Yes, I am in it’s path but a little humor never hurts.:grinning:



I wish Godspeed to any of those who are in its path. We were there this time last year.


I was in Hurricane Andrew when it hit south Florida. It was terrible. There are still parts of Miami that have never recovered. It looked like an atomic bomb went off in parts of south Miami. Our house didn’t sustain any real damage, but our neighbors did. One family had their “Florida Room” (a glorified screened-in patio) placed on top of their roof. Thousands lost their homes, cars, everything. FEMA was a disaster.


I thought it was Hurricane Alice that was going to the moon…


Yep, me too!

Born and raised in South Florida and been through a fair number of them.


Yeah, I remember! I don’t know how you did it. I managed almost 11 years, but that’s because I had family members who were seriously ill and needed my care. Once they passed on, I went back to Chicago–well, let’s just say that ANDREW blew me out of the state! I was 2 weeks away from moving and everything in our house was boxed up and ready for the moving van when Andrew hit. Thank God, nothing was damaged.


I don’t know if the cam platform is lit at night, (I just discovered the camera) but the sound of the wind is deafening!
(Nice daytime view)
Wonder if it will ride out the storm?

Below are two photos.
One of the platforms location, in relation to the N.C. coast.
The other is the platform where the camera is mounted.



Really dark at night.

Come again … tomorrow! LOL

You can roll the video back to where it’s daytime!


Now they’re saying that it has turned a big south and landfall should be somewhere around Myrtle Beach. I know someone who lives right there, so I’m sure she had to be evacuated. But, she’s pretty stoopid and could decide to “ride it out”. I gotta tell you, these weathermen/women on the Weather Channel are getting everyone hysterical. They’re acting like this is the only time a hurricane hit the U.S. They call it “the beast” now.


Frying Pan Tower Auction


Poor flag is ready to go. :sob:


I think I smell LIBERAL THINK-TANKS working at near high capacity! How, oh HOW will they blame Hurricane Florence on Donald Trump??? Somebody has got to have made a mistake…
God bless you all (I am within Tropical Storm Warning distance,)