How to Cook a Cow Head

YouTube - how to cook cow head barbacoa[URL=“”]

I first thought that cow head was one of those “unique” UK dishes.

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YouTube - how to cook cow head barbacoa
[/quote]Looks tasty.


Hmm. Delicious.

cow’s head is ok but not like a good hog snout sandwich.

And I thought this was about Pelosi.


Damn my inner redneck that made me click on that. :sick:

…will it fit in a microwave?..

Depends on the breed of cow, and the size of your mw

…maybe I’ll get one of those grills made from a 55 gallon drum…

No, you have to put it on a long stick and hold it in front of the radar of an F-15.

…will it cook evenly that way?..I’d hate to have raw head meat on one side and well done head meat on the other…

You have to rotate the stick! For crying out loud, do I have to think of everything?!..

ah…Ok…now all I need is an F-15…and a cow…


:popc1:I just watched the movie Giant with Rock Hudson and Liz Taylor the other day on TCM. Look whats on the table in front of Liz… that’s right, cooked cows head! She passed out when they scooped out a spoonful of brains for her.

Hah, wow. I thought it was going to be one of those misleadingly eccentric named dishes. Is it good?

:rofl: :rofl: