I am disappointed and angry with “Mad Dog” Mattis

General James “Mad Dog” Mattis just unloaded on President Trump. Who knew that Mattis is a liberal who has no problem with arsonists and looters?

Do I wish that President Trump would deliver a presidential address on the current situation? Absolutely. Am I ready to line up with the Democrats? NEVER!

Mattis is a major disappointment, and an embarrassment to his uniform.

The President seems to have a loyalty problem with Secretaries of Defense; now Esper is popping off.

Mattis must think that he is the next James Comey. His timing could not be worse. He has shamed his uniform, and shown that he nothing but just another Washington swamp creature.

The country’s economy is wrecked because of the Covet 19 virus, and the cities are burning with arsonists and looters ruling the night. Who is supposed to keep order when the local police departments can’t do it? Disreputable local leaders, like Bill DeBlasio, won’t call in the National Guard.

Yes, I wish that Trump could be more diplomatic in his comments. At the same time, we have had more three years of the Democrat false narrative with the Russia hoax and crooked Justice Department and FBI officials making up crimes to harass Trump supporters and aids.

Given the crises that are facing the country, Mattis has cast all honor aside to act like Douglas McArthur. Like McArthur, he has an impressive military record, but also, like McArthur, he as a huge ego that demands he hog the attention with his petty complaints.

I am currently reading a biography of the Eisenhower presidency. Mattis is no Eisenhower. He is an egomaniac who is only concerned with his own aggrandizement.

The response from conservatives here has been disappointing. Mattis is not a good guy. He has called for troops not to obey orders. That is insurrection plain and simple.

He should be busted to buck private.