How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

You made a mistake. No changing that.
You should be upfront, and say you’ll do better.

That’s all I can ask of someone whose honest.

This, for context:

13 feet. We’ve known that for months.

no they haven’t known that for months. They’ve egg all over their faces and in order to save what credibility they have left…they are now pushing this like mad in order to keep that fear going and make themselves relevant. Just like the FBI did when they got caught that the Dossier was false they tried to go in a different direction to make it look like the story started with Papadopoulos. Democrats…your play book was successful all those years and now from habit you keep using it when it is definitely not sorking any more. You try to push that 13 feet and you see where that gets you.


Yes they have; they first got the data on this back in February.


Now, I’m not saying we should then force 13 feet separation. There’s a drop off in the risk that makes that unnecessary.

Only that yes, we have confirmed the disease can travel that far.

Considering the infected cruise ship was known to be circulating the virus in the air vents, we already understood that further travel was possible. Just not how often or quite how far.

LOL. The Coronavirus traveled 11,000 MILES! All the way from China to the United States! Does that mean we have to keep “social distancing” for 11,000 miles now? Come ON, people!

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Well tell you what. You’re so frightened of it then you stay home in your jammies with that thumb stuck in that little rosebud.

i’m not.

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don’t even try that.

Try what? We know it can travel more than 6 feet. We basically always knew that.

All I did was follow the evidence here.

The posting of the studies proves they knew this months earlier. Your comment was wrong.

you aren’t that stupid I know it but you must think conservatives in general are.

There is a difference in being in the open and then being in an enclosed SHIP shall we say with a circulating ventilation system like on a plane.

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I think you’re showing that you, specifically, find it hard to admit to a mistake.

Lack of honesty on “their part” doesn’t excuse you to do the same. If you can’t be truthful in your speech, then you’re apart of the problem. You’re destroying sensemaking.

From Axios and another fake news alphabet network.

Covid cases are on the rise in the south> that be…north and south Dakota.


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The coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, a senior Italian doctor said on Sunday.…

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I don’t think it is cv19 causing lung blood clots. It appears to be the ventilators. THAT is a danger in using VENTILATORS. Medical personnel know this. They are not your doctor. they are government doctors.

SARS and MERS both did, and they are closely related.

so does intubation, VENTILATION with sedation. THAT is a major drawback of the situation.

Perhaps, but COVID 19 does cause this. There are people who had these clots before they put them on ventilators.

The question is not whether the disease causes them, but if ventilators increase the risk. Which they may as far as I read doctors list the on-going theory, I don’t know.

you don’t know that. You’d have to compare the number of persons who develop clots and whether they were on ventilators. I suspect they were.

It appears to me that the riots reveals that the covid shut down was a hoax.

Doctors: these riots will cause spike in CV19 infections.

LOL sure.

Doctors have become as credible as the media and the weather man.

you don’t think there’s any question. LOL when the headline says…‘probably’.


Well let’s see. Protests began on May 26. Day 8. countdown.

Here you go…another credible source.

a spike…meaning some of these rioters/looters/arsonists sorry, I MEAN, PROTESTORS must already be infectious…right?? and going to the hospital to be murdered oh there I go again…i MEAN TREATED for CV19…and…….where are they?