How to win elections as conservatives in 2014, 2016


I have given this a lot of thought, and here is my plan to win elections in 2014 and 2016.

In a sentence, the plan is “Lean (athletic), effective government for all Americans”

We have to make it clear that we can bring great results for the poor, out of work etc while using less money. The democrats are fat blobs trying to throw more money at the problem while not solving them, government is ineffective and not the solution.

We need to sell our ideas as solutions to problems; including inequality. Free markets have done more to reduce inequality than any other force in history, and our ideas should be draped in lifting up the poor by making them business owners, having dreams, receiving superb educations, and living in safe neighborhoods.

(Party structure)

  1. Change the nomination process. The party needs to not let candidates run that are going to screw things up. Never let a candidate run that is not near the average of the party in conservatism. (No crazies, no romney-cains)

(social issues)
2) The time for social conservatism is past, never mention it on the national party platform again. Make this a state issue.
3) Except on abortion and religious freedom, these two issues should never be compromised. Government should never sponsor abortion, government should never force a religious group to do anything. Do not answer any questions mentioning rape besides saying you don’t support it.

(candidates and outreach)
4) Make every district and every race competitive. Find a talented person in every 90% black or hispanic district and fund them and run them. Have them explain the party’s message and how the republicans will help them rise up. Especially Asian and hispanic immigrants, as they are a natural fit for the party.
5) Embrace an immigration reform inviting everyone into the country who is willing to work. Make them citizens. (rules: must stay employed for 3 years,must pass test,must stop at a new “Ellis Island” like my ancestors)
6) Let anyone who is already in the country stay as long as they have reasonable work history. We should never deny anyone who is willing to work. I would gladly trade a welfare queen for a hardworking Mexican any day and the party should represent this.

7) Inflation causes wealth disparity and makes it so the poor can never get rich. The poor’s money literally evaporates, while the rich can avoid inflation. Government spending and excess is causing the inflation. We can throw audit the fed into this.
8) Explain that we have targeted welfare systems to get people jobs. We aren’t cutting welfare, we are making the money going to it more effective. We aren’t giving out free stuff anymore, we will make the poor communities safe, clean, encourage investment and help people find jobs and get training. We will offer big tax breaks to companies that move into certain areas and help aspiring entrepreneurs get jobs.
9) Lower gasoline and electricity bills. (fight inflation, increase fuel production, build refineries)
10) Do not support laws at the state level when they are clearly unconstitutional, make states rights an issue. Use it to shield you from difficult subjects nationally by not even discussing them. “That isn’t what our national party is about.” should be a slogan.
11) We don’t support government sponsored bailouts or crony capitalism.
12) Make emphasis on small business loans and tax cuts; this increases the level of self employed people and makes more capitalists. Tell the poor and middle class that we are here to try to get everyone to own a piece of the economy.
13) Change tax policy so that nobody pays taxes on the money they need to live while removing all other deductions. (essentially, make the lowest tax bracket start high, to help you pay for every day things)
14) Lower the cost of everyday items (fight inflation)
15) Lower healthcare costs - by 2016, it will be clear that obamacare has been a failure. We will fix the structural problems by training millions of medical professionals. We will get better resources to get more people into school, get people into medical school and specialist and pharmacy training. We will build new universities and require doctors to participate in training. Emphasize that supply is the problem, and increasing supply will lower costs.
16) Obamacare is only designed to make insurance companies rich, we will fix it, and no person will be denied medical care when they need it, by high/variable deductible insurance. No free riders, no insurance mandate, guaranteed payment. We can use it to replace medicaid, over time. Also, the money for this should be invested over time, just like a real insurance scheme. Prices for high deductible are very cheap, much cheaper than obamacare, and we can bill patients on their taxes for several years. The market prevails (they have to pay), but nobody is denied, and we save money.
17) Low interest rate loans for new hospitals and medical facilities, especially where there is a monopoly on health services.
18) We will reduce inner city gang violence by allocating military, national guard, more police etc. Whatever we need to do to make it ready for business. Mostly, I hope to reduce crime by getting people currently on welfare to help patrol, and we will give them the training they need. Some people can be paid to babysit instead of welfare, to watch the kids of the people patrolling.
19) Maximum corporate income tax rate of 15% for businesses over $100,000 profit, 0% for all others.

