How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

It did grow, we’re (circa 1st quarter 2017) producing 35% more cars, and the manufacturing sector is overall 80% larger than where we were in the late 1980s.

The make up did change, you’re right, but it also grew.

That’s why some jobs went away, that’s not why they’re currently unemployed.

The Germans produce large amounts of finished products; yet they’re net exporters. They grew exports even as China joined the WTO.

They made a conscious decision to train people in high school how to manufacture things, put an emphasis on translational research so that industries have headroom to move into, and pushed everyone to compete. No hand holding, no protection from foreign competition. Ordo liberalism in a nutshell.

Save for their nutty insistence on green energy, it works pretty well.

Nonsense. Are you SERIOUSLY claiming that our manufacturing sector virtually DOUBLED since the Bush I administration? That’s utter nonsense.

1987 to 2017.

Yes, that happened. You can very easily find economic data, tracked by the Government, that shows this.

How about you look it up? Or do you not know where to find it?

America’s rate will be much smaller because this virus already ran through our most populous regions by January.

China ignored this for over a month while flights in and out of China spread it around the world; we have been interacting without concern for months with almost no issues; in the meantime the seasonal flu has killed over 20,000 this year and it’s not making any headlines.

This was just another attempt to attack Trump, it is backfiring because Trump is taking swift measures that will be seen as the reason why we were spared catastrophe. That won’t be true, we were spared catastrophe because this virus is weakening, our health care system is still largely a private sector industry and our high risk citizens already take precautions every flu season because they are educated.

Your side will once again accomplish nothing but further cementing their reputation as liars and partisan hacks with no regard for the posterity of this nation, Trump will be seen as the firewall that once again protected America from your fake news “chicken little” prophets of doom.

This is just more fun to watch every day! :wink:

Two questions I fully expect you to dodge, but here goes anyway.

  1. It’s not weakening. Can you show me something that says it is?

Because this chart says it’s accelerating:


  1. How do you define catastrophe?

For me an infection rate below 15% would be an accomplishment.

The number of cases is also accelerating


That said, I hope you’re right, I really do.

The US response to this was pitiful. The president was denying there was a problem until the moment it was undeniable somewhere in mid March.

The Trump administration could have begun to use a functioning test from the World Health Organization, but didn’t (South Korea was happy to have them). It could have removed regulations that prevented private hospitals and labs from quickly developing their own tests, but didn’t. The inaction meant that the United States fell behind South Korea, Singapore and China in fighting the virus. We just twiddled our thumbs as the coronavirus waltzed in and only when it became undeniable did the tune change and Trump acted like it took it seriously all along.

US side because were about a month behind. In China and most of the initial outbreak areas it has slowed.

Would it be? The outbreak on the cruise ship was only 20%, and that was as an ideal of a scenario for the virus to spread as could be imagined.

Older demographic, confined space, and recycled air.

The everyday world is not nearly as inviting.

What I will do CSB is wait a couple weeks and say “I told you so” ; I won’t pretend that you actually believe any of the garbage that you are saying about Trump or the virus.

If however there is anyone with intellectual integrity who is wondering what the basis is for my former post I would be happy to elaborate; but I suspect that I dropped enough clues to fill in the blanks :slight_smile:

I wonder when the media and leftist pols are going to call this to an end? Say…when the president’s approvals reach the sixties? LOLOL

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That is a complete lie, but at least I know you get your info from MSNBC; by the way they knew that story was BS when they ran it and if you ever left your echo chamber then you would know it too :rofl:

The president NEVER called the coronavirus a hoax.

Some of you KNOW this. and still you push the narrative…because…and we all know the because.

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There is a distinct difference between “accelerating” and GROWING, CSB. Learn the difference.


just contemplating…why is it that the left always defends our enemies? A. Media called this flu originating in Wuhan…the Wuhan Flu…….now: 1.Leftist media, 'don’t call this the Chinese flu, the WuFLu, the Wuhan Flu!! 2.Senator Kaine: Don’t be racist against the Chinese
3. media (and others) the Spanish flu didn’t come from spain…(well I didn’t hear you complain BEFORE!) 4. Leftist media, democrat and useful idiots: The president said this was a hoax. 5. The president should be prosecuted for wuflu deaths! (Far more under Obama’s negligent reactions and you said nothing except give him another medal for something) 6. Certain senators sold off their pharmaceutical stocks right before this hit. WHAT a coincidence!! heh?

hypocrites. hypocrites and liars.

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So you’re saying what?

Tell you what.

Put your “money” where your mouth is.

Tell me specifically what it is you’re predicting.

If we can come to an agreement on what we disagree on, we can make a bet.

If you’re right (again, let’s first agree to define the specifics) I’ll create a new post in any forum you want on this site proclaiming your genius and admit I should have listened to you.

But if I’m right, you’ll do the same?

Put up or shut up as they say.

LOL what does it matter. You’ll renege anyway.

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you guys are more active today that usual…what’s up? self quarantining??

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If I reneg the mods can ban me, but if we follow that rule, RET has to agree to it too.

don’t make me laugh.