanese-like recession where each generation earns the same as the generation before it, or a Detroit like meltdown isn’t in your list of “problems”, then fine, everything’s dandy.

It’s alright for Government take more of your money, curtail your liberty, to no benefit other than its own. We exist simply to serve the system, and the system knows best. Even when it kills us.


No, it just costs a lot more than it did.

You asked about personal and direct effects from resulting from one of our idiots in chief. I largely agreed with your post and agree with your last post – life is relatively easy, the easiest it’s ever been. But I have personally and directly been negatively impacted by The Messiah. It’s going to be OK is relative, and he relatively sucked because Obamacare. That president did have a major impact in my life, and for that alone, I am more than within my rights to complain about that scumsucker. I don’t need three.

My hand wringing and anger is perfectly appropriate as appropriate as wringing my hands and being angry at someone who wanders in and steals a couple of hundred bucks or more every month from me. No it’s not a worse hardship than others have faced. So what? Because some Muslim lunatic hasn’t cut my head off or I didn’t spend my life moving pipes on a farm, I’m not supposed to complain?


1 Then you’re not looking. And no, I don’t expect to be able to stop them, although it doesn’t excuse me from trying.

2 Very subjective. You’re demonstrating an out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude. And depending on how severe the break, most people can get over a broken leg. They rarely, however, regain lost freedoms that the government has collectively taken.

3 Sure you will…

They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Socialist;
They came for the labor leaders, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a labor leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object – For I wasn’t a Jew;
Then they came for the CWolves – And there was no one left to object…


My original reply was to the OP, who appears to be suffering from something bordering on mental illness over perceived oppression. He thinks not telling your professor at a liberal arts college that you’re conservative is living in some type of hell.
It’s mirrored by people believing that some gay British guy coming to campus to complain about BLM and feminism is a threat to them and they need to riot!

You’ve never been one of the people endlessly whining about things, and I have a hunch you’re not the sort of person who insists on complaining about politics to friends and family on a regular basis.

How much time per day do you spend thinking about how much the government is destroying your life? I’m very confident less than 5% of my day is spent on political thoughts - good or bad. And I tend to think more about solutions than dwelling on problems that will never be fixed by anyone elected.

I know so many people who spend a very significant portion of their time reading about politics, getting riled up about politics, and using politics as a rallying cry for why they need to make this or that person an enemy.

I find politics interesting. The same way I feel about cars and nutrition. It’s never been a source of angst for me, outside of a very brief time of posting on RO back around 2006 or so. Which is why I stopped. Because I have no reason to dwell on things that make me less happy, that I cannot personally change.

I like focusing on things that make me happy. If other people like to focus on things that make them angry and depressed, that’s their call. I’ve explained my perspective.


I listed 5 points – at least point (3) and (4) are not hypothetical. Also the “when” in point (2) is actually not hypothetical.
Do you really think these are “minor things”?

How could I?
I do not only talk about politics, I talk about the condition of the society as a whole.

So every political movement is nonsense?
All public relations activities are folly?
This would imply that there have never been political movements that influenced people. Do you believe this?


The only time a political movement has ever achieved something is when it’s bringing completely fresh ideas, or at least a fresh pitch of ideas. You’re just repeating stuff that conservatives in the 1970s were saying. That’s going to persuade about as many people as the same stuff liberals have been talking about for 40 years. A few people will flip from one to the other, and most won’t budge.

Most major political movements have happened as a result of crisis, or demographic changes(usually both). Persuasion has rarely played a major role. And when it has, it’s always been a fresh concept that most people were unfamiliar with.

Give me some examples of a time when there has been an entrenched political fight for several decades(or more) where one side suddenly gained the upper hand in lieu of crisis or demographic changes.


Another thread I’ve missed seeing. Yes, getting God back into our country will pretty much solve everything. Oh, I don’t mean everyone will be perfect, I don’t even mean everyone will show respect for God. But in the past - before the '60’s, anyway, probably most people respected God and the Judeo-Christian ethic. But most of our problems are due to SIN, and God is the only cure for sin. When I was young, “The Bible says so,” could end many arguments. It’s true that some people will say that mistakenly, but overall, they were on target. Now almost nobody will listen to a biblical argument - simply because it is from the Bible.

And you (@philipp) said that they took the crucifixes out of the schools because they didn’t want to offend Muslims. Why should we offend our base so we don’t offend someone who is intent on changing our whole way of life?


They took the crucifixes out so the Muslims can have prayer rugs and many of the schools have built or given them a room to pray in. Can’t offend Islam so sez Obama!

