Human Spontaneous Combustion?


This poor girl is 11 years old and she has beaten Cancer twice, she was back in the hospital for a head injury she sustained from a fall at school when she caught fire in the hospital bed!

11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Catches Fire While In Hospital « CBS Seattle

I have never heard of static electricity from moving around in bed igniting a human because they had recently used hand sanitizer, sounds like a bit of a stretch.


The alcohol in those hand sanitizers evaporates pretty darn quickly, I mean seconds. There’s something else involved.


Since the normal practice for food service people (and, I assume, health professionals) is to rub and leave undisturbed (by wiping off) hand sanitizer for 30 seconds or more, there obviously has to be some substance that persists that long or longer. Maybe something is added to retard the evaporation of the alcohol, or maybe there is some other persistent substance that is also volatile.

I suppose I could test that out the next time I use hand sanitizer at the gym, but they might not be very appreciative.