I Am a Survivor of Abortion, Here is My Story


“I thought that I was the only one until I found this website.” “Me, too!” “I’ve never told anyone about this, but I felt compelled to share it with you.” “I’m a survivor, too, and I can’t live with the pain anymore.” These are just a few snippets of the profound emails that I’ve received lately from other abortion survivors.


Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article that discussed how, at that time, I had heard from 131 other abortion survivors throughout the course of my pro-life work and The Abortion Survivors Network ministry that I founded in 2012. I am overjoyed to share that even since that article was published on May 14[SUP]th[/SUP], I have now heard from another seven survivors, bringing the current total to 138!

In addition to the overwhelming number of emails that I’ve received from survivors lately, I’ve also received a large number of responses from fellow pro-lifers like the following: “I’ve been pro-life since I was a child, but I feel so dumb because I never knew until now that there were any abortion survivors, nonetheless a whole lot of you!”
For the record, I just want to be clear that no pro-lifer should ever feel ‘dumb,’ for not knowing about survivors. Over the last 40 years, the pro-life community has not spoken of survivors because they have been largely unaware of them, and not because they are oblivious, but because most survivors don’t speak about it openly. Even in my case, as a survivor, I was unaware of other survivors for many years.
After I found out at the age of 14 about surviving my birth mother’s abortion, I spent the next five years feeling terribly alone and afraid. Then, in 1997, I discovered Gianna Jessen’s story online, and it changed my life. Just knowing that I was not alone as a survivor was life-changing for me. To read about how Gianna was using her survival to make a difference additionally provided me with the encouragement and strength that I needed to prepare myself for coming forward publicly as a survivor.

The Abortion Survivors Network is now my opportunity to give back to survivors and even to the greater public, just as I was given information, hope and strength through finding Gianna’s story years ago. If you haven’t visited the website yet, you can find us at www.theabortionsurvivors.com.
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She was just a bunch of cells. [/sarcasm]

It seems that there are many such {non-}persons that have survived the EVIL and BARABARIC abortion procedure.

Of course, the pro-abortionists will find a way to attack these people for sheeding light on the true EVILs of their beloved abortions.


She wasn’t really a person when they attempted to kill her.[/sarcasm]


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:3, topic:39697”]
She wasn’t really a person when they attempted to kill her.[/sarcasm]
[/quote]Sad, but they truly believe that.


EVIL knows no boundaries.


But their {the pro-abortionists} silence in this thread speaks volumes.


I agree. They don’t like the truth. I posted it on another forum and got nothing but childish and crass one liners. Whether it is this or ignoring the post, it is just ignorance and willingness to support lies and murder.


Yes. The pro-abortionists are a truly vile and EVIL lot. I would like for them to tell these people to their faces that they had no right to live when the failed abortions performed upon them occurred. I doubt that they will do such a thing.


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The silence is deafening!!!


I concur.


Well RW…I think that you have found a way to shut up the pro-abortionists on this board.


Yeah, that’s what it took.


I will have to keep a link to this article handy.


Pro Choicers are people who believe that you can have a chicken without the egg.


Pro-choicers are not about promoting choices. They are all about promoting and protect one and only one choice.


I’ll post in here to end the circle jerk.

How many weeks into the pregnancy was the mother? That would be important information.

I’m not very pro-choice so you all will have to settle for arguing for me.


Only if you are willing to tell these people directly that they had no right to live when their mothers tried to have them killed. It really doesn’t matter how many weeks into the pregnancy their abortions occurred. They survived them and actually are people.


Once they are at a certain amount of weeks then they absolutely have the right to live. It does matter how many weeks in.


Would you be willing to tell these people that to their faces?