(foreign policy)
20) Capital gains tax rate of 15% for over $100,000, 0% for others (helps low income people save and not have to bother with filing investments or bank statements)
21) Make it clear that the party will invest in the technology we need to compete in the 21st century, but again, emphasize that we want new technology, new ideas, and new weapons with less money spent being spread out around the globe. We can still be safe while reducing our overall military size around the world, and America will be more safe because of it.

22) More money isn’t the solution, neither is a war on teachers. We will say that every parent should get to send his child to the best schools, private or public, and come out in full support of school choice.
23) Use small business grants et al to move as many charter schools into the inner city as possible. Let the disadvantaged have the same advantages of the rich: attending a private school. This is the same model used for college pell grants etc, and we can refute arguments against it with that.
24) Attending better private schools will make students a shoe-in for college, and we will use our funds to hire the best people from the private sector to universities for real world experiences. We will make you job ready, able to get funding for your ideas, and make your neighborhood a good place to bring it back to no matter where you live.

25) We believe unions keep the market fair to workers, however, when the average government worker is making twice that of the average person, has three times more paid time off, much better insurance and benefits and a pension, when you are making the ordinary person pay for you to live much better while they are suffering; we must conduct ourselves in the best interest of the people who pay the taxes.

The reason that this strategy will work is that it erodes the democrat base. It paints a picture of an America where immigrants and poor blacks are finally able to live in a safe neighborhood, go to good schools, and return to their neighborhood to work and start their businesses. We also won’t deny you treatment, but we are broke so you have to pay what you can and will probably have to pay for small things. We won’t tell you what insurance to buy, or how to live. That is your business. We will train more doctors so they are there when you need them.

We will fight the costs going up on the things you need to live, and help you keep some of that money so that you can invest and start businesses just like the rich people can. We will not inflate our way to poverty by reining in the federal reserve and reducing overall spending by targeting assistance programs.

By better targeting regulations so that things remain safe but easier, we will help these newly fostered businesses grow and compete with large businesses; while low corporate tax rates will make us competitive internationally again.

We will reduce spending on welfare programs by improving the economies of impoverished areas through business development and crime fighting. We can put people without jobs to work cleaning it up or patrolling so that they have something rewarding to do instead of collecting checks.

Bottom up free market capitalism.

The lower taxes and streamlined regulations will help everyone; cleaning up impoverished neighborhoods, reaching out to blacks and hispanics and telling them that they can be business owners in their own neighborhoods, that we will get them jobs patrolling and building their communities instead of collecting welfare checks, all while making the neighborhood business ready and safe. It makes a positive feedback cycle that invites these people to our economy and to wealth and prosperity.

Evangelists will be needed, nominees that are from impoverished neighborhoods that can advertise this new way and how we have a plan to fight poverty and fix the economy while lowering taxes AND government dependence.

The more vested interest in the economy people have, the less they will believe in socialism and will thus vote republican. We will encourage them to vote for us by raising their self confidence instead of their dependence on welfare.

It won’t work immediately, but the strategy is through small cuts to turn minority voters over while not throwing ourselves on any swords with white voters. Minority voters want safety, opportunity and a future for their children, just like anyone else, and we can give it to them better.


You poor innocent child, your future lies in the socialist hands of the selfproclaimed redeemer. think “1984” all over again. Orwell was just ahead of his time. If ever there was a case for mass abortion of the past. this young generation should have been drowned at birth.


What did we learn last night? We learned America is no longer an “exceptional country”. It is now very clear that most people do not share the values that at one time made us an exceptional nation - values that led us to an economic position of exceptional power. Another 4 years of Obama means the Sup Ct will almost certainly go far left - countless far left federal judges will be appointed. All this will mean a legal codification of the Dem agenda. The demographics of the country have changed, and under Obama they will likely change with even more rapidity - clearly there will be “new democrats” imported into the country under another 4 years of the Obama regime and comprehensive immigration reform. Then we have Obamacare . . .

