How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

Yes there is, that’s what charts like these are showing:

You can even pull this sort of data worldwide

Why is everyone, us and these other countries, seeing excess deaths RET? If not Covid, what’s the secret killer?

Nope, it was 34,000. 61,000 the year before that.

You lied to me RET. That, or you just “conveniently” forgot, even though I know you looked this up before.

The 2019 to 2020 flu season is not on your list (big surprise) and you intentionally selected a graph that tracks the flu season as opposed to the calender year; as usual just more AS deception to sell your lies and false narratives :rofl:

You are nothing if not predictable

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Be my guest. Show me the numbers RET.

I’ve done a rough calculation of that by looking at the CDC’s numbers for them, it still isn’t 70,000.

If you can’t provide the numbers, then I’ll know you made a mistake, and you’re making excuses.

Why do you keep claiming to have science and numbers when all you have is anecdotal unconfirmed data and supposition?

Because ALL of the actual data says that this flu is harmless to children and usually barely produces symptoms in adults with no preexisting conditions, the whole world accepts this science and has sent their kids back to school while your caveman Party is still selling fear and nonsense in the United States.

This flu is hard to spread and doesn’t pose a risk to anyone but the high risk groups, we should have been racing for herd immunity to protect the high risk groups from the very beginning instead of doing everything possible to keep this virus going.

ALL of the science concludes this, that is why you only post irrelevant crap and meaningless speculation; your Party is big on “computer models” created to predict outcomes that the facts would never suggest.

If you must lie to give the illusion that you have an argument you should expect to keep landing on the wrong side of history :rofl:


The black line is actual deaths.

The only thing left to determine is what caused them.

So what’s your explanation? Why are so many more people dying in April and May compared to the last 5 years?

What’s causing the extra deaths? And why do we see them worldwide?

Why is Sweden reporting this:

“U.S. Politics” isn’t a good answer. You’ll need to give me something else.

Your chart makes no sense. It doesn’t show numbers and it doesn’t show WHEN this “data” was claimed. If the black line is “actual deaths,” then is the blue line “estimated” deaths?

This chart Dave:

As it says, goes from January to April 11th.

So, taking into consideration that a LOT of “Covid-19” deaths are bogus and wrongly reported, what makes you think it’s in any way “accurate?” Secondly, what has this to do with Sweden?

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Cause of death, not that someone died.

If you misreport a suicide as a homicide, someone still died, and their death would still be apart of this very graph.

And that’s what I’m asking about; why did overall deaths increase like this? What’s causing it?

I’m noticing that the covid death claims keep going down. LOLOLOLOL

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WHICH reminds me. Remember all those models predicting 2.2 MILLION deaths…and thanks to President Trump THAT never happened,

Here’s something else for ya:

The president needs to have someone investigate the INFLATED death count from covid is and WHY. I’ll wager it was the bounty on the carcasses. Bastard government hospitals and doctors.

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Do you realize that Andrew Cuomo killed more people than Osama Bin Laden did on 9-11?

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so as far as can be determined

12.4 million got it

11.7m recovered 700k dead.

These numbers, and this scale,I think start to iron out the under or over counting, in which case the death rate is about 5%.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you shut down everything for covid to stop the spread which you can’t and then open up again, there’s covid again. So why shut down in the first place. Make HcQ an over the counter drug and let people take care of themselves. We can do better than government caretaker tyrants.

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I am here again. Am I crazy or did you return to that one website where I first met you, where the crazy lady deleted all my posts. Are you back there?

Why would anyone lend credibility to your ridiculous correlation equals causation argument?

The proof that you are lying is precisely that you have built your entire argument on fallacies, lies and supposition to the exclusion of science and common sense; joining you in fantasy land would only help you save face :rofl:

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Something caused those deaths. If not Coronaivurs, what then RET?

What’s causing the spike? Worldwide?

Sweden reported that they got a spike, are you saying Sweden lied?

You met me here. No i am not at POliticForums. I am now at POliticalForums.

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