How to Handle Democrat Propaganda


Through the years having been on “the other side” I managed to gain a lot of insight into methods and tactics they use.

The major one today masquerades as “false empathy” or as Hitler once used… “Shaming”.

Now, I am not calling them Hitler. It is more of a if the shoe fits…

One can only begin to see the implications of this with a few examples. Shaming people who do not agree with the “Taste The Rainbow” lifestyle. If you are unfamiliar with this term… This illustrates it:


Simply put, people are “Shamed” because they are not empathetic enough to show empathy to a given view.
In reality… It boils down to personal boundaries. A person can not demand empathy from another person especially when it is emotional manipulation like this.
Lack of personal boundaries leads to confusion of the self and codependant behaviour.
Children are especially susceptable as they are impressionable and must be taught about this kind of manipulation.

The next important one is “big lie” propaganda. Just because a person disagrees with the “taste the rainbow” lifestyle, does not mean they are hateful or phobic. This is a lie that has been told over and over until it is believed. In reality, people of the “taste the rainbow” lifestyle are hateful and fearful of heterosexuals. Because people of the “taste the rainbow” lifestyle lie and manipulate far more than the common person usually under friendly guise so that they are not seen for what they are.

In short. Hate is violent opposition to something. Most of us do not hate anything because hate is a very strong word.

Another case of emotional manipulation was the claim that Syrian refugees were “women and children”. This can not be substantiated.
Maybe it will be substantiated in the future. But, before we knew exactly who they are… We were told this. It boggles the mind.
Personally I would like to know who is on this list.

Personally, I think that the same-sex marriage thing was a ploy to force people to go along with the Democrat Propaganda Machine. We stood by and did nothing. Why? Because something about all the propaganda forced us into submission. Now given there are other propaganda methods used, but these ones take the cake just because it was so destructive and perpetuated destructive behaviours like destroying personal boundaries, increasing confusion and codependancy. Even for society because of these things it is bad. It is just that people do not normally know or consider it. Propaganda and Logical Fallacies are not taught in schools for the most part anymore. It was thought that the results were negligible. I do not think that is the case.

On the Massresistance site, an article on LGBT propaganda is also mentioned with a search:
Massresistance after the ball

I hope to share more here, to educate. Feel free to share your knowledge or examples if you like.


One minor point on one of your examples: It wasn’t really that we stood by and did nothing about the homosexual marriage issue; it was rammed down our throats by judicial fiat in spite of mass resistance. Gay marriage was shot to pieces even in liberal venues like California when it was up to the people.


Ditto we voted for prop 87, DOMA twice,prop H8te, and Shasta County residents voted for prop A (Californians get lotsa things right in voting ) but activist judiciary steps in…


More than one person can be right.
The propaganda caused greater acceptance by generation z (millennials). This shapes future perceptions.

Without a doubt, the few states that did legalize it also played a part as well as judiciary and activism. So, I think what we can agree on is that there is not a one dimensional cause.

I am more concerned with feminism (in the dark domineering sense)and how lack of personal boundaries and confusion of gender characteristics created the current breeding ground for the situation.
As well as propaganda.

Did you know that Isreal has a gay district and gay marriage? That disqualifies them from “God’s favor”.
I only state that for the record.