While it is true that policies that can’t work won’t work over the long term, anyone who paints a happy face on this or sees a silver lining is kidding themselves. IMHO


I don’t see a silver lining, the platform I am suggesting is far more economic planning than I believe should be done.

As you have said, the reality is that the nation that was the USA is entirely dead. What I am trying to do is introduce it to a new generation of people through a different route. If we can make some of them business owners, they will slowly start to accept capitalism.

I don’t believe the United States should stay united and I don’t recognize the obama voting part of the country as my country. They are as foreign to me as anyone; I don’t share a common culture, ideals, background, lifestyle, nothing. In fact, they are my enemies, I don’t even want to respect them or talk to them. This should not be one nation, and we are trapped in a tyranny.

Since the prospects of dividing the country seems unlikely, we are going to have to reach out to the people who support the enemy with plans that can get them into good careers and owning parts of the economy. After we get them there, we can start to actually remove welfare as we know it.

It will take many many years but that is the only course for one nation; we are dealing with a western European population now and not an American one. The best we can hope for is a different economic safety net that might bring them back to reality by trying to increase ownership.

I have to try to come up with something to keep my sanity.


The time for social conservatism is past, never mention it on the national party platform again

Nothing else will matter at the Presidential level unless we acknowledge this reality. We cannot win a national election with the current platform on social issues.


I don’t believe the United States should stay united and I don’t recognize the obama voting part of the country as my country. They are as foreign to me as anyone; I don’t share a common culture, ideals, background, lifestyle, nothing. In fact, they are my enemies, I don’t even want to respect them or talk to them. This should not be one nation, and we are trapped in a tyranny.

That’s ridiculous. Don’t like America? Then leave.

This morning sucks for me as it does for you. But the people have spoken - including to retain a Republican House to provide a check against Obama’s socialism. Stop whining and start thinking long and hard why so many hate you, just as you hate them.


How do you plan to reach out to us when this is your attitude about us:

You don’t respect us, you don’t want to talk to us, you don’t value our opinions at all. We’re not even “Real Americans” to you, much like Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney with his denigration of 47% of the country. Any conversation we could have would only be one way.

If Republicans are ever going to grow as a party, they’re going to have to abandon this attitude on a fundamental level.


Eleph…I appreciate the hard work you put into putting your proposed platform together. Many of the ideas have merit.
That said…I’m with Mike. Convincing the country to implement what you propose is a hopeless task…the values and demographics will not not support it now…and it will only get worse.
Wallow in your grief for the country like the rest of us.


[quote=“Caudipteryx, post:7, topic:36972”]
How do you plan to reach out to us when this is your attitude about us:

You don’t respect us, you don’t want to talk to us, you don’t value our opinions at all. We’re not even “Real Americans” to you, much like Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney with his denigration of 47% of the country. Any conversation we could have would only be one way.

If Republicans are ever going to grow as a party, they’re going to have to abandon this attitude on a fundamental level.
[/quote]Nope, I do not respect Liberals. And it appears Romney was right about you 47%ers. Your ilk are the real dividers. Class warfare, War on Women, and Pandering to gays, illegals and entitlement parasites, got Obozo elected, and re elected. He is still clueless and wandering in the dark.
But, at least now, he can begin to answer for Benghazi.


You know what, the time for PC is over.

The above is a delusion my friend, a delusion shared by the GOP for far FAR too long. It is ONE OF the reasons we are in this mess. Dubya shared in said delusion. Why according to him if we just kicked our borders and ports wide open people would flock here to vote Conservative and be really hard working, honest folks. Honestly.

I am going to tell you the same thing I told the Libertarian Paul supporters. Kicking the doors open to any 3rd world immigrant who wishes to come here will not usher in the utopia you envision. They will not come streaming in straight into the welcoming arms of the GOP(or LP for that matter), promising them the opportunity to start at the bottom and work their way up like the rest of us. The vision of them crossing the Rio or hopping off the boat and wrapping themselves in the American flag is a pipe dream.

