How the Far Left Is Ruining Our Lives

Over the past three months, the far-left movements have made life very hard for middle class Americans.

We begin with the ultra-far left bad actors, the Communist Chinese. They imported the Corona Virus here which has wrecked our economy and ruined out lifestyles. As a 70 + year old person who is in the crosshairs of this contagion, much of the fun as gone out of my life. My wife and I can’t travel. Just going to the grocery is production with uncomfortable masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant whips. We had to cancel all trips including a week at Disney that my wife desperately wanted.

I can’t go the store and shop for videos and other things. My local bank as been closed for three months. I can’t go to my safe deposit box and look at my coins. My 91 year old in-laws are in lock-down, and my wife is going crazy trying to care for them. My father-in-law is failing mentally and getting terribly depressed. There is little we can do for him except buy him some boxes of orange juice and computer ink-jet ink.

All of this because of the stinking, rotten Chinese Communist Government. I HATE THEM!

Now we have the far left going nuts over the George Floyd case. One bigoted, incompetent policeman commits a murder, and we all have to pay for it. As usual the far left has blown situation out of proportion and is now laying the guilt trip on everyone.

The far-left doesn’t really care about George Floyd. He is just a means to an end for them. Their goal is to take control of the government, impose socialism and make life miserable for everyone in this country. All they can do march, shout and point fingers. The worst of them burn, loot and attack people.

The country is in a bad way right now. It’s worst that I have ever seen it.

I wish that we had a president that was more level headed. Trump is right about how to handle the economy, but his thin skin and fly off the handle ways make it harder to fix things. He needs to learn to say less, but at 70+ years old, he’s not going to change.

The Democrats are far worse. They are running a senile old man for president who has no business in the race. He is a figure head who is there to get elected so that extremists like AOC, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will be able to run the country. It reminds me of when Hindenburg brought in Adolph Hitler to run Germany in the early 1930s. There are no winners here.

It seems like there is no leader available to step up and try to reason with the mob. Perhaps the mob is destined to take over and end life as we have known it forever.

If the far-left overplays their hand, there will be civil unrest. You can’t go after people’s life savings and their livelihood and expect them to acquiesce without a fight.

Sorry to be such a downer, but that’s how I feel now. The only things that have kept me going are my wife, my coins and my coin and political items projects.