Hunter Biden’s laptop computers and the Russian agents

The latest story on America’s “black sheep”** presidential son just had a new bomb shell dropped on him. He says the Russian agents have stolen a laptop from him that has private messages from him and dear old dad. It also shows hook-ups between Hunter and a hooker in Las Vegas that would be suitable for the tapes you used to be able rent from the back room of the video store.

The pieces seem to be falling into place. Do the Russians have something on Joe Biden from Hunter’s laptop? Could that be why Joe has become the Russians’ new best friend? Joe, who is so concerned about carbon emissions, gave the Russians the right to complete a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, thus giving the Russians the inside track on selling natural gas to the Germans. It also could give the Russians economic leverage over the Germans.

At the same time, Joe Biden shut down our pipeline project with Canada thus sending the United States toward energy DEPENDENCE on OPEC. This is already translating into higher energy prices in the U.S. which will slow whatever economic recovery we might have. The cost of energy also contributes mightily toward inflation, which we learned in the 1970s. It was called “stag – flation.” The economy won’t grow, but prices kept going up.

Could it be that Joe Biden is giving in to the Russians because they have something on him? Is that why he gave them their pipeline? What if crippling the U.S. economy is also part of Joe’s deal to avoid exposure for his wrong doing? If he can ruin the U.S. economy and convince the melon heads in the environmental movement that he is ruining the U.S. for our own good, he’ll have a win-win because his Russian and Chinese handlers will be happy too.

Stay tuned. Fox News might get the answer.

You can bet your bottom dollar that none of the main stream news media has any interest in this story, unless it’s to find a way to cover it up or divert attention from it. Don’t count on Adam Schiff to open up another “star chamber.” For Adam Schiff, wrong doing only goes in one direction, and that is toward conservatives.

** Is “black sheep” a racist term? I suppose it is. The “Progressives” will say “consider the source.”

Who says “black sheep” are bad? This presidential offspring “black sheep” is having a lot of fun in ’ Vegas with drugs and hookers. Supposedly he was spending as much as $10,000 a night on his hobbies. We are indeed learning how the other half lives.