Huma Abedin/Carlos Danger


It seems Carlos Danger, AKA: The Weiner, is about to have his sh*t tossed into the street by the very lovely, Huma Abedin - Hillary Clinton’s closest aid and confidant. LMAO!!

The gorgeous, Huma, announced this morning that her husband, The Weiner, recently posted pictures of himself on-line wearing only underwear with, yes, a strategically located bulge, while laying next to their young child. No, this is no joke.

The strikingly beautiful, Huma Abedin, has now announced she is separating from Anthony “The” Weiner.

You just have to shake your head and wonder just how much more jacked up this stuff can get.


And just think, he could have been Mayor of New York City. Just think of what he missed! He would loved spending time down at Times Square when they had the naked ladies there posing with and for the tourists.

This is an example of how you can ruin your life with sex. He could have stayed in Congress for the rest of his life and drawn a big salary and pension. Now he’s just one more out of work pervert.


“Huma cuts Weiner off!”


well…there is something wrong with him…something wrong with her too…she picks…the wrong man, the wrong religion, the wrong political party. LOLOLOLOL


She wanted to blend in…have no one pay attention to her family Moslem Brotherhood ties.

He wanted inside the Clinton camp. For obvious reasons - and because he’s only marginally employable.

But he couldn’t control himself even enough to be a charity case.


Why is it that so many Democrats are literally OBSESSED with sex in all its perverted permutations??? He could run for some office tomorrow and could very well be elected in a Democrat district.


Serious potential issue.

Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s chief aid and closest confidant. I assume Abedin must have a very high security clearance. Even if she doesn’t, the way in which Hillary exposes top secret material, Abedin is no doubt in possession of a great deal of security material/information.

Is it possible she could have shared national security information with her husband, Anthony Weiner? Pillow talk has sunk more than one ship.

Now - could Weiner become a blackmail target of a foreign entity seeking what he knows or might know? I have no idea.

However, I think it’s a legitimate question with potential national security implications.


It’s simple. People obsessed with sexual activity are mentally disturbed.

People who are liberals…are mentally unbalanced.

It goes hand-in-hand. Different symptoms but indicating the same series of disorders.


JPT - guess you’ve heard that Gene Wilder passed away. He was 83.


Wasn’t it stated that not too many of Hillary’s people have high security clearance. Maybe it was…she should never have been granted HS clearance.

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She and her whole family are radical Muslims, they have links to everything in the Muzzie world, bet on it that she if feeding Meca with inside data, just wait till Hitlery becomes Prez, ISIS will be dining at the WH on the taxpayers dime…


You KNOW that this woman Huma Aberdeen (or however you spell it) is a Sharia-compliant Muslim, if nothing else. Otherwise she’d have DIVORCED that idiot husband of hers instead of declaring them “separated.” She knows that Muslim women CANNOT divorce their husbands…that only the husband can initiate a divorce.


Sharia-compliant Muslim women can’t marry someone of another faith. Not unless the man is converting.

If this really is the reason, it makes about as much sense as a Contract Killer who regards divorce as a sin.


Sorry, but she CAN if her husband agrees in writing to raise any children according to the precepts of Sharia law and demonstrates that he knows what Sharia law IS and doesn’t interfere with the practice of Islam BY his wife.


Yeah, I heard.

But I’m celebrating the Spirit of the Smartass. Wilder pulled it off in that movie; but the weisenheimers live on.