How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

I saw this on another site - a good way to avoid the dem/media hoax virus

This message is for the educated, employed taxpayers of this firm, (also known as Conservatives who voted for Trump.) Here’s how we survive this Democrat hoax and attempt to destroy the American economy just to elect an old geezer.

  1. Don’t watch ANY televised news. Not even Fox. Today, the TV news industry is looking primarily to cash in on the ratings from a scare that the news industry itself created. Go to Fox’s website. Pick and choose your information, instead of letting network execs do your thinking for you. (Of course, the idiot liberals depend on MSDNC for everything, but this advice isn’t for them. If it was, I’d be using shorter words.)

  2. Don’t go out and panic buy anything. Yes, I’ve seen the bare shelves where toilet paper used to be. Idiots believe the news media and are panic buying this stuff. Toilet paper WILL come back. Meanwhile, take a shittt at the gas station and use their toilet paper.

  3. Don’t sweat the NBA season. It will not remain cancelled for an entire season for one major reason: Those spoiled brat athletes who dump millions of dollars on cars, jewelry, cocaine and other crap are not going to want to go without a paycheck.
    What? The league said the players might compete in empty stadiums. Yeah, right. Let’s see how long their egos can take scoring and making assists without crowd noise? Oh, and by the way, they STILL won’t get those million dollar paydays because their salaries are based on the number of schlubs who plunk down $50-200 for a ticket to see them play. That’s their main source of revenue. Take that away, and contract or not they get paid jack.

  4. Don’t even think of watching any Democrats talk about this. They want to expand the crisis, stupidly imagining that you’ll blame Trump for this and not the asssssholes who are responsible. Trump already took the necessary steps and this MILD COMMON COLD will take fewer lives. And let’s remember that Obama’s H1-N1 virus of 2009 killed MILLIONS world wide and nobody freaked out. Right now in America, more people have been found dead of suicide for investigating Hillary than have died of this virus.

  5. Look at the official name: COVID-19. (Of course, the liberals won’t look at this because they cannot count that high.) This name means there have been EIGHTEEN coronaviruses before this one. We have survived all of them. Recognize that worse viruses have come and have taken more lives.

  6. Remember, the ONLY difference here is the Democrat Party reign of terror, which threatens to tank the economy for no good reason. Remember that we’re talking about a political party that has ALWAYS tanked economies with its National Socialist policies. Democrats are bad for the American economy. Vote their National Socialist asssses out of office this November. Remember the crisis THEY STARTED.

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Only one criticism: This is NOT “the 19th coronavirus.” The “19” stands for 2019 which is the year it was first spotted. This is only the 8th coronavirus.

oh…well…thank you for that. I read otherwise but I didn’t check my source. Still…it’s been around forever… cold viruses are corona viruses as well as rhinoviruses and one other which has currently slipped my mind. I thank you for the information and correction.

Still…I think there is mass hysteria going on. Yeah, this is gonna kill the elderly. How convenient heh. I can think why some (governments) would consider that a good thing. This run on TP, wipes, bleach, hand sanitizers, etc…to the point where people are fighting in the stores!! It’s crazy.

I keep all this stuff on hand all the time. I guess I better be quiet or i’ll have people breaking into the house for my hand sanitizer. LOL

Eh, coronaviruses mostly produce cold-like symptoms, and there really isn’t a “cold virus”, just a set of mild respiratory symptoms we generically call a “cold” (i guess because they crop up in cold weather…?)

one of my sources:

AND some good tips for staying healthy.

I got your meaning, just noticed how the way you phrased it could be taken incorrectly to mean all colds are corona virus based or that all corona viruses produce a cold, and attempting to clarify.

No offense taken, there’s so much info and some of it wrong even if unintended. I don’t mind being corrected. It’s for my own good. thank you.

Oh, good, theres far too much of that, too, and I certainly wasnt trying to offer you any.

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well there’s more of that available that toilet paper at this point.

So I guess even Trump is in on the hoax now?

Please don’t go there, Mr. Brown. There is no political advantage to be gained from going after the President on this. If you do, I guess the time will have come to ignore and avoid you.

There is a clown / troll, that’s all I can call him, who hates everything Trump to the point of insanity, who posts canned anti-Trump messages to the point of a pathological sickness. If you think that President Biden or Sanders would do better, you are dreaming.

Presidents like Hoover and Carter who preached doom and gloom failed. FDR told people “What we have to fear is fear itself,” even though he didn’t have the answers. All he could do was make people feel better, and that’s what he did.

I hear that our democrat reps in congress have decided to get the hell out of dodge to save their own sorry butts. Well…I can’t say I’m surprised. LOL

America’s rate will be much higher because we won’t institute these sorts of policies.

Why tell me you’re going to ignore me and then proceed to talk to me? Please spare me your empty rants and just ignore me, because frankly, of all people that engage with me, your responses are the most vapid least interesting of all.

So please spare me and do us both a favor and put me on ignore.


Dude. you know that they kill the cases, by cases I mean PEOPLE, that are inconvenient.


Empty rants?

Okay, since nothing I have say is of any use to you, I will ignore you. It’s useless to spend time responding you. Bye bye.

Even if that were the case, it’s proof that China went to extreme measures to bring the virus under control, things that won’t happen here, thus the outbreak here will probably be worse unless we change our behavior.

oh…well…that makes it all better then.