What they will do is what they have been doing. Get off the boat/hop the fence, walk straight into the nearest Gov’t Office and sign up for welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing and medical care, go find under the table, cash only job or job that is easy enough and pays just under the maximum allowances for their handouts(If they even bother working) and finally: Walk over to the DNC headquarters and register as a Democrat to ensure their free ride doesn’t end. In their spare time they will hold marches through American cities demanding more, more and some more. Just like they have been doing over and over and over every single time this experiment is tried.

Reagan tried it, granting amnesty to 12 million S. Americans so they could vote Democrat. Bush tried it by flinging the border doors wide open with marching orders to “only stop and detain any Arabs that cross.” It’s one of the reasons we are in the shape we are in and why we ma never hold the Presidency again. Put away your emotions and political correctness for a moment and ask yourself this. Why is it that in the 1940’s Communist Soviets wrote extensively on how the first order of business needed to be to get European immigration to America severely curbed and get a steady flow of 3rd world immigration flowing? Then followed that up with that needing to happen in Europe as well? Think about it. Think long and hard on it. Remove emotion from the equation and use Reason.

The GOP at this point may never see the White House again. Unchecked immigration has allowed the Socialists to even things out in all the right states. They are so close a few hundred thousand more spread out in just the right places and we are done for. Think i’m kidding? Obama won Ohio by 100,000 votes. Legalize and relocate 50,000 more immigrants to Ohio and it stays Blue for life, kiss that state and 18 electoral votes goodbye. Obama is winning Florida by just under 50,000 votes. Grant amnesty to 100,000 more Haitians, Colombians ect and voila, kiss FL goodbye. Arizona(11 elec. votes) has over a million illegals living there still. Colorado as probably close to a million. Texas has over two million. Comprehensive immigration reform(AKA more amnesty) and you can kiss those three states goodbye. Colorado already leans blue and the GOP going ALL OUT lost by nearly 100,000 votes. Romney barely won AZ by nearly 200,000 votes. Romney won TX by the largest margin, 1.2 million votes.

Soon as Obama grants amnesty to the illegals you can kiss those states goodbye. Arizona will be solidly blue, Colorado will be solidly blue and Texas will lean blue. You can kiss Utah goodbye within the next eight years as well. Romneys “Church” set the dictum, worker visas and citizen rights for illegals to go along with their importing of en mass of 3rd worlders into that state. Think i’m kidding? 300,000 votes. hat’s what separated McCain and Obama. In a state with just over a million registered voters. There is a steady stream of Californians, Africans, Somalians, Mexicans, Brazilians, Viet/Cambodian/Laoshins, Indians and Polynesians. They’ve already lost their biggest metropolitan area, it’s a thoroughly secular, deep Blue cesspool.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic but it is what it is. All the Dems have to do is import a few hundred thousand more immigrants to “swing” states and grant amnesty to those Liberals and Liberal Republicans allowed to illegally flock here and the GOP is neutered, done for, finished. That puts the Dems at a GUARANTEED 319 electoral votes every election once added to the other already solidly blue states.


And you base that analysis on what? Currently, the only nexus between black and Hispanic voters with the GOP is on social issues, with blacks and Hispanics being more socially conservative than the country as a whole. Or, do you think that the election was lost because of the GOP’s inability to attract liberal financial conservatives? If so, I’ve a bridge I’d like to sell you.


If you’re talking about LGBT rights, that’s no longer the case, at least with black voters. Polls now show that African-Americans are more supportive of marriage equality than the population as a whole. Latinos are at least trending that way, if they’re not there yet. For that matter, even evangelicals are trending that way slowly.


…mutters, “why do I bother responding to him”…
Really? You must have missed the 2010 California ballot initiative on the matter, where black and Hispanic votes were the key votes to the constitutional amendment on marriage being between a man and a woman passing. But please, continue, and present us with a link to a study, any study, showing that what you assert is true. I’ll wait.


