I am back!


Hey everyone,

I am so happy to see RO back in business and to be BACK myself! The last time I checked, the forum wasn’t up. I doubt many of you remember me at all, but I have been a member since 2008! A less silent one, albeit, in the past years. However, I can’t believe it will be 9 years this year since I first found my way here. Being apart of this forum and having so many of you love and support me through one of the most difficult and depressing moments of my family and personal life.

Things have improved though. I’m in the best time of my life and it only continues to be going upwards! I have had a very busy past few years, and I consequently have tried to keep my blood pressure down by lessening my political interaction, but I have still been watching / participating in the wings. Extremely happy President Obama has left office and oh so hopeful about President Trump’s future.

I am hoping there will still be some members that will remember me. A lot has happened to me since my last regular postings. I became a Certified Surgical Technologist (basically an assistant to a surgeon) a couple of years ago. I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration (will eventually be able to run hospitals.) Within then next 10 months to a year, once that is complete, I will be working towards joining the United States Air Force as an officer in the Medical Service Corps.

Hopefully all members (both those I know and those I don’t) are well. I look forward to interacting once again actively on here with you all.

God Bless,



****Good report, Lauren, and an inspirational one, as well.


We remember you - welcome back!


Welcome back! To be honest, I don’t recall your name–but then I’m getting to that stage in life where I suffer greatly from CRS disease!


I sure remember you, hon! Hi again!


Welcome back!


Thank you so very much!

Hey Susanna! Thank you.

I haven’t been on here in a very long time, at least not actively - so I don’t think it’s you, I am not a familiar name to many. :slight_smile: Thank you and nice to meet you, though!!

Hello, FC! Great to hear from ya.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Didn’t I ban you for posting naked pictures?

J/K, welcome back!





WOOT! Hey, RC!Glad to see you back :smiley:


Haha… very funny! Thank you. Was your name always Devilneck?! lol

Thank you so much! Good to hear from you!

Ya Qix! So happy you’re still here. Thank you! :slight_smile:


No, I forget what it used to be here. Stang something or other. It changed due to reasons.


Ah… that name makes more sense now. I was sure I knew who you were, since we’ve been on this forum about the same amount of time and are friends on here. Cool!


JStang, and you had a picture of a Ford mustang as an avatar.


OH MY gosh!!! De ja vu! Yes. That is exactly it. Good memory!


Pshaw, it’s only been…uh… a minute? :confused:

EDIT: I think it was a yellow mustang?


That was it. Yes, the Yellow Mustang. I really miss it, but it lacked room to haul the wife and three kids. I traded it in and have an Escape now. The young dude who bought the Mustang from the dealership works at a Mexican restaurant that we eat at every now and then, so I still see it. I recognized it instantly the first time I saw it there.


I remember you well. It’s good to see you around again.


Heh, when I saw “the young dude who bought it form the dealership” I thought that post was going in an entirely different direction! :smiley:


Good to see you back, look forward to your latest…