Howdy folks,


I’m snoop, because I search for the truth. I’ve seen enough of left-leaning comments that become hateful when questioned with the facts, and I am interested in learning from others with an attitude of learning, sharing and stopping the insanity.


Good luck with that. Debates here are just as vicious here as they are elsewhere. XD

Welcome to RO. =)


Bring it on, I say, it’s needed now more than ever. Just addressing the issues sounds refreshing to me though.


This is new, I’m gonna have to learn the protocol, please excuse my learning process SI.


Welcome to RO!
I happen to think the regulars on this site hash out issues with more facts and defensible logic than any other forum I know of.

That frustrates some people but if you like testing your opinions to see if they can survive the fire you will like it here. If you are comfortable standing on a foundation of sound bytes and cliches then probably not so much.

I will look forward to reading you contributions!


Hi and welcome!