Hysterical: Jimmy Kimmel Asks People About Obama Pardoning The Sequester


Hysterical: Jimmy Kimmel Asks People About Obama Pardoning The Sequester – Sending It to Portugal | Independent Journal Review


A lot of dumb people and one completely honest one.


OMG, this is shameful. How the hell are these people allowed to vote? I mean, it is rediculous that such low-information, cult-like following individuals are contributing to our democracy. It is one thing to be dumb, but to blindly follow an individual such as they do without any logical reason. I mean, hell, the one even admitted she voted for him because he was black. WTF! How is this not a racist comment, how does this not shoot up red flags?

Sorry for the rant. I do realize this is the comedy section and this is suppose to be light-hearted stuff. But honestly, that was just sad to watch. Makes you wonder if you can fix the mess this country has.


These are the idiots that elected 0bama.


I bet most of that is staged


Staged, no. But did they interview about a thousand people and pick the 10 dumbest? Probably. Yes.


Why would they waste the time to talk to 1000 people when they could just have 10 staged people say dumb stuff


Maybe because they want it to be real, if not representative.


Yeah they spent 12 hours interviewing people to make it real instead of 30 minutes to stage it, I bet you think reality shows are real too.


The talk shows I think would take the dive to spend 12 hrs because, in all fairness, it ain’t their big name dude doing it, it’s the unpaid intern who, if they screw up, will be dropped. Cost them pennies and lets them have some fun with the neophytes.


Its more than just an “intern” they have to play a unioned camera guy to tape it and someone to edit it and all for a daily show. They do these segments at least once a week and most are more absurd than this one. Like asking about who won the super bowl before it was played.


Just more examples of public school “education”…