EDITORIAL: Tax dollars to build mosques
U.S. underwrites fundraising tour for Islamic shrine at Ground Zero


Easy. Democrats were responsible for slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the KKK, etc. for CENTURIES. All of a sudden, blacks EMBRACED the Democrat Party and joined it in droves. WHY? The answer is simple. Democrats changed tactics. Instead of enslaving blacks physically and with “laws”, they started handing out “free” stuff if you were black, enslaving THEM even further with what APPEARED to be Democrat “generosity.”


Democrats emerged as the dominant party after the Great Depression - which was a crisis. And they did it on the back of white votes - not black votes. At the time blacks were a split voting group. In FDR’s first election he received a smaller percentage of the black vote than Hoover. Hoover got about 2/3 of the black vote. Even through FDR’s re-election bids, blacks were only voting 10-15% more Democratic than whites were. And since they were 10% of the population, it barely mattered.


O.K. In other words: One of your ideals would be: no lavish social care.

List until now

  • no lavish social care.
  • taxes should be on consumption not on income
  • return to the capitalist model of free and open markets
  • there shouldn’t be any social preferences for the benefit of any minorities.
  • extended, lavish government apparatus should be reduced

Anything else?

You recently told us the story where you saluted in front of the US-Flag when you were fife and when your father let you alone in his car.
I think this is a good example for real patriotism. How would you describe the experience of this situation – what did you feel? I think it has to do with a very positive association with the country as a whole – an USA-Feeling.

Today most kids wouldn’t do or feel what you felt, but what has to happen so that today’s kids or adults could reestablish this positive connection to their country? (Don’t say: All we need is God)


Don’t ask me.
I said they (the Green Party) take this position. I do not support anything the Green Party is doing.


What are the remaining 10-15%?

Ya - I’m still developing my positions. But I think I’m different in several points from a 1970s conservative. I know many conservatives that represent very fresh conservative perspectives. Do you know:

  • Ben Shapiro
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Charlie Kirk

I do not only think that they could change people, I think they already do it!


I like your post a lot. An extra heart for it.


GOD only provides a road map or as we say in the military gives you a GUIDE-ON. The GUIDE-ON is the unit flag you follow in combat…today we have radios. GOD, allows you to choose your results (objectives). PLEASE separate GOD from religion. I use GOD as it denotes a power higher than yourself or the govt, but you can use any term you want. Hence no GOD in your life and you are truly a lost soul.

I do not see a path to becoming a patriot for todays youth. WHY?

The answer is simple: Freedom is not FREE, (there is NO FREE LUNCH in life). So today youth and the rest of America is getting a FREE ride on the gravy train of America.

In college*60’s) I wrote a paper titled: ‘You have to own a piece of the Rock’ The title is taken from a TV ad that was being run about then by Prudential Insurance Co.

The point of the paper was to address the lack of a Draft in America ( I was drafted) and as a result that 2 year gig gave me ownership in America, till then I really did not have it. Certainly I could have joined and gained ownership that way. But with our military making up less than 1% of our America where do you take ownership? Well you can gain it with a family member in the military (not always, but most often).

But the best way to go is the Draft because it exposes ALL to it and makes you give pause to think about America and your role in might play.

We are not likely to start the draft, but we should and I would expand the Draft to include Federal and state service if the state wants to join in, 2 years and to some extent you could pick or choose a job and location (IF available). So you would not need to enter into the military and those who did if in time of conflict I would keep the out of any place that one would draw combat pay, unless they CHOOSE that route. Even then I would not let them be in the Combat Arms, they would only serve in a support role…UNLESS they chose to enlist for more service.

In a recent study I read, it was estimated that of the 98 Million people in the US living off the taxpayer, ONLY 2 MILLION are truly needy, such as sick, lame (severe health issues), the rest are just on the free lunch wagon. And yes THERE a price to pay down the road…


Robert A. Heinlein had this idea that one wasn’t a full “citizen” unless and until one had completed a term of service to the nation–primarily in the military services. In his world, only THEN could you vote, receive government “benefits” or run for political office…let alone serve in an elective position. I’m not too sure that’s a bad idea. He believed the definition of a “citizen” was someone who put the good of the nation above all else–including personal security–and took PERSONAL responsibility for preserving that good.


OK, I didn’t catch that. And I’m with you on the “greenies”. They can be included in those referred to in the Bible, in Romans, chapter 1, who “worship the creature rather than the creator.”


LOL, good ole Heinlein, one of the best in SciFi, loved his books…