How to avoid the Dem/Media Hoax Virus Scare

Covid-19 Daily “sky is falling!” update for March 23rd 2020

Confirmed worldwide deaths for China virus=16,358
Confirmed United States deaths for China virus=512

Worldwide annual average deaths for seasonal flu 500,000
United States annual average deaths for seasonal flu=50,000

Judging by these numbers we should have been out of toilet paper over a decade ago!

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Bravo, RET, I really needed a good laugh.

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We werent a socialist nation then, our manufacturing sector coukd keep.up!

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Hospitals in my area are NOT overflowing…far from it.

So, one of the local doctors got on some type of media today to tell his patients that we are lucky we’re sorta isolated BUT IT"S COMIN">…BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA.


Covid-19 Daily “sky is falling!” update for March 24th 2020; or as the future historians will call it “Day 8 of the American ass-wipe apocalypse”.

Confirmed worldwide deaths for China virus=18608
Confirmed United States deaths for China virus=686

Worldwide annual average deaths for seasonal flu 500,000

United States annual average deaths for seasonal flu=50,000

The China virus is now over 5 months old and has no vaccine but it is still embarrassing itself worldwide as the regular flu keeps calling it a lightweight; it must have been made in China because it looked very capable when new but shortly thereafter it fell apart :rofl:

“Yea tho I walk through the valley of septic lines plugged up with flushed T-shirts I shall fear no blockage, for I have my own septic tank and I know what is flushable”

Day 9 of the American ass-wipe apocalypse, or COVID 19 virus to the rest of the world.

March 25th 2020 current numbers;

Confirmed worldwide deaths for China virus=21185

Confirmed United States deaths for China virus=935

Worldwide annual average deaths for seasonal flu 500,000

United States annual average deaths for seasonal flu=50,000

Apparently the Liberal talk radio audience is getting bored sitting in their toilet paper “safe space” all day and is doing some actual reading, instead of complete support being offered to their San Francisco radio hosts who are gleefully predicting Armageddon they are calling in citing ACTUAL FACTS including the numbers that compare the China virus to the annual flu; they are expressing concern that maybe we are overreacting :rofl:

This is causing great anger in the hosts who have immediately begun to brand these listeners as “Deniers” :slight_smile:

I wonder how many of these “Deniers” will become “Deplorables” after being hung up on by angry Leftist talk show hosts?

Probably not many but watching the Left turn their censorship tactics against their own is refreshing :wink:

This is the strangest thing.

Some bad things have happened…and this could be a judgement…from God.

But this is also happening.

  1. Our schools are closed so no propagandizing our young
  2. University Professors are afraid to brain wash our kids in online classes for fear their words will make it into right wing consciousness
  3. Hollywood has shut down…we see the occasional loony tweet from this one or that and they’re not looking good…they look crazy, sound crazy, are crazy.
  4. Abortions have nearly stopped.
  5. No drag queen story hours.
  6. Bars are closed, no hooking up for those so inclined.
  7. Theatres closed…causing pain in Hollywood.
  8. Trans have shut up.
  9. Trans surgery (elective) not taking place.
  10. Greta has shut up.
  12. Hillary is quiet.
  13. Families are home together.
  14. Families are eating together.
  15. People are more and more angry with media.
  16. President’s approvals skyrocketing.

and more.


That’s a good point!
3800 abortions per day are not happening so the China virus is actually SAVING many, many more lives than it has taken!

Over 30,000 lives saved in the United States alone since the lock down against 22000 deaths worldwide as of this morning :slight_smile:

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South Korea dealt with a Coronavirus that was 10x deadlier than this one; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2015.

They were upfront about the risk to their people (unlike Spain or Italy), and took on measures before they even had a single confirmed case.

They created separate lines for people returning from China, they offered drive-thru tests, and there are dozens of COVID-19 apps that tell people where outbreaks have been occurring.

It’s managed to keep itself going without going through a slew of forced shutdowns. I think they’re second only to Taiwan result wise.

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Anyone that thinks that the virus will naturally decline as warmer weather comes need only look at this chart, pick nations where it’s warm right now and then a few nations where things are worst now and see that the trajectories for the virus are the same.

There is no evidence that warmer weather will slow down Corona virus.

you’re really loving this aren’t you? Are you loving that Cuomo talks about value of life when he signed a bill last year to kill babies up to birth? Are you loving that Coonman Northam is keeping abortion services available but threatening to jail Christians if they meet in groups of more than Ten.

I think lefties are loving this. They think they’re going to be the masters. LOL I got news for you. LOL

WTF are you talking about? What is wrong with you? No I don’t “love” this.

And people like you support cutting people’s access to healthcare and capital punishment.

One has nothing to do with the other.

I think Northam (my governor as I live in VA) is an idiot in light of his responses to the situation.

cutting peoples’ access to health care and capital punishment?? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

So yup, Covid caused me to lose my job. The restaurant industry has been hit hard, and I worked in the corporate head office of one such company.

Why would there be?
Warm weather ends the virus season because people stop huddling in smaller spaces to avoid the cold, if you mandate that people must huddle together in small spaces you can keep a virus going indefinitely.

Since this China virus is likely the weakest flu virus in recorded history the only hope it has to trudge on is the “shelter at home” mandates that are going on; but even that cannot turn this bunch of nothing into a health concern.

Democrats and their allies want to keep us in a dither till the economy is ruined to near catastrophe.

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Because there are other places in the world where it’s hot and the virus is spreading at the same rates there as it is where it’s cold.

So my family and I stay indoors for two weeks, explain to me how we get the virus if no one had the virus at the begining??

That sucks, really sorry to hear that.

I can guarantee you that not one politician on either side, not one bureaucrat, not one federal employee has been impositioned in the least in this covid hoax.

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