Overall, 53 percent of Americans say gay marriage should be legal, steady the past year but up from 36 percent in just 2006. Thirty-nine percent “strongly” support it, while 32 percent are strongly opposed – the first time strong sentiment has tilted positive. Six years ago, by contrast, strong views on the issue were negative by a broad 27-point margin.

Further, this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that support for gay marriage has reached a new high among African-Americans in ABC/Post polls, up from four in 10 in recent surveys to 59 percent now.

Strong Support for Gay Marriage Now Exceeds Strong Opposition - ABC News

The watershed moment seems to have been Obama’s endorsement, which was followed by the NAACP’s. LGBT rights groups have also been directly appealing to African-Americans lately, discussing this as strictly an issue of civil rights.

It would be interesting to see how the black vote went down on Maryland, Washington and Minnesota’s marriage equality measures last night.


Other, larger, studies say differently, and that the Obama announcement was not a watershed moment.
Pew poll shows rising support for gay marriage - PostPartisan - The Washington Post

African Americans aren’t too keen on same-sex marriage either. The Pew poll reports that “the share of African Americans who support gay marriage is no higher today than it was before Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage.” That was in May. An April Pew poll put support at 39 percent. Today, it’s 40 percent. But according to this latest survey, “it is up substantially from 26 percent in 2008 and 21 percent in 2004.”


Interesting… I didn’t see that.

Looking around, though, I found a more recent survey from the same group (Pew) saying this:

The new survey also finds rapidly growing support for same-sex marriage among Latinos, mirroring growing support among the general public. Half of Latinos now favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally, while one-third are opposed. As recently as 2006, these figures were reversed (56% of Latinos opposed same-sex marriage, while 31% supported it). Latino evangelicals, however, remain strongly opposed to same-sex marriage (66% opposed vs. 25% in favor).

more: Latinos Religion and Campaign 2012:Catholics Favor Obama, Evangelicals Divided - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

I guess you can find support for both opinions in different polls lately. But, at least, that’s a major shift from just a few years ago. African-Americans and Latinos are definitely trending in favor of marriage, even if they’re not there yet.


Yeah, I’m sure that what blacks and Hispanics are waiting for is a change in GOP policy on homosexual marriage. Do that, and they’ll be flocking to the GOP, eh?


Well, it wouldn’t hurt. At least Republicans would get more LGBT votes that way. And even straight people who aren’t hostile to LGBTs would feel somewhat more comfortable voting for them if it didn’t mean taking away the rights of their friends and family. I mean, how does a mother (who is not a die-hard Republican) vote for Romney when he’s promising to nix her daughter’s marriage or take her kids away? I had a straight girl recently tell me that she couldn’t vote for a Republican for a similar reason. It happens.

But I’m sure the party will still cater to the rabid anti-gay types for years to come.


To sell out one’s Ideals and ethos, is personal treason. to sell out the ideals and ethos of a nation is national treason. To compromise on what I do not believe is immoral. To compromise what the nation believed is TRAVESTY.
Obama has split this nation into shattered remnants of lost hope. There is no going back. The moral degradation is almost complete. 4 more years will definitely finish the job. This has become the land of whoredon, disunity, hopelessness. and rot.


Ain’t gonna happen!!!

Wanna see, then do this: Pour some salt on a counter top, small mound about a tablespoon full. Now take a drinking glass, fill about 1/2 with water. Place drinking glass bottom outer edge in salt and tilt. Tilt until you can let go and the glass balances on edge. Now add some water…observe results.

Well the US has just tipped and a LOT of folks are squealing with joy…but until it comes time to clean up the mess they are gonna party on.

Obama thru '16 and if anyone paid attention last nite on TV you would have heard the name “CASTRO” mentioned by Dims…in fact Castro is on his way to DC as I type…

Castro is the Mayor of San Antonio, where I live and SA is Latino Central for the next POTUS Julian Castro, of San Antonio Texas in 2016 and in 2020.

Google is your friend, be sure to look at his mother and who she is you will see where and why Castro is bammys boy, another HarVard grad and if you think bammy is a Black radical Liberation commie socialist, wait till you see Castro…

We are out of play till 2024 if not beyond…