Huge rise in sex pests using drones to perv on Brit women


Shocking new statistics show drones being used illegally has gone up TEN times over three years as the popularity of the devices booms.
The fresh revelation comes just weeks after a Daily Star Online investigation found drones are being used to obtain illicit videos – including intimate moments between couples.
The “voyeur clips” are then shared on porn websites.
The new figures have emerged after a Freedom of Information Act request found drones are being used to peer into people

Drone wars: Huge rise in sex pests using copters to perv on Brit babes | Latest News | Breaking UK News & World News Headlines | Daily Star

Is this really a surprise It was so predictable that drones would be used to spy on people. These people figure that they have a better chance if they are not seen so if the authorities show up they can be hidden.


Misleading headline. Use of drones illegally (i.e. without a flight plan, which you need in Britain) has gone up, and drones have been used as peeping tom tools. There’s no indication that peeping tom use has gone up, though.

Personally, if I had the money, I’d buy a drone in a heartbeat. Like advanced RC helicopters.

EDIT: Here’s a video about increased use of drones.