How the media botched the explanation of how they botched their reporting


How the media botched the explanation of how they botched their reporting
Ethel C. Fenig
American Thinker

Whoops! The problem shows up immediately: basic premise wrong so mostly everything flowing from it will be wrong. Maybe theses journalists were fine to Grant but they were not “otherwise fair-minded” and seemed to have very little judgment. Diversity be damned, the default, normal position for journalists at most of the dominant media is liberal; anything else is considered a deviation. Babble about neutrality and objectivity and even fair-mindedness but study after study confirms this the lack of objectivity, lack of neutrality, inherent biases in all angles of reporting and the liberal/left tilt.

Therefore with their natural outlook and limited imagination, journalists knee jerked Arizona, shootings, Democratic Congresswoman to right wing, tea party shooter automatically. Restraint, fact checking or entertaining the possibility of other explanations for the horrible incident just didn’t enter their collective decidedly non objective, non neutral minds.

“Confirmation bias.” Condensing this–let’s repeat, these journalists were not fair-minded because they couldn’t/wouldn’t acknowledge their biases – only with great reluctance did they finally admit that the alleged killer is not a tea party right wing racist but rather mentally unstable …

It’s kind of funny how the writer Ethel Fenig is commenting on implicitly denies a bias problem - “fair-minded” - and then uses a term, “confirmation bias” which means that MSM bias (its expectations) was a/the key problem.


i only read part i admit…but i have an opinion already what happened to the left’s attempt to destroy conservatives especially Palin and other talk show hosts. The right wing bloggers on the internet. They are a force to be reckoned with. next on the agenda.


Why any need for a long, drawn out explanation? The media botched it because they were lying thru their teeth, didn’t bother to check any facts because they were about to pee their pants with hope that the maniac would turn out to be a tea partier/conservative/what-have-you, and ended up with egg all over their faces.
Do you think they’re going to ADMIT that?