How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

Yeah we do, at least a ball park. Because we have the rest of the world to go by.

Going by their numbers, were in the middle of the pack. Not the worst, not the best. Even countries who did better than us (parsing the Asian outliers who had dress rehearsals), still had worse numbers than their typical flu count.

Right now we’re slightly worse than the Netherlands and Ireland, but slightly better than France.

This makes sense. We’re in between their population densities, and if we compared cities specifically, we find more similar results.

China didn’t exaggerate them, they hid them. <5,000? Do you honestly believe that’s anywhere close?

Iran has likely done the same, though to a smaller degree.

Figures lie and Liars figure.

Lazy is as lazy does.

You quoted another conspiracy theorist, who this time admits he has psychotic episodes.

Which is what led him to say Sandy Hook was a hoax. (look it up)

Seriously Caroline, spend 5 minutes covering your bases. Don’t just jerk-post something you find validating. Check it out first, check the person saying it. Check the evidence. Common sense measures so you don’t post nonsense.

LIKE YOU, even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and again. YOU refuse to listen to scientific evidence out of your own side…and the histories of those involved. NONE of them have been right…hell… They haven’t even been truthful…and if you look into their backgrounds…follow the money…you see what their agenda is.

The masks are worthless…even fauci has said so…they are now a symbol of your obedience…they call it patriotism, unity. It is no such thing. You give me graphs and think you are making this all better?? YOUR GRAPHS are suspect from unreliable sources. THIS Is NOT about health. IT IS ABOUT POLITICS. YOU KNOW IT. WE KNOW IT. You are not as cunning as you like to believe you are.

THIS is what you are terrified of AS. LOLOL

You’ve given me at least three, not because I did anything special, but because you were careless.

Be more sovereign, make better calls as to who is a good source and who is not.

Alex Jones isn’t even great among conspiracy theorists, he’s known to tailor his message to the desires of the audience. He’s hunting for something that resonates, not the truth.

Someone like David Icke at least has some integrity. He tells his “facts” regardless of if he has an audience or not.

There’s nothing specific here, so there’s nothing I feel compelled to take seriously.

There’s corruption in, say, how the WHO undercounted China’s death toll, that doesn’t mean my County overcounted COVID or faked deaths.

Once again, bad equivocations.

Nope. Studies for this came out of the Czech Republic, who is beyond our politics.
And they were saying this back in April, so you can’t claim even an incidental connection.

Claiming everything is politics, is just a bad heuristic for someone who doesn’t want to try.

You’ve given up on actual sense-making, and just want to make it simple. Just like the Left is with Racism.

Nope. You’re talking about something he said back in March to keep normal people from buying them, so as to reserve the supply for medical personnel.

Something he admitted later. He lied.

And you know that, so it’s headscratching you try to list that as “proof” of anything.

look dude…we all know this is political…make your little worthless arguments all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that the virus is smaller than the weave of the mask, they do not protect anyone…least of all the wearer. Blue state governors are the cause of half if not more (imo more) of these deaths. Now they are in CYA mode.

political… it is political. I know your intent. I know your ultimate goal. You want to bow to govt, you go right ahead. I am not. You think you are safe from future repercussions. you’re not.

Then tell me what political calculation Lex Fridman and these Czech scientists were making back in April.

Let’s hear it Caroline.

Forcing the use of masks might be a political issue, but whether they work is not. You’re equivocating again, and that’s what gets you into trouble.

Americans are waking up to the threat that these lockdown orders present to the nation. This is why would-be tyrants like Jay Inslee are doubling-down on their fearmongering to justify their authoritarianism.

you’re supposed to be some kind of scientist. Did you get that degree at Walmart. IT IS A WELLKNOWN FACT THEY DO NOT PROTECT. DAM

Lex Fridman is a scientist, and so were the people he worked with.

You know this.

No one was talking about protecting the person wearing it.

Masks help, as Fridman explains, because they mitigate a sick person from infecting others.

I said this to you before, I’m not getting why you missed this. You could have also just watched Fridman say it on Joe Rogan.

fine. sick people should wear it. I"m not sick…i’m not wearing it. I think more and more americans are coming to this conclusion.

i’m supposed to allow Fridman the last word WHY? LOLOL

Yes, AKA “Guy who is literally on the CIA payroll says”
That’s what I’m saying. I don’t trust this source. There is nothing to suggest that Iran is having some unusual problem where 3-5% of their population has died. This is nothing, as it is everywhere else.

Define “hoax”. If you mean “This appears to be about 2x worse than normal flu” then no, it’s not a hoax. The hoax is “OMG it’s terrible and huge portions of the population will die! LOCK IT DOWN!”

The median age of death is 80.5. And over 90% are either over 70 and/or morbidly obese.

This is of no concern to even modestly healthy people. And what impact will it have on live expectancy? That’s the true metric to judge. If it kills someone at age 83, who in lieu of COVID would have died at 85, this is a 2 year reduction in that one individual. And about 95% of the people in that age group who contract it still survive.
It looks like it has something approaching a 5% mortality rate in those over 70 - but the thing is a normal one month time span has a mortality rate of 0.4% in the absence of sickness for someone over 75.

My guess is that the impact on overall life expectancy will be less than a two month reduction for the population at large. Why would you do any of the things we’ve done over a two month expectancy?

You tried to say it was an unnamed, inside government source.

Doesn’t matter; his entire feed is of local news reports backing exactly what he’s saying. Just like the second source I gave you. There’s no possible way for him to fake all that.

New York City had a problem and so did Qom. Disproportionate impact, shockingly, is a thing.

Adding to it was the demand that all bodies had to be buried within 24 hours, and you get the set up for why a mass grave was necessary.

So yes, Cwolf, it’s real. You can go on Google maps and look at it.

A hoax implies foreknowledge Cwolf. Back in March, we still didn’t know what the impact was going to be. Neither did they; they were caught with their pants down when their head Health Minister got sick, and an advisor to the head Ayatollah died from it. As did several others within the Government.

This after promising to their own people that it wasn’t a big deal. They looked incompetent as hell, and they’ve since tried to turn the narrative around by pushing the Revolutionary Guard as “heroes” in the crisis as they went out with spray cans of IPA.

Despite the fact that it was their airline that likely brought in the people who spread the disease.

How did I then? We already had good numbers out of China. A reported 1% death rate and an estimated 80% asymptomatic rate. Meaning a true death rate around 0.2%. Lo and behold, the final death rate appears to be 0.16%

We knew back then. Or at least I did. You and your glorious CIA sources may have had no idea.

I said going back in March that a worst case scenerio was 500k total dead(assuming we hit about 120% infection {everyone gets it, some get it twice). With a almost all deaths being elderly and/or obese(basically all very unwell people). Impact on life expectancy is minimal.

People always overlook life expectancy when counting mortality. One 20 year old dying can be equivalent to two dozen or more elderly people.

Locking down nursing homes was one thing. They were the only ones who may have benefited from a restriction.

Nope, other reports had it worse than that, and China was clearly suppressing its numbers.

If you think their LOL <5,000 death toll is real, you’re not being serious. Just like that convenient jump in deaths on April 17th.

Anyway, the skimming of the article and evaluating it with cliches is on you Cwolf. You know better.

Damn! This Corona virus is damned smart. Seems there are outbreaks projected for Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, etc. all places where the President is having rallies. What a coincidence!

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