Hurricane Sandy:


May be offline for the next couple days due to Sandy. I live in Central NJ and that is directly where the storm is supposed to hit. Not sure what will happen, but if anybody is in the area as well or know of anybody, this can be the Sandy Thread. It’s supposed to be a major storm. Worse than the Perfect Storm!


Well, I hope all you damned yankees up there come through ok.


Hang in there JJF!


It’s okay these guys will still be there.



I dodged a bullet here in South Coastal NC. But one of my daughters iis in md and a grandson and his wife just moved to md. They came from Hawaii and will get a real Baptism under water, snow or fire.


We anticipate some effect, although we’re far enough inland that we usually get minimum effect from hurricanes, although from what I understand, it may get a little ugly even here. Mike suggested we turn the thermostat up a little in case we lose power and can’t get heat. Too bad we don’t have a supply of wood ready. But even though it will get cold, it’s not late enough for it to be really bad.


AMEN, you beat me too it, I was going to upload if no one else had.

We staff 24x7 world wide. I worked Christmas every single year but 1 in my career as an officer, mostly my choice, as I gave pref to anyone with children, you should be home with them…of course I always got off on New Years and being single worked fine for me…


Well, lost contact with the kids, I trust all is well. Md is getting a LOT of rain and wind.


Hurricane, what HURRICANE?

Taken THIS morning

PS for you Obammy sycophants and shills, PLEASE count the BAYONETS[LEFT][/LEFT]


Darlin’, as much as I hope they stay safe, they ain’t "damned yankees."
They had the decency to stay put.


What are ya sayin!!!? Don’t be betraying us JStang!


Careful, ah’ma dayammed yankeee, ah came heah thuttytoo yarsagoin nevva lef.


I do have to say though, Seeing the sheer devastation, this storm has wreaked throughout the whole Northeast and upper midwest, I just thank GOD that it missed us here in North Carolina. The outer banks got hit but the lower coast below Wilmington was relatively calm in comparison. My kids and grandkids in Maryland seemed to fare